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Druk Yul - National Factbook (No comments other than from OP please.)

Maelstrom Vortex

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Rules for RPing with Maelstrom:
1. You recognize I have what is posted in this fact book or talk to me about what is presented here so we can reach a consensus on equipment and "toys".
2. We may choose to use nukes, but if we do and it has to be a shared decision, then we use the in game damage that would be delivered by our nukes. The equivalent tech and infra damage do remain. Instead, if you target troops and tanks you will wipe out whatever is deployed in the area of effect or up to 10% of existing troops and tanks if targeting a military base. If you target a civilian center, you get the rp morale effects, but only kill 5% of existing troops and tanks.
3. All rp must be collaborative and co-operative.
4. If we begin to disagree over the course of a story arc and cannot reach agreement we may agree to clear the story as if it never occurred or seek arbitration. If the dispute cannot be resolved then the events are erased. Dice and games can also be a fun way to resolve impasses. I like chess.

The government of Druk Yul is a Theocratic Constitutional Monarchy.
Capitol: Shangri-La
National Anthem: Druk tsendhen
Government Leadership:
Head of State: The Druk (Maelstrom Vortex)
Emissary of the Druk: King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
Prime Minister: Tshering Tobgay
MOFA: Yun Li
Head of the formative Druk Yul space program: Doctor Sonam Kinley Ralung
Secretary of Defence: Dread Space
Economic Minister: Jin Tzi
President of the Federal Reserve of Druk Yul: Dafar Malfek
Important Citizens:
CEO of Aero Stat Industries: Varrick Gai

Current binding treaties:
The Dragon Bloc

The Geneva Protocols, Geneva Convention, and Hague 1907, reservations noted.

Tech level: 2014
Defcon: 5
Military Statistics:
Current Troop count: 850,000
Current Tank Count: 85,000:
Every company is accompanied by a sky guard area defense vehicle as part of its hq unit. A standard Druk Yul company is 1000-1200 troops
The standard Druk Yul tank platoon is 4 tanks. 3 Platoons and a headquarters with 2 tanks, a M113A2, 2 M998 HMMWV's and 2 2.5-ton trucks with trailers make up a Company. There are 4 Companies in a Battalion. Armored Battalions are matched 1:1 with Infantry. The matched infantry battalion will be hard or soft dependent upon the terrain it is required to operate in. In extreme terrains, mountaineer battalion with engineers. Every company, regardless of type, is accompanied by a battery of support artillery using either Howtizers or MRLS launchers. Tracked artillery is used in the most difficult terrains as far as they can be maneuvered.
Aircraft: 630, 630 active, 0 long term storage and care.
Stealth Aircraft: 60 total, 60 active for training and discipline of the wing, 0 long term storage and care.
Space Planes: 5, 5 active, 0 long term storage and care. (Experimental Prototypes)
Standard border defensive, passive.. generic:
Active border defenses include remotely manned trigger able devices of a wide variety, including sensor triggered weaponry. Borders are also covered by motion sensors.
Ocean waters have been heavily mined including underwater pre-stationed torpedo mounts. The mounts are tethered to a special antenna network which permits identification of friendly ships by specific encrypted iff broadcast that rotates daily and is managed by the Druk Yul Navy. The Oceanic defense zone is 200 km deep including shore to ship missile batteries, gun emplacements at key locations, tactical radar stations and tastefully hidden bunkers on the beaches every half-kilometer
Air defenses include a large number of flak batteries, surface to air missiles, anti-missile defense systems, and thel laser defenses linked into a mutli-layer radar network that includes Doppler, traditional sweep radars, oth-b which can see the approach of stealth aircraft at a distance, phased array systems all orchestrated by a joint identification program similar to AEGIS and which is heavily emp shielded and using Dream Plague encryption systems. It is likely the most advanced air-defense network the world has ever seen. Secretly, behind closed doors, the high command refers to it as "Light Show."

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DYSA Assets:
DYSA/ International Space Program Roster:

Domestic Service Personnel:

Druk Station 1: Druk Yul Earth Command Core
Mission Commmander: Choden Kalsang
Captain: Duga Yama
Druk Station 2: Moon
Druk Station 3: Mars
Mission Commander: Atta Maja
Celestial Body Landings:
Druk Base 1:
Mission Commander: Tai Malfek


International Service Personnel:
Druk Station 1: Druk Yul Earth Command Core
Andria Adele, Captain in the Great Lakes Republic Airforce
Anatoly Malofeyev, Lieutenant in the Belarus Airforce
Dr. James Solovanov of Planes Federation
** Druk Station 1: Atlantic Federation Expansion
Dr. Robert Mansfield of Atlantic Federation
** Druk Station 1: Baffin Island Expansion

Druk Station 2: Moon
Druk Station 3: Mars
Cynthia Washington from the Antarctic federation
Celestial Body Landings:
Druk Base 1:
Commander Sarah Baldwin of Plains Federation
Squadron Leader Melissa Mays of the Atlantic Federation Air Force


Key Abbreviations:
TBD: To be delivered
TBL: To be launched.
Training for mars!

Dave Arthur from the Antarctic federation 
Amid Hasbi of Alexandria



Indra science space plane.


Major Space Warfare Assets: (All Canon)


36 ARES 1 satellite GPS and Military observation network contracted to civillian GPS provider IMAP.
Military specifications are classified and not known to the public. Each satellite carries 2 on board kkvs.
Initial KKV Count: 72
Expended: 4
Remaining: 68
ARES 1 SAT has following capabilities:
GPS, Telecommunications, Satellite Relay, Miltary Observation with multi em frequency suite, Satellite Apperature Radar observation suite, collision avoidance systems. 50 km local radar coverage.



[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_X-37]Sky Warden Space Planes[/url], total number: 5 (reserved from air assets)
Armament: [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nudelman-Rikhter_NR-23]23 MM radar guided autocannons.[/url]

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The Crimson Tide ( Navy)




"Skirmisher Class" Corvette: 6 (LCS-2 Eqvuialent) 1

"Matron Class" Landing ship: 2 (Jinggang Shan displacement and cargo with raytheon weapons suites.) 4

"Overlord Class" Battleship: 2 (Iowa Class refit equivalent with updated Raytheon weapons suites. Heavy bombardment role. ) 6


"Sea King Class" Cruiser: 6 (CG-Ticonderoga equivalent. Uses Raytheon aerial decoy drone and scrambling systems.) 18

"Deceiver Class" Frigate: 6 (Oliver Perry Class Equivalent. Uses Raytheon aerial decoy drone and scrambling systems. Dedicated EW and missile support role almost exclusively.) Pts :2

"Swarm Class" Destroyer: 6 (DDG-1000 Arleigh Burke Equivalent. Uses Raytheon aerial decoy drone and scrambling systems.) 2 pts


"Hive Class " Aircraft Carrier: 4 (Gerald Ford Class Equivalent. Uses Raytheon aerial decoy drone and scrambling systems.) 20 pts.


47 / 65 spent of 40 base + 25 nuke points.


Division by Fleet


First Fleet: (Deployment Zone Opt/Standard) Central Asia / Yellow Sea (SEATO support role)

Skirmishers: 3

Matrons: 1

Overlords: 2

Sea king: 3

Deciever: 3

Swarm: 3

Hive: 4

Second Fleet: (Deployment Zone Opt/Standard) India / Indian Ocean & Mayanmar Coast

Skirmisher: 3

Matron: 1

Overlord: 2

Sky King: 3

Deciever: 3

Swarm: 3

Hive: 4



Submarine Navy




Great Crimson Shark Submarine: 3 (Ohio Class)


Nurse Shark Submarine: 3 (Virginia Class)


Division by Fleet


First Submarine Fleet: Deployment Zone: Atlantic


1 GCS, 1 NSS


Second Submarine Fleet: Deployment Zone: Pacific


1 GCS, 1 NSS


Third Submarine Fleet: Deployment Zone: Indian Ocean


1 GCS, 1 NSS



6 Nuclear Powered Subs: 18 / 65 spent of 40 base + 25 nuke points.

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Information and Communications Systems (Cyber-warfare)


Dream Plague


Druk Yul's national military data infrastructure is protected by the "Dream Plague" a hunter-seeker white-hat virus that scans each computer.. makes sure it is properly encrypted by national standards, validates all files to ensure they meet military protocol, and locks down anything that doesn't meet the protocols until they can be authenticated by someone in the high command as a valid data library. It also actively encrypts all incoming and outgoing information with a daily variable 256 bit key based on an unpublished cipher that uses random data points to construct itself and never repeats rendering all Druk Yul military information near impossible to intercept or decode. Every month the filing system of all computer systems in the Druk Yul military architecture shuts down for 3 hours to totally re-encrypt the entire file system with a new key.


Dream Plague aggressively seeks out undocumented programs on the system and renders them inert, restricting all permissions until the file is logged in the standards protocol of the core Dream Plague database which is only accessible by at most 10 people at the head of the Druk Yul government. Dream plague is operational on EVERY Druk Yul military system that contains more than 1 mb of data.


Dream Plague automatically spreads itself to any device connected to the Druk Yul military architecture.. meaning if a spy puts a usb key into a Druk Yul system, that key will become useless to the spy without the 256 bit key that Dream Plague utilizes.


OOC Note (Your characters don't know this stuff): Dream Plague is not actually an AI. It's based on RL tech. Therefore, is not optional recognition. It claims to be an AI to frighten potential spies into thinking that Druk Yul actually has such a thing.

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