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Faraway and the World


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"With the restoration of peace in North America and the return of constitutional order to the new Faraway Realm, it has been decided by Her Majesty's Government that the country will have to reevaluate its stance towards the world and that the Realm will be advised to forge new ties, in order to manage the difficulties that may lie ahead, as well as new friends to rely on. It is thus the intention of Her Majesty's Government to organise in the coming weeks and months state visits to various countries, in order to explore new options and to integrate the Realm into the world order properly."

-Florence de Pétèvellier, Minister of the Exterior of the Faraway Realm


Following this official statement, messages would be sent out to the recognised nations of the world, in order to politely inquire upon their willingness to try and forge ties with the Faraway Realm.


Additionally, it would be made public that the Realm had decided to acquire a proper fleet of state cars, which could be used for official purposes and that in absence of a domestic car industry, the contract would be open for foreign suppliers.

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Looking for a fast, fluid car that doesn't stick out? Tired of poor pedal grips, making running down State Terrorists and Fugitives a sometimes challenging task? Want to drown out the opposition's rabble on your daily commute?

Well, look no further, for we present to you the most capable State Car around. Featuring:
  • A thermostat for the boot, for when you need to keep the groceries cold, and the pizza hot
  • Tinted, bulletproof windows, just in case things get messy inside
  • Large, hidden compartments throughout the car, for when you need to keep a copy of the Daily Mail and Globe on hand, but don't want the stigma associated with reading it
  • Twenty-two exterior flag holders, for when you need to remind the world what your superior flag looks like
  • Three number plates that can be interchanged on the fly, just in case you need to make a quick trip abroad
  • A neon light underbody, with customisable colours
... and much much more!

For more information on purchasing and using your new automobile, please see overleaf.

A discreet pamphlet would be dropped off for Florence de Pétèvellier.
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