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First off: NOBODY IS CLAIMING LAND HERE. This is just a preview of something that may come, and i want your input.


Hey guys, just thought i might present my idea for a new role-play to the general community. I have been working on this for about a week now, and wanted to see what the world thought about it.

So basically, it is a mega-roleplay. It is not just Earth, but also the moon and mars, and after a while, I may add more. It has taken away a few rules, such as the one that is about "your nation may not be bigger than your in-game SOI.". And of course, we have to add some  for the new planets as well. The map page would have the maps like so-



Planet Earth, <last update time & date>:



The Earth's Moon, <last update time>:



Planet Mars, <last update time>:




I am still working on the military aspect, and thinking about how to work out space wars and space ships, but for now, give suggestions, let me know what you think, and if you would be interested!



Space 2.0-Asteroid Belt-Horo the Wise Wolf

Mars Federation-Mars + Antarctic E.B.-Knights111

Suyeca Empire- Central America-Ikfht


P.S. I just realized the typo i made on the moon map. Sorry about that!

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It seems arbitrary to remove the limit on SoI and then limit me from having the land I claimed.

Again, this is a working progress, the map is yet to open to people, i just wanted to see if there was anyone interested before i started it. As i said above, i will be adding and removing different rules. It will likely open up next week as the soonest. Well, if anyone is interested, that is.

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I would like to claim the Asteroid Belt; please label it as "Space 2.0".

I will add the astroid belt into one of the corners of the moon map, however I will give you parts of it, since it is hard to protect an area that large of completely asteroids.

However, i since it has not opened up yet, I will reserve that for you, but it is not yours yet. if you are ok with the terms that i stated above. Please leave a response here saying that it is fine.


Also, i am sooooo excited to see the flags!


Edit: I decided that to have a space nation, you MUST have a land base on Earth, so anyone with game reservations, please let me know what you want your land base to be.

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I claim Mars and all the oceans.

Please ask for a more specific area.



We will be attacking anyone that dares go to space, in defiance of all the laws of physics.

So i am guessing you do not want to RP on 3.0? You just want to crash the party? Or are you interested?

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In that case, I'd like to claim Mercury, and a 25m2 section of Antarctica. Please mark it as "Pluto", thanks.

Mercury has not been released yet, but i will give you the asteroid belt. I just gave you about 80% of the asteroids, is that good?

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