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Public: Crowds gathered in the new capital city of Detroit to celebrate their new independence. A Constitutional Convention had just ended and the newly-elected Chancellor was George Cabrini. He immediately formed his new government consisting of well rounded and experienced members of civil authority. Chancellor Cabrini would speak from the steps of the Capital Building in Detroit saying, "My fellow Americans! Today our several states once again declare self governance as an independent nation. We welcome the reestablishment of the United States of America to our east, and thank them for their assistance during these times. While a future referendum may occur to reintegrate into the US, we will maintain independence for the time being. We live in a troubled and imperialistic world. But do not fear the foreign powers of aggression. We will stand united and strong in defense of our freedom."



Chancellor George Cabrini

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"The Republican Autocracy of Polish Individuals Serving Tenures, or RAPISTs, formally..."

*pistol shots heard*.. *a thump* *scuffling noises and whispers**


"The Polish government welcomes Free America to the world. We look forward to enjoying a profitable partnership with this fine nation."

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