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Cambodian Union Factbook


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Brief History


The Cambodian Union was founded by General Ong Minh when he used the army to seize the city of Phnom Penh, he declared the divided Cambodian states united under his banner and formed the government that consisted of him essentially being head of state with only a few members of his political party actually running certain affairs of the state. Minh has stated when the nation stabilizes to the point where he felt comfortable, he would relinquish power to a more democratic government already promising Parliament be integrated within the year. 



Ong Minh


At 45, the man known as Ong Minh the most powerful man in Cambodia had a relatively harsh upbringing. His father was an alcoholic man who often spent his money at the village bar while his mother spent all her time in a factory to earn money for the family. At 16 his mother was killed in a automobile accident, and barely months later his father was found dead in a ditch having passed out and drowned in the mud face down while intoxicated. At 18, Minh and his close friends joined the local militia at Kratie just months before the bloody unification wars began. The Unification wars was a devastating conflict that left Cambodia in a shambled state, it ended with no clear victor but pushed Minh to the idea of a unified Cambodia. At 35 Minh managed to organize over 10,000 men into his own private army and secured the Eastern border region forcing several local leaders to accept his rule, the caused a small war to start between Minh's army and Yuan Vidrail's forces in the South. After a few bloodless encounters the two decided to join forces. A few years later, and Minh along with his right hand Vidrail commanded over 50,000 troops and seized the entire Eastern region, the new Cambodian army would only grow and eventually marched on Phnom Penh. After decades of bloody strife Minh formed the Cambodian Union and installed himself as head of state, Minh would be in every sense of the word a military dictator. Minh made preparations to eventually install a Parliamentary Republic, but his right hand Vidrail suggested to build up the military and let the economy stabilize before doing such as international tensions with the USSE were building. 

Today, Minh resides in the capital slowly working towards installing a democratic government in Cambodia all while keeping a close eye on his neighbors.


Yuan Vidrail


Almost nothing is known about the man who stands with Minh and helped create the new Cambodian state, he is a ghost, a living legend, and a very dangerous individual. The only thing anyone concreatly knows about Vidrail is that he served in the Tianxia Imperial Army and then left and formed a Private Military Company based in the South Pacific. He then according to very debabtle reports, wage proxy wars for other nations launching his army against anyone and everyone for the right price including Tianxia. At some point his PMC was surrounded and trapped by the Imperial army on the island of Koh Tho Chou where a bloody siege insuied. After weeks of fighting the Imperial army destroyed the PMC forces and Vidrail barely escaped with his life losing an eye and right arm. He somehow ended up in Southern Cambodia raising another army, why and how he managed to collect thousands of Cambodian men and women to follow him isn't clear. At this point he met Ong Minh and his army, the two exchanged shots before joining forces in a bizarre turn of events. According to soldiers in Vidrail's army, Vidrail didn't believe he had the men or the supplies to win against Minh so he found a way to survive by joining him, the real reason is that Vidrail saw an opportunity for power with Minh. The marched on eventually taking the capital and forming the Union, Vidrail was made Minister of Internal Affairs and practically Minh's right hand man.

From there not much can be said, Vidrail avoids the public eye as much as possible, only rumor and lucid guessing is made as to what he does for the new government in Cambodia. The Russian-Tianxian one eyed, one armed has only been seen once by the public and that was during Minh's last address for plans to install Parliament. 

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Cambodian Union military 


123,680 strong


100,000 in the army

12,000 in the Air Force

11,000 in the coast guard

1,680 in special forces (Khmer SF)



Cambodian troops undergo rather quick training that teaches them roughly the basics of warfare in order to produce a large army in a short span of time. within a week troops are often in uniform and in active duty. The airforce deploys several cold war era fighters only letting top trained and veteran pilots use the more advanced modern fighters while new pilots are stuck with outdated Mig-21's. The coast guard is Cambodia's version of a navy, employing small fast heavily armed boats to enforce Union laws within their waters and training specialized infantry to fight pirates and smugglers from causing disorder to Cambodian trade. Special forces undergo months of intense training often being trained in everything from scouting, sabotage, assassination and intense combat situations. 


Primary firearm: Ak-47 variant mass produced model

Secondary firearm: Makarov 9mm

Other weapons: Model 27 potato masher grenade, AK-74u(Khmer SF), Spectre M4(Khmer SF), Kar 98 rifle, RPG-7, RPK


Armor: T-80 tanks, T-64 tanks, BTR-70, BMP-3, ASU-85, 9k22 Tunguska. 

Aircraft: Mig-21 fishbed, Mig-25, Su-47(only given to elite pilots) 

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