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The Reborn Empire

Kevin Kingswell

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Following the death of Emperor Palpatine, Lord Vader and the destruction of the second Death Star the Empire had fractured apart into many smaller factions each claiming a different area of space. One such faction named themselves the Reborn Empire and had established themselves in the Corellia system under the leadership of Grand Moff Boontir Fel. Boontir Fel had proclaimed that it was the Emperor's focus and reliance on the power of the force that had allowed the Rebellion to be so deadly. As such Grand Moff Fel had publicly stated his rejection of any authority by anyone calling themselves a Jedi or a SIth saying that the Empire would only be reformed by the actions and deeds of the Imperial men and women. In addition he continued to declare the Rebel Alliance a terrorist organisation that would be utterly destroyed. 


The first steps Boontir Fel took was to fortify the Corellia system against hostile invasion, though the technology and knowledge of how to activate Centerpoint station was out of his researchers abilities for now the station itself was still heavily armoured and armed with standard imperial defenses. Thus it was here that Fel made his central strong point. To accompany the defenses of Centerpoint station numerous stationary turbo laser turrets and concussion missile launchers were scattered around the station.


The Corellian shipyards were placed under the control of Moff Stanton Tarr, a man content with his position and what he lacked in combat skills he more than made up with administration skills. Under his direct command the efficiency and output of the shipyards more than doubled and all civilian projects were halted and construction of military vessels and defenses was made a priority.  


At the hyperspace jump points that connected to the Corellian hyperspace lanes Golan defense stations were moved into a stationary orbit where they would be able to intercept and engage any vessels that arrived. Their impressive armour and weapons would be the first line of defense for the Corellia system.


For Boontir Fel's fleet the Grand Moff had one Imperial class Star Destroyer, the ISD Interrogator, two Victory class Star Destroyers, the VSD Annihilator and Dominance and four Carrack class light cruisers. This along with numerous squadrons of Tie Fighters,Bombers and Interceptors made up his fleet though in secret the Grand Moff also had one squadron of Tie Phantoms that only he and his inner circle knew about.


On the planets across the Corellia system the population were mostly human and had been supporting the Empire before it had broken apart and were only too happy to switch their allegiance to a faction that traced its roots back to the Empire and who supported reforming the old Empire. However, Grand Moff Fel also swayed the alien races to his side by halting the old discriminatory ways of the old Empire and promising the alien races that they would have an equal place alongside the humans in this new Empire which brought much joy and relief to them.


For now Fel and his people were busy on reorganising and outfitting the standing fleet as well as continuing construction of another Imperial Star Destroyer that had been half completed in the shipyards as well as constructing a number of patrol craft for policing the star system against pirates, smugglers and Rebel blockade runners.

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