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Poland, not just all about the Sausage

Captain Enema

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Jans Sobleski did not wake up that morning expecting to go to bed as the President of a newly formed Polish nation. Yet, that is exactly what happened. The trim thirty two year old man whose frame is heavy with the signs of being a man not unfamiliar with the rigors of heavy duty industrial fabrication also can't sleep. He recognizes that being the president of anything is going to involve quite the few sleepless nights.


Though on this night, it was the bobbing head under the sheets that was keeping him awake. Ahh, the perks of being President, already they were good. Not merely good, judging from the suction being displayed down south, they were great. Still, it had been a long day and already Jans Sobleski was fondly recalling his former days as a labor organizer, at least speeches has been fairly straight forward, all he had to do then was carry on about what a bunch of fat pigs the owners were and then use the f-word creatively a few times. 


All in all, the day had gone well, and was soon going to come to a glorious climax. Speeches had been made, a parliament convened, a government formed, and the various Polish Militia groups nationalized. While the former protectors of Poland had done their best, the long vast distances between their small scatterings of soldiers had been protected by Polish Home Army Militia. This same Militia had just been nationalized and in a heartbeat created the core of the Polish Home Army. 


First Official Announcement of the Polish Goverment




The Polish people have long dreamed of a free and prosperous Polish Nation,

today we've realized that dream. This was the easy part,

now comes the difficult part of defending that dream. Already,

Poland has come under attack by the Ukrainians for the sole dreadful deed

of merely wanting to be free. We thank Muscovy and the Babylonians for reducing

the Ukranian menace to rubble, but none the less find the situation well in

theme for the historical trend of threats against Polish sovereignty. 


Yet another bunch of lunatics wished the Polish dream to die, how original.


If you are with us, we welcome you. 


If you are against us, go somewhere else.

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The Polish Self-Defense Force


"The Polish Self-Defense force is limited to defending the nation of Poland and acting to fulfill all treaty obligations passed by Parliament."



The Polish Home Army


250,000 Men


The Army of the Vistula


200,000 Men


The Baltic Army


200,000 men


The Polish Brotherhood Forces


100,000 men


The core of the Polish Military comes from two sources, the previous forces quietly operating as Militia units to fill the voids left by the protectorate forces and the Polish Brotherhood returnees from Africa. The returning Polish Brotherhood forces are a massive injection of trained men, officers, and specialists that allow the forming of a much larger force. With the Polish Brotherhood comes a large number of highly skilled professional soldiers and educators under the quiet guise of a large scale immigration of thousands of former Legionnaires coming to find work suitable for their somewhat lethal inclinations.


The Polish Brotherhood troops are pooled into two groups, the Polish Brotherhood forces based around their land grant cities (more on this later) and those who opt for direct commission into the Polish Self-Defense Forces. The Africans that tag along for the adventure are quickly snapped up for their valuable skills in the military arts and business acumen. An official government compact is signed between the government of Poland and the Polish Brotherhood giving them local autonomy providing they serve to defend the realm when needed. 


As the land grant cities were recently burnt out by the rampaging foreign aggressors, the real estate isn't considered particularly valuable anyway and not many object. To ease over the objections of those who do, the government provides generous allowances to help the survivors of the foreign assault relocate. Those that remain in their homes in the Land Grant cities does so under the compromise that they will answer to Brotherhood authority. Given the hard looking faces of the seasons Polish veterans returning from Africa, most who remain have no problem with this as they relish the opportunity to live under the watchful gazes of those predatory eyes. 


Polish Air Force


1st through 10th Squadrons, more forming. 


Currently the 1st through 10th are flying F-16 Falcons and F-4 Phantoms left in depots around Poland from days gone by.



Polish Navy


The Brighton Gun and Rod Club takes up the contract being offered and moves in to begin training the microscopic Polish Navy. The newly recruited men and women are driven to the point of collapse by veteran naval officers and petty officers under the command of Rear Admiral Charles White and Captain Degrazzi. The Ligurian, Cambodian, African, and Polish polygot force comprising of the Brighton Gun and Rod Club have had the effect of being a massive surprise to just about everyone that has encountered them due to their colorful command of invective and nautical prowess. 

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Polish Brotherhood


The Polish Brotherhood was created by the men left in Bossaso after the collapse of the Polish government. The port city of Bossaso had been turned over to the Polish in an economic exchange agreement for a port city in France. As time went on the families, friends, and Poles wanting a new start immigrated to Legion and the Polish Brotherhood grew even stronger. Service in the Legion was mandatory for all citizens of Legion whether they were Polish or otherwise, which gave rise to the 9th Division, an entirely Polish manned force. 


With the collapse of the Kingdom of Axum, the Polish Brotherhood decided it was time to return home and was spurned to do so even further by the call for elections by the Polish Trade Union under Jens Sobleski. A feeler was put out to the Polish government by the Polish Brotherhood and a quick agreement was hammered out. In exchange for assisting Poland with recreating the Polish Self-Defense force, the Polish Brotherhood would be given control over certain cities on the border with Ukraine. Further, they would have complete local autonomy to apply Polish law and a license to operate what is loosely termed as a 'Security Services' organization. 


With the Polish Brotherhood came an influx of Legionnaires of all types. These men were quickly snapped up by the Polish Self-Defense force. Nearly all of them are able to read, write, and speak Polish due to working side by side with the 9th Division and Polish Brotherhood. While the Polish Brotherhood and the Africans filled a number of positions that badly needed filling, what they didn't bring were the mountains of materials needed to properly equip a modern military force.


The Polish Home Army Militia


How do you form a Polish militia? You give a Pole an AK-47 and tell him to defend his home against all enemies foreign and domestic. In short, a militia is formed out of necessity. Not many want to leave their warm beds late at night to go out on patrol. But, where the void of proper governance exists and the will power is there to do something about it, the problem will be fixed in one fashion or another. The protectorate forces really did do their best, but limited manpower created voids and those voids were filled by patriotic Poles. 


Not idiotic Poles, the rifles, squad automatic weapons, mortars, and what not were kept well out of sight. The local militias drilled and trained under the guise of hunting clubs, paint ball clubs, and other outdoors related sporting clubs. Men with military experience were found, they shared their training, and the core of numerous company size forces were created. A technical college outside of Warsaw started offering courses in Military Sciences that were well attended by the Militia Men. Small companies formed who specialized in offering advanced training to those who could afford it. Once the Polish government rose, each and every one of those companies were nationalize, the Militia groups inducted directly into the Home Army, and with that the Polish Self-Defense force was born.


This initial call up of men gave the Polish Self-Defense Force a strong core of 250,000 men. They were formed into the Polish Home Army and when the Polish Brotherhood started returning, the Home Army was given an addition 25000 men to serve in specialists roles that were not properly being filled. The training manuals, military guidelines, the military law, technical manuals, and few hundred other vitally needed documents for the educating and directing of a Polish soldier were taken directly from the former Polish government archives or the Polish Brotherhood. 


The Army of the Vistula and the Baltic Army were entirely different affairs. These groups were filled with patriotic young Poles who were entirely without any formal military training. Their camps were lawless war zones in their own right and there were reports of their offices and noncommisioned officers being beaten before hurled out the front gate. The Polish Government quietly resolved the issue by requesting training teams from the Polish Brotherhood. 


The head cracking commenced nearly immediately.

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Formal Recognition Granted to the Carpathian Autonomous Zone!


The returning sons and daughters of the Polish Brotherhood are formally recognized as the holders of the Caprathian Autonomous Zone. The CAZ, has full local authority and the Polish Brotherhood has agreed to apply the fair rule of Polish law. The CAZ is also granted a special license for the purpose of fielding security contractors locally and abroad.



The Polish Self Defense Force Grows Stronger!


The Polish Home Army will be taking to the field in Central Poland to conduct a series of exercises. They've recently accepted a very large shipment of heavy equipment right from the Poland's very own factories. The training and equipping of other Polish forces is still ongoing and is being assisted by the Polish Brotherhood.


The Polish Navy floats a single boat!


A single destroyer is returned to active duty in the Baltic Ocean. It's a bit old, it's a bit of a rust pit, but its definitely a Polish Navy Ship of War. For now this ship will limit itself to training duties and will serve to prepare future Polish Officers for sea duty. 


The Polish Air Force is now a threat!


To only itself, maybe..


Our glorious and brave fly boys have begun accepting delivery of dozens of new aircraft. This will give Poland the strength we need to defend ourselves from aerial aggressors. 



Offers of Citizenship Proving Quite popular...


Poland has never really shown an interest in being a multicultural state until recently when events proved that the talent necessary to revitalize Poland's military and industry needed to come from abroad. The sheer flood of talent from the Polish Brotherhood returnees and their African comrades has done a great deal to completely re-energize Poland. With this in mind, any man or woman who can speak and write Polish will be allowed to take the citizenship test regardless of ethnic origin. 


This is proving quite popular!




Overwatch will commence in 20. 

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The Army of the Vistula was delivered a massive shipment of heavy equipment. This equipment and the equipment yet to come will bring it up to full fighting strength. A reforger plan is put into place calling for the Home Army to split into three for the purposes of supporting either the Baltic Army, the Carpathian Autonomous Zone, or the Army of the Vistula to fend off or advance in multiple directions. Further planning and movements are put into place creating distributed reserves of fuel, munitions, and other supplies necessary to provide for a prolonged engagement on multiple fronts.


The Polish Air Force, with great secrecy, accepted delivery of 20 B-2 Stealth Bombers. These expensive machines are expected to serve Poland well with their ability to strike well beyond its own borders in defense of Poland or in offensive campaigns.


The CAZ, being on the border of Hungary Slovakia, is a point of concern. Given the Hungarians are a former ally of the Ukranians, the worry exists that the Hungarians will likely attack Poland in the future. The Polish Brotherhood is given word that they'll be responsible for asorbing the brunt of any thrusts from that region. To that end, the Polish Brotherhood rapidly begins turning the Carpathian mountains into a veritable hell storm of defensive emplacements using the latest in thermal dampening technology and other tools to hide them from prying eyes. The Polish Brotherhood defensive plan is simple, pull the Hungarians in close and then kill them.


To do this, extensive stocks of mobile artillery of varying calibers are being purchased and transported to the Carpathian Mountains for deployment. On the border with Hungary-Slovakia, a light screen of scouts carrying only light arms are to be seen while the bulk of the Polish Brotherhoods heavier equipment will be deployed further back from the border. A written operational plan is devised calling for a hard hitting armored thrust directly int Hungary Slovkia by the Brotherhood with the Home Army coming in on the second wave in the event that a spoiling attack proves necessary.

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Hungary-Slovakia has absolutely no desire to attack or invade any other nation, and is no longer participating in any alliances, save for EuroCom.


We plan to fully honor our committment to EuroCom and the Europe-wide Non-Aggression Pact that is a part of the EuroCom Treaty.


We also point out that our parliament has recently passed a bill stating that Hungary-Slovakia is internationally neutral in regards to international politics and wars.


We also point out that when our former allies invaded Poland, that was pretty much the end of our MDP with Ukraine.  We did not defend or participate in the invasion in even the slightest, nor did our nation ever encourage or condone the invasion in any way.


Should the EuroCom NAP not be enough assurance for Poland for whatever reason, Hungary-Slovakia would be more than happy to sign a Hungary-Poland Non-Aggression Pact.


(OOC: As stated in several other threads, after the whole Ukraine debacle, I'm really not interested in any more alliances, saber-rattling (outside of mutual, collabarative, story RPs), or wars.  You have my word, TBM, as long as you don't invade Hungary-Slovakia, I won't bother Poland in the slightest.)

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Operational planning is begun for a retaliatory attack on Hungarian cities, using tactical nuclear weapons, in advance of a full scale invasion of the country. The purpose of said planning is to reduce the entire Hungarian-Slovakian ability to wage aggressive war upon Poland. Such contigency planning will be created, studied, discussed, and then refined.

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The Army of the Vistula having been certified by Polish Brotherhood trainers to be field ready is ordered to begin its active defense of the Eastern Polish Border regions with Belarus and the failed nation of Ukraine. The Army of the Vistula is ordered to deploy along the border with a light screen right on the border of soldiers carrying light arms and larger mobile formations much farther back. Three large brigades of MLRS, Mobile Artillery, and heavier towed artillery are to be formed and distributed well to the rear for defensive operations.


The same concerns exist with Belarus that do with Hungary. Given the former association on a seemingly close level with the Ukrainians, the Belarus are seen as a possible threat. Defensive planning is to be made which will allow Poland to both defend itself and launch possible spoiling attacks if evidence comes to light that a credible and active threat exists to the Polish nation.


The Baltic Army is reduced in strength from 200,000 to 100,000 men. The 100,000 men are sent to bolster the Army of the Vistula with their new responsibilities of defending the entirity of East Poland. The remaining 100,000 men of the Baltic Army are to be converted into four independent divisions of 25,000 men each. These divisions will be highly mechanized and will be given zones of responsibility running from the Baltic to the Southern Region Military district. The Home Army will act as the back up for the Baltic Army and with time the Baltic Army's numbers will be increased.

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The damage left from a catastrophic nuclear attack in the 8th World War had left the small city of Scalow uninhabitated. The land had been left vacant for so long that it had been claimed by the new Polish government's Tax Bureau. The resulting sale of the land found it sold at a firesale prices to a company known to some as Port of Sudan Imports and Exports. The owner, a Johnathan Germaine Esq. informed the Tax Bureau that he has plans to develop the entire region. Further sales of land increase the Port of Sudan holdings and bring with them hundreds of young, lean, and somewhat feral looking young men and women from Africa.


It would be difficult to place them in a specific ethnic catergory as their skin tones are of a brownish hue and they speak an odd combonation of languages they refer to as Legish. The Polish Brotherhood returnees interact with them easily enough which proves somewhat reassuring to the locals given the tendency of the new inhabitants of Scalow to walk about heavily armed at all times of the night and day. Neighboring cities quietly request a government investigation and their request is honored.


It quickly comes to pass that these new arrivals are a Brotherhood much like Poland's own Polish Brotherhood. More investigation finds they are well funded, well armed, and arriving in greater and greater numbers each and everyday. The neighbors might have grown more concerned but overnight they were suddenly subjected to a dizzying array of community outreach efforts by the new residents of Scalow who left their own work of rebuilding their new home and wandered out into Poland to help out in a diverse array of charitable projects.


This interaction proved just the thing the Poles needed to help them understand that the future did not lay in clinging to their tired xenophobia but the embracing of change. The Legionnaires quickly proved to be polite, hard working, and highly intelligent members of Poland's growing international community. Legish soon found itself to be something of a booming cottage industry amongst young Poles who wanted to learn it. Security Firms found themselves hiring Legionnaires whenever possible due to their strong work ethics, something the often found lacking in young Poles who could be a bit shiftless and idle at times.


Before long a bill is introduced into Parliament calling for the recognizing of Legish as a national language of Poland. It passes by a slim margin and with that the door is kicked open for the Legionnaires to begin taking the Polish citizen examination.

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The Polish Nuclear Division puts its first two of several nuclear weapons into the arsenals of Polish and Legish freedom.


The Army of the Vistula begins a prolong series of readiness exercises with elements of the Home Army acting as the Opfor for the purposes of improving the capabilities of the Army of the Vistula from defending Poland from potential Belarus aggression.


The Polish Air Force accepts 10 squadrons of F-15 C Fighter Bombers into its ranks. Another 10 will follow to round out the harden core of Poland's Air Defenses. Poland's Overwatch, an intergrated ground/air system proposed by the Polish Brotherhood, begins a series of air patrols with Radardome equipped aircraft that constantly patrol Poland's borders and scan for airborne threats.


More planes, more tanks, more armored vehicles of all sorts are now beginning to reach the Home Army, the Baltic Army, the Carpathian Autonomous Zone, and the Army of the Vistula. These vehicles are joined by an ever widening system of supply depots designed to keep these forces in the field in defense of Poland for upwards of 30 to 60 days at a time.


Regimental Commanders and up to the President are to be assigned special guard teams with an entire separate chain of command, identification protocols, and sense of familiarity to deter attempted assisination threads.


Local exerices will commence in the near future to prepare Poles and Legionnaires for the possibility of living under Hungarian-Slovakian and Bellorussian occupation.

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Contigency planning for dealing with the very real possibility of aggression from the Ukrainian lackey nations of Hungary-Slovakia and Belarus has been completed. A careful analysis of the planning revealed numerous points of concern that were dealt with before the final versions drafted and distributed. Once completed, the final copies were issued by hand to the Army and Division leaders of the Polish Self-Defense Force and Carpathian Autonomous Zone.


A series of exercises under the Reforger system that was previous established will allow Home Army and Baltic Army Forces experience in moving under pressure to assist the CAZ or Army of the Vistula in defending the Polish homelands.


Another 10 squadrons of F-15 D fighters were put into service.


This brings the Polish Air Force up to 20 squadrons of F-15s, 10 Squadrons of F-16s, 2 squadrons of B-2 Bombers, and 6 more squadrons of various types of aircraft from the former Soviet Union.


Overwatch command assumes operational responsibility for creating an embedded communications network to provide command, control, and communications for the Polish Air Waring and Defense system that is being formed. This system is quickly being supplement with a variety of long, medium, and short range air defense missiles and artillery systems. These are to be formed and dedicated units responsible for large Polish, Legish, and CAZ population centers.

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The Baltic Army has taken on the bulk of their required heavy equipment. This creates four heavy division capable of fielding a dizzying amount of armored vehicles of varying sorts. 


The historic 11th Cavalry Division, the 12th Mechanized, the 10th Mechanized, and the 9th Mechanized Divisions are given orders to keep two division on the border running from the Baltic Ocean to Southern Military District, one Division in reserve, and one division supporting the Carpathian Autonomous Zone. 


Polish Nuclear Forces adds two more nuclear weapons to its arsenal.


Another 10 squadrons of F-15 D fighters are added to the Polish Air Force. 


Four squadrons of modernized B-52 bombers are added. 


Additional Radardome equipped aircraft are added to Overwatch Command along with batteries of S-300 VM Surface to Air Missiles and their radar sites at major Polish cities and bases. 

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The Polish Air Force has been completely outfitted. The current squadrons are as follows:


40 Squadrons of F-15E Strike Eagles


20 Squadrons of F-16E Falcons


10 Squadrons of A-10 Warthogs


2.5 Squadrons of B-2 Spirit Bombers


2 Squadrons of B-52 Bombers


3 Squadrons B-1B Bombers



The Army of the Vistula has taken on the last of its heavy equipment and its table of organization is as follows:

1st Corp


1st Armored Division

2nd Mechanized Division

3rd Mechanized Division

21st Indepedent Artillery Brigade

31st Infantry Light Infantry Division


2nd Corp 

4th Armored Division

5th Mechanized Division

6th Mechanized Division

22nd Independent Artillery Brigade

32nd Light Infantry Division


3rd Corp

7th Armored Division

8th Mechanized Division

9th Mechanized Division

23rd Independent Artillery Brigade

33rd Light Infantry Division


4th Corp

51st Armored Division

52nd Mechanized Division

53rd Mechanized Division

24th Independent Artillery Brigade

34th Light Infantry Division


The Home Army has taken on its last shipment of heavy equipment. It's table of operations is as follows:


5th Corp

201st Armored Division

202nd Mechanized Division

203rd Mechanized Division

25th Independent Artillery Brigade

35th Light Infantry Division


6th Corp 

204th Armored Division

205th Mechanized Division

206th Mechanized Division

26th Independent Artillery Brigade

36th Light Infantry Division


7th Corp 

207th Armored Division

208th Mechanized Division

209th Mechanized Division

27th Independent Artillery Brigade

37th Light Infantry Division


* An armored division has 9 Armored Battalions of 44 Tanks each, 3 mechanized battalions, and a single large services and support brigade.


** A Mechanized division has 9 mechanized battalions,3 armored battalions, and a large services and support brigade.


* Light Infantry Divisions are equipped with light patrol vehicles and other transports for high speed long range operations necessary for acting as the eyes and ears of their parent organization. Further, they are outfitted with snipers and ranger companies for operations requiring a certain level of carefully applied violence or stealth. 


** An Independent Artillery Brigade consists of MRLS, towed artillery, self-propelled artillery, and attack helicopters that are formed into a unit and put at the command of the Corp commander for strategic and tactical purposes. The divisions have their own integrated artillery as well. 


The Baltic Army stands as it was before, 4 heavy divisions.


The Polish Brotherhood in the Carpathian Mountains consists of the following:


The Bossaso Division- Infantry

The White Tigers- Mechanized Infantry

Silent Night Division- Infantry

The Uhlans- Armored


The Polish Special Forces has been stood up as well. It consists of the following:


1st Special Forces Regiment -3200 men

2nd Special Forces Regiment -3200 men

The Polish Airborne Division 9600 men

The Polish Rangers Division 9600 men

Polish Special Projects and Research Group 3200 men



The supply caches are 50 percent complete. Once completed they will give Polish land forces a 30 day supply of fuel, food, and other needed equipment.


The Polish Overwatch is 50 percent complete. Once finished, Overwatch will be an nation wide integrated air defense system. New radar sites, new mobile radars, and ELINT aircraft are being purchased or built. Further, most major Polish cities have a dedicated S-300 battery and more are to follow. The Air Force keeps a Northern, Central, and Southern Combat Air Patrol on duty at all times in support of Overwatch operations. 


The Polish Navy stands at one destroyer in active service, 5 more destroyers being trained, 2 guided missile cruisers being constructed, 2 more on order, 1 arsenal ship being produced, 2 battle cruisers being planned, 3 submarines, and a single carrier for what consist of the Polish Carrier Battle Group.

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United Poland Organization


"We the proud conservative Polish are appalled at the dangers facing Poland today. Our operatives have uncovered a conspiracy of three foreign governments to undermine the value of the Polish Zloty and collapse the Polish economy in advance of an all out military assault. We have the names! We have documents! We have times and dates!


This conspiracy will be exposed!


In other areas we demand the immediate deportation of all Hungarian-Slovakian and Ukrainian citizens from Poland. These undesirables are taking jobs from hard working Poles. We also believe the majority of them are working in tandem with their respective National Intelligence Agencies."


If you are a loyal Pole and you believe like we do, call your Member of Parliament and demand action be taken!"





President Jens Sobleski details a small task force of police and intelligence investigators to look into this United Poland Organization. The United Poles, as they are colloquially known sprung out of no where and have all the appearances of being a Ukrainian front organization for sowing discord and dissent into an already troubled situation. 


Until then, the message the United Poles are sending is difficult to ignore as it resonates deeply with Poles who distrust the Ukrainians and the Hungarians intensely. They voice their concerns loudly by flooding their Member of Parliament's office with demands for action against these undesirables. 

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