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Parliamentary Elections of Lesotho



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OOC: Poll results will be directly translated into Parliamentary representation. I don't feel like writing a lot, so I'll be short with my descriptions. Questions are free to be asked. For future reference, the Parliament will have 120 seats.


Poll ends on the 4th.



Oranje Party:

The Oranje Party is formed mainly of the European minority within Lesotho, and advocates a staunch capitalist position. Their policies could be called Libertarian. They also believe in a strong military.


Popularist-Centrist Party:

A Social-Democrat party which holds a progressive stance on social issues, and seeks to solve the "ills of free enterprise" with government intervention and regulation. Protectionist economic policies, as well as pacifistic military policies, are proposed.


People's Popular Front:

The exact position of this party are not well known, but there is one major theme followed by its various members: Capitalism Bad! The workers of the world must unite, and the revolution will start in Lesotho. Only by dismantling the bourgeoisie, fighting the fascists, and ending materialism will the people of Lesotho reach the glorious light of Communism and paradise.


Bodulo Party:

There is only one way forward, and that is through the selfish preservation of national self-interests. Strength comes from above, and only through strong leadership and the enforcement of national traditions and beliefs will the nation of Lesotho thrive.

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Free State Province, while still being formally added to the nation, has been granted 30 seats in the Lesotho parliament. Voting stations are being set up by the BRN, and it is estimated that the expansion of the election will only add a slight delay to the end of the election.


(OOC: Election still ends on the 4th IRL.)

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