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Black Sun

Kevin Kingswell

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After the death of Prince Xizor at the hands of Lord Vader the Black Sun criminal organisation had been scattered, the surviving members fleeing to avoid the wrath of the Empire. In hiding the members had remained until the Second Death Star was destroyed and the apparent strength of the Empire was vastly reduced. This galactic event was all some needed to crawl out of the gutter and take their rightful places. One such individual was a human male named Corron Hail, a twenty six year old native of Alderaan Corron had also been on the wrong side of the law and a great embarrassment to his family line so they were more than happy to pay for his first ship and see him leave the planet, they hoped for good.


Once among the stars Corron had quickly fallen in with the wrong sort of people, pirates, smugglers and renegades. During this time he picked up two companions a battered protocol droid that had broken free of its programming and gone on a killing rampage at the station he used to serve RX-14 had joined Corron's crew when the man had made the droid an offer to fly with him and travel the stars. Having found a strange liking to killing sentient beings RX had quickly accepted the pair of them leaving in a hail of blaster fire.


Shortly afterwards Corron and RX found themselves working with the Black Sun, given a new ship, a battered YT-1300, the ran many smuggler runs for the local boss, a young female Twi'lek called Laraal'Ven though she preferred the name Laraal when talking to those she trusted the most. It took time and many successful jobs but eventually Corron secured the crime boss' trust and then her heart as the pair became close lovers. Thus when the Black Sun was broken apart Laraal fled with Corron and the trio went into hiding.


With the chaos caused by the fall of the Second Death Star Laraal had Corron come out of their hiding place and travel to Nal Hutta in the Y'Toub system. Here she swiftly used her remaining contacts to establish the current situation in the criminal underworld and through the use of blackmail,bribery and assassination managed to gain significant control of most of the underworld gangs. Those that refused her offers were destroyed or exiled from the system and some swift bribes and seductive talks got the Hutts on her side.


With her criminal empire all but secured in the system Laraal reestablished the Black Sun criminal Empire this time under her own leadership. She placed RX-14 in charge of her enforcers and the droid quickly brought the common criminals fighting skills up to a scale where they were more than a minimal hindrance to authorities galaxy wide. Her lover Corron became the leader of her smugglers and he was quick to locate, control and expand on numerous smuggling routes through out the galaxy. Any rivals to the Black Sun would soon find themselves being hunted down and destroyed whilst the galactic conflicts continued to spark away in the background.        

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Black Sun had been recording all the expansionist moves by the other galactic factions with much interest, though the criminal group would never openly join one side or another in any conflict where there was conflict there would be profit. So it was that the agents of the Black Sun dispersed themselves among the various factions settling in to watch the ongoing efforts, to establish minor crime cartels among the various planets populations and generally to ensure that all criminals whether a member of a crime faction or independent knew that Black Sun was watching. 


However, there was one world that was of prime importance to Laraal, that world was called Belsavis and it contained a treasure of great value to her. 

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A fleet of pirate vessels came out of hyperspace on the edge of the system containing Belsavis, this fleet consisted of four pirate cruisers, six pirate frigates and eight squadrons of pirate fighters. This sizable force of pirate strength immediately brought the system's defenders on edge and they scrambled to prepare an immediate response. Unfortunately for them their system had been a low priority for the old Empire and they only had a single old cruiser and a couple of squadrons of tie fighters for fighting. Still the system commander would fight to the last and he had the cruiser that made up his flagship around to face the oncoming pirates.


As the pirate ships began to spread out into a line formation they broadcast no messages,no demands just leaving silence to hang in space. The two forces began to quickly close on one another and as the distance began to shrink the crew of the imperial cruiser began to grow more and more terrified as it was clear they were horribly outmatched and their commander intended to go down fighting. As the two groups entered extreme weapons range the nerve of the imperial crew broke and they swiftly over powered and killed the commander and turned the cruiser away at full speed from the pirates.


Watching the imperial cruiser peel away from the bridge of his flagship the pirate commander raised one hand and with an evil grin pointed it at the fleeing imperials. "No survivors. Tell the frigates to tear that cruiser apart and any escape pods it tries to launch" said the Zabrak pirate commander to his communications officer. Said officer relayed the commander's orders to the captains of the pirate frigates who all responded with their enthusiastic acknowledgments.  


The six frigates pushed their engines to max and raced after the cruiser who was just completing its turning maneuver. Usually the imperial cruiser would have been a dangerous foe for the frigates but by turning and showing its rear the enemy vessel was unable to fire upon the closing pirates. Quickly entering optimal engagement range the frigates opened fire with their laser cannons the combined fire from the six ships overpowering the cruiser's shields that blew out and collapsed. Pieces of metal shattered from the rear of the imperial ship and one after another the ship's engines exploded in a hail of fire and scrap. Continuing to pour on the fire the engine room of the imperial was completely wasted shutting down power to the whole ship.


Crippled and unable to fight back the imperial cruiser was surrounded by the frigates who mercilessly tore at the vessel over and over again, when escape pods were launched the pirate gunners turned their guns on them whooping with glee as they destroyed each one before returning their attention to the imperial cruiser itself. It took only minutes for the combined weight of fire to bring the imperial ship past the point of maintaining structural integrity and with a great explosion the cruiser came apart. Their objective complete the frigates returned to the pirate fleet and resumed their positions.  


With the system's only major fleet asset destroyed the way was open to approach the system's inner areas and the pirate commander had the fleet begin to approach the planet Belsavis at flank speed.  

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