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From Defeat to Triumph


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[One Year Ago - The Battle of Endor]


"Retreat. I repeat retreat! We have word the Emperor is dead. The battle is lost!"


Like scattered ants, the battered Imperial Fleet jumped into hyperspace. Under no clear guidance, each ship jumped to a location of their choice. Word of the defeat spread quickly, as Rebel forces hacked into galaxy wide Holonet to announce and show images of the exploding death star. "Rise up from your chains! The Empire is broken!" Millions took to the street throughout the galaxy, celebrating the defeat Empire. In the Tapani Sector, the local Imperial Moff had took his personal fortune; half of the Imperial Sector Fleet; and proceeded to proclaim himself a warlord. Essentially, the Sector was left undefended. For two days, anarchy gripped the sector until Grand Admiral Octavian arrived with his personal flotilla. The Tapani Lord of the House Mecetti was shocked to see his own sector engulfed in chaos. With the Grand Admiral in the system, the local command and control structured was restored. In the streets, the local garrison of Stormtroopers restored ordered, arresting and executing those that disobeyed Imperial Authority. "Our Emperor might be gone, but I will not stand for this anarchy. The Rebel alliance will never win. The Empire will always be victorious.", the Grand Admiral would state to a cadre of Imperial Officers. "As far and I'm concerned, this Sector is Imperial, and it will remain that way."


[One Year Later - Present Day]


The Tapani Space, under the control of the Grand Admiral, was now working at full capacity. The shipyards at Fondor were working at full capacity; while, other economic assets were brought to full power. During the year, the Grand Admiral was also successful in bringing small warlord bands into his fold, increasing the total power of his fleet. According to some statistics, the Tapani Fleet was roughly fifty percent of an Imperial Sector Fleet. Indeed, the Empire would remain victorious.

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