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And so, a small space fairing nation in Europe would receive a most interesting communique from a part of the world that isn't known for its space capabilities.

Greettings governors of the Northlands,

I am Doctor Sonam Kinley Ralung of the Druk Yul space program. We are aware that you are one of several space faring nations on this world and wanted to inform you that we are looking to assemple a team of nations for an international space program. We are currently building a launch facility into the the south side of Mount Everest. We would like to ask if you could lend us some engineers that may have some expertise with the building of large diameter silos as we expect to be launching large payloads from the silo. Also, given we will be at one of the highest launching locations on the planet, we expect fuel loads to orbit to be lower than usual and would like to offer you, in exchange for your assistance, the potential for contracts for its future use in order to reduce the costs to your own program.

Dr Kinley.

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