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SW asset points acquisition discussion

The Zigur

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I think everyone can agree there are flaws with the current CNRP games. Everyone has different styles of play: Some of us pound our heads over silly military claims, some like to skip warfare entirely. In my opinion, the easy solution is a concrete wargame system that lets people roleplay however they want, while also keeping power out of the hands of GMs... by making outcomes easier to determine before they occur.


Without further ado:



Every player begins with 100 points, regardless of nation strength. Above 10000 NS, players receive an additional 50 points for each additional 10000 points of NS, rounded up. This continues up to the 50,000 NS level.


0-10000 NS: 100 points...

40000-50000 NS: 300 points


Beyond 50000 NS, players receive 10 points for every 10000 NS, up to a maximum of 400 points.


50000-55000 NS: 310 points

140000+ NS: 400 points




Once starting points are totaled, you may purchase the following assets. Note that these are considered the points for stock models. For general purposes all assets are considered more or less equal, depending on model specifics. Improving the effectiveness of stock models is possible through further points expenditure.


Capabilities listed should be energy prioritized at any one time... i.e. a star destroyer cannot maintain both orbital bombardment and fighting other ships simultaneously.


Also, smaller assets can quickly be rebuilt, but larger assets, while often more effective, take time to develop, and super-assets should take the longest to build, with multiple posts regarding construction and development.


Asset strength is determined by points invested (A stock frigate is only 20% as strong as a capital ship, 10/50 points). However, advantages of each ship class enter into the equation. Thus a star Destroyer can handle an attack by 10 frigates and fight to a stalemate, while an escort like the Millenium Falcon can handle an attack by 10 tie-fighter squadrons.


Fleet Assets:


-Planetary/Carrier based Starfighter Squadron: 2 Points (must be based in system or on carriers, very strong against frigates)

-Hyperspace capable Starfighter Squadron: 5 Points (...also able to independently hyperspace jump and engage in strike operations)


Examples of the above include the Naboo Starfighter and the X-wing, respectively. Both are worth [2 pts] in most engagements.


-Escort: 10 points (very strong against starfighters [20 pts], jump capable)

-Frigate: 10 points (very strong against escorts [20 pts], jump capable, can transport a single starfighter squadron, capable of light orbital bombardment)

-Transport: 10 points (weak against all other assets [5 pts], transports 5 armies)

-Capital Ship: 50 points (jump capable, very strong against all preceding ship types [100 pts] except starfighters, capable of heavy orbital bombardment, can transport 5 starfighter squadrons and 1 army)


 Examples of the above include the Millenium Falcon, the Nebulon-B frigate, the Rebel Transport and the Star Destroyer, respectively.


Fleet Super-Assets:


-Super Capital Ship: 100 points (jump capable, very strong against all preceding ship types [200 pts] except starfighters, capable of very heavy orbital bombardment, can transport 10 squadrons and 1 army)

-Mega Projects: 200 points (jump capable, very strong against all preceding ship types [400 pts] except starfighters, planet destroying, can carry 20 squadrons and 1 army)


An example of the former would include the Super Star Destroyer, while examples of the latter would include the Death Star, World Devastator or Yuuzhan Vong Worldship.


Planetary Assets:

-Army: 2 Points (Can occupy planets, fight in ground battles)

-Planetary/Orbital/Asteroid Defense Cannon: 5 points (Very strong against orbital bombardment capable ships)

-Planetary Fortifications: 10 points: resists light, heavy and very heavy orbital bombardments, enemy armies must obtain 3:1 odds for victory, protects up to 5 armies each.


Must be established by prior roleplay posts. Every occupied planet must have at least one army stationed.





To defeat an asset, 2:1 odds should be achieved (asset should conduct organized withdrawal in space or hide on ground).

To destroy an asset, 3:1 odds should be achieved (asset should panic and rout, be captured or be destroyed).


Assets that are very strong against other assets enjoy a natural 2:1 odds advantage.


Assets can be formed in two lines, with the front line absorbing attacks, and assets in the second line waiting in reserve. However, once engaged, assets are in the front line until withdrawn from battlefield or defeated/destroyed.


Bombardment Rules (all non-army defending assets must be neutralized)


-Light Orbital Bombardments allow frigates to engage individual armies with 1-way attacks on a 1:1 basis.

-Heavy Orbital Bombardments allow capital ships to engage individual armies with 1-way attacks on a 2:1 basis.

-Very Heavy Orbital Bombardments allow capital ships to destroy individual armies with 1-way attacks on a 3:1 basis.

-Mega projects neutralize or destroy entire planets during engagement.


Major combat engagement should be posted in a separate thread with assets of both sides posted along with objectives and losses. During major combat engagements each side should determine the targets of each of their assets, with assets deducted after each round until one side is defeated, destroyed or chooses to withdraw (if not trapped on a planet).


Direct fire exchanges take place at once per round or CN day, whichever is shorter. If a player misses a turn, his/her assets will return fire automatically against the weakest assets. Orbital bombardments take place at once per round or CN day, whichever is shorter.




-Players are allowed to keep their deployment compositions secret, but spy rolls can force any assets located in an occupied system to be revealed.


-Spy rolls should be conducted immediately prior to an invasion to prevent an ambush. If the spy-roll was not conducted, fleets may be spawned from the defender's available point pool upon commencement of system jump-in and invasion.


-During a battle, each player receives an additional spyroll to attempt to sabotage and nullify a single asset's attacking 2:1 advantage for a turn.


-Spyrolls can also be used to accomplish other missions inspired by in-game spy attacks

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Assets are worth a certain number of points, but all assets have weaknesses. It is important to consider a combined arms strategy when composing a fleet. Assets are worth however many points you invest in them (whether stock or upgraded) but are adjusted by strengths and weaknesses.


For example, attacks against capital ships like star destroyers should not be attempted by a fleet of frigates, but could be conducted by hordes of starfighters successfully. On the other hand, if the star destroyer is accompanied by escorts, losses may become heavy.

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If anything has been proven by the first two CNRPs its that people lack common sense. This system is not that complicated, check out my Hoth fleet composition... just a handful of ships and ground assets. This system, or one like it, simply helps with conflict resolution in a concrete way, free of arbitrary GM social rulings.

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