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Outer Rim Federation


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The news of the Emperor's death had thrown the galaxy into chaos.  The galactic stability that had been established since the end of the Clone Wars had been shattered after the Rebel Alliance's victory in the Battle of Endor.  Like many revolutionary movements, the result of the overthrow of the previous order merely resulted in chaos.  During the reign of the Empire, much of the Outer Rim was considered a backwater area that was generally ignored for the most part, but still firmly under the grip of the Empire.  The moffs of the various Outer Rim Sectors were in charge of general governance of their assigned sectors, military affairs as well as generally ensuring that the Emperor's will was carried out.  Many were shocked with the news of his death.  Many were paralyzed by indecision and facing the prospects of an uncertain future. 


Moff Drey Sol was not one of those men.  In charge of the Arkanis Sector, coming from a very prominent and influential family in Anaxes, he had been placed in charge of one of the more critical parts of the Outer Rim.  The Arkanis System itself was a very prosperous world, lying on the lucrative Corellian Run trade route and Geonosis was a one of the largest major manufacturing and industrial centers in the Galaxy, as well as modest starship construction facilities.  Moff Sol's governance of the region was generally light handed compared to many other moffs.  While loyal to the Empire, Drey Sol disliked many of the overly cruel actions taken by the Empire to maintain order.  It was his family's influence and loyalty to the Empire that had secured his position rather than his personal loyalty to the Emperor.  Regardless, he managed to quickly establish himself as an effective and able administrator, cementing his position.  Never resorting to heavy handed tactics when they could be avoided, Moff Sol established a working relationships with the various planetary governors and governments.  He also became acquainted with fellow Moffs in the neighboring sectors. 


In the aftermath of the Emperor's death, Moff Sol moved quickly to maintain order in the Arkanis Sector.  The military forces at his command were considerable and in line with his posting and responsibilities.  Fourive Imperial class Star Destroyers constituted the core of the military power at his command.  This was supplemented by an Interdictor class SD, a dozen Acclamator Assault Ships, two dozen Carrack class cruisers, and some forty Tartan patrol cruisers.  This was supplemented on the ground by a garrison of over one million Imperial Army troops and heavy mechanized support spread across several planets along with several stormtrooper legions that now fell into his direct command in the absence of the Emperor. 


Despite this impressive display of military strength, Moff Sol knew that it would be impossible for him to maintain long term power through rule of force now that he would be cut off from any Imperial reinforcements or support.  Instead, delegates from the planets under his command would be invited to discuss the situation as a whole.  During this meeting Moff Sol would stress the need for calm and order as the rest of the Galaxy slowly crumbled into a state of anarchy and the need for a strong leader in the trying times ahead.  As a result of the meeting it was decided to establish a federation of the various planets and systems to maintain a working government and Drey Sol was elected to be its first Chancellor. 


Using this new found success, Drey Sol would invite other nearby Moffs that he had befriended and acquainted himself with to be a part of his new system.   Awaiting their replies, the first one back was the most surprising.  Moff Elek Noscandra was in charge of the Kamino system and Sol knew him as a more quiet and reserved individual.  No doubt this was due to him being in charge of one of the Empire's most sensitive and secretive worlds.  Moff Noscandra would arrive at Arkanis to discuss the proposal that had been delivered to him. 


The revelations given at the meeting were a shock to, now, Chancellor Sol.  Under the Emperor's direction, Moff Noscandra had been utilizing and perfecting Kaminoan cloning technology to secretly raise a new army for the Emperor.  Utilizing an improved pallet of the genetic material used during the Clone Wars, he had managed to further refine the Kaminoan cloning technology as well as cut the time needed to grow a clone in half, down to five years; and during the last five years he had been putting that technology to use.  A clone army was being raised to further supplement the Empire's forces and was finally in the stages of awaiting deployment when the Emperor was killed.  In the last year, they had all been reprogrammed to erase their loyalty to the Emperor after his demise and were now potentially loyal to someone else who would take them. 


In addition to this, Moff Noscandra revealed to the Chancellor that the Hypori system, long thought to be uninhabited, had been secretly turned into a major production, manufacturing and military logistics hub.  Hundreds of thousands of clone troopers were garrisoned on Hypori awaiting their orders while extensive planetary and orbital shipyards were able to service and build even the largest Imperial class Star Destroyers and, while nowhere near as large as the Kuat space yards, were still impressive nonetheless.  Noscandra relayed the Emperor's intent to use these facilities to maintain an overwhelming hold on the entire Outer Rim Sector and Bothan Space as well as preparing for something else that was never revealed to him.


An opportunity like this was too much to pass up.  These facilities and the army that came with them would guarantee the security of the fledgling Federation for decades to come.  Moff Noscandra also brought with him six Imperial Star Destroyers and many dozens of other combat and auxiliary vessels.  Elek Noscandra was appointed as the governor of the Kamino System and Vice Chancellor of the Outer Rim Federation as the new army was readied to protect it.

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