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French Guiana News and Actions


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Today's topics


- Self Defense Force increases numbers to 15,000, begins securing borders and acting as police in the Southern Region.


- 1st Congressional Assembly meets for first time since nation's founding to discuss growing conflict in Europe and plans to begin offshore drilling for oil and natural gas.






SDF deploys under order from President Hollande


The French Guiana Self Defense Force reported that it is now staffed by 15,000 volunteers all committed to defending their country from threats external and internal. The SDF consists of three branches, the army, navy and air force. All three branches committed to defending the nation to the last man through intense training in the central jungle and being equipped with the best equipment that can be supplied to them. Due to the low population in the South the SDF has to do routine patrols through the jungle acting as police for the various spread out small villages and towns that sparsely populate Southern Guiana. President Hollande wants peace and order for the young nation to be a top priority. The SDF plans on recruiting an additional 10,000 in order to make rotations for Southern patrols easier and to bulk forces due to growing international tensions overseas. 




                                        Members of the SDF patrolling in a small town in Southern Guiana.



First Congressional meeting shows results


The first congress of French Guiana had a busy day it's first meet at the house of commons. Several congress members voiced concern over the growing tensions in Europe, stating it could affect international trade and possibly future relations for a new nation like Guiana. Some voiced their support for France stating they should aid their historic homeland if it goes to war. Congress also approved a multi-million Franc deal to begin offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, several companies domestic and foreign jumped at the opportunity to stake claims for their first drilling stations with several foreign companies putting in billions to buy spots off the shore of Guiana already making a sizable profit for the country before drilling even begins. 

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Today's topics


-offshore drilling stations begin construction, total of 45 stations being built.


-millions of francs being poured into new utility company to bring clean water and electricity to the entire country.


-President Hollande meets with Congress to discuss plans to increase the military spending and increase recruitment into the SDF.



New drilling industry takes big steps forward


Several offshore drilling stations began construction along the coastline of the country a total of 45 natural gas and oil rigs that hope to boost the French Guiana economy. With several companies piling in money for the venture it could either prove to be a big step in creating a strong economy for the young nation.


New national utility company brings necessities to isolated regions of French Guiana.


Millions of Francs are being put into a new nationalized utility company that now employs over 94,000 employees working for the state to bring clean water and electricity to the entire country including the isolated South. 12 new water treatment plants are being approved for construction including a desalination plant near the capital. Miles and miles of electric lines are being laid out to supply electricity to the South, the French Guiana Utility company is still looking for workers including grade 5 and 4 water treatment operators to run the new treatment plants. 



Thousands of American made trucks were bought from local dealerships to supply the utility company.



President Hollande and Congress discuss military funding


President Jean Hollande and the first congressional assembly of French Guiana met to discuss increasing spending for the SDF and pushing for more troops and the production of more aircraft and armored units. The concern for more military power comes from increasing tension in Europe and French sentiment within Congress could push the nation to support the empire during a conflict putting it at risk. Several F-16's are being pressed for production along with training for squadrons and several divisions of M26 Pershing tanks. President Hollande met minimal resistance from members of Congress for a larger military.





Old but reliable, the M26 Pershing tank has been upgraded and overhauled staying in SDF service over newer model tanks.

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 Today's topics


-Results of first drilling stations moderate to poor




Drilling results


The first of 45 offshore drilling stations showed moderate results, some didn't....at all. out of the 45 built only 24 are producing oil or natural gas, the others are facing difficulties or no results due to inaccurate reports of oil or faulty equipment. Several companies are either pushing to get the stations producing or jumping ship. Either way, several billion Francs are on the line and could end up hurting the French Guiana economy.



Off the shore of the capital city, this oil rig is one of the few showing good results after being built. Over 600,000 barrels of oil are projected to be produced a day.

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​Oil production picks up, small boon for economy


  After weeks of poor production, the offshore oil drilling stations are producing up to 600,000 barrels a day. The French Guiana oil industry has finally started making progress, with the big boom in oil production it has driven down domestic costs and thousands of barrels are being sold to the SDF. Several companies plan to start selling the oil to international buyers in a few weeks.



Utility company completes task


It took awhile and several hundred man hours, but the French Guiana Utility company has brought electricity to most of the Southern region that was devoid of it. Water treatment plants up to international standards will be complete in the next few days. Continued maintenance will be the next task for company but with stable well paying jobs the men and women of the French Guiana Utility company have had little to complain about. 


Congress wants tougher restrictions on drug trade


Marijuana has been legal in French Guiana since the founding of the new government, but Congress could change that soon enough. Restrictions that include a heavier tax on the drug and much stricter age and acquirement laws could make getting it legally difficult. The age to smoke the drug was raised from 18 to 20 and buying a ten ounce patch of legal will go from 4 francs to 7. 

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French Guiana announces plans to integrate Guyana and Suriname


After several days of talks with local leaders in Guyana and Suriname, it appears that French Guiana could be expanding its influence over the Guiana shield. Hollande stated that new legislature would legalize the formation of a new union in the territories under a French Guiana government. Over the course of a few months a united Guiana could rise.  


Trouble is brewing is Caribbean


Doppler radars throughout French Guiana are picking up signs of a tropical storm forming East of Trinidad, the storm has the capacity of building up into a hurricane but so far it looks like a rough storm will be hitting Trinidad, heavy rain has already hit French Guiana and flood warnings have been posted. The national weather network has sent its reports to the Tikal government to keep them in the loop of a growing storm. 

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Talks fall through on annexation


President Hollande announced today that after weeks of discussion with the territorial leaders of Guyana and Suriname, that French Guiana will not be expanding into the region. Discussion on if a new government would be founded for the united Guyanese state or keep the current government was what drove the talks into falling apart. 



French Guiana announces Rally Race season


In a few days the French Guiana jungle will host the first National Grand Prix in the French Guianese Rally League. Five intense races on different appointed tracks will determine who wins the Presidents' cup the nations biggest prize in motor racing. All nations are welcomed to have a racer join the rally along with foreign sponsors and citizens who wish to attend. 


Locals David Laruen sponsored by Chevrolet and Pepsi will enter driving a Chevy Sonic and Juan Escobar driving a BMW 318i sponsored by BMW and Ubisoft. 

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Laruen snatches win in season opener


The outer streets of Cayenne were roped off for the first annual FGRL opener. 18 cars entered with some of the nations best drivers entering hoping to become the first national champion. After 65 brutal laps that crossed into the urban streets of Cayenne and into its dirt road outskirts, Laruen's Sonic won easily after leading the last four laps ahead of Antonio Gerard and Juan Escobar, Escobar had a dominate 15 lap lead run early on but engine trouble with his BMW put him in the pit just long enough to make him miss a chance at winning the opener. The next race is scheduled for next week at Camopi.


Congress pass new tariff on foreign exports


The first congressional assembly met today to reveal details of a new foreign tariff that will be placed on exported items coming into French Guiana. The new tariff will increase the price of foreign goods and increase the cost of shipping for foreign companies selling products in French Guiana. 


New factory will produce fighter craft for SDF


A new factory in Kaw will be producing F-15 fighters and Mirage 2000 multi-role fighter/bombers. The SDF will begin expanding its aerial forces in the next few weeks and set restricted air zones throughout the country and parts of Suriname. The factory will bring hundreds of jobs to the region and help boost military power. 

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President Hollande and Congress introduce South American defense clause


President Jean Hollande and the first congressional assembly announced today that French Guiana will defend South American nations from any and all outside threats, the recent gaff in Rio has pushed SDF recruitment and the country with one of the smallest military forces in the world went from having 15,000 volunteers to 250,000. More are expected to join as funds pour into the SDF's recruitment campaign. Hollande expects over 600,000 to join by the end of the year. 

President Hollande also stated he wishes to push for better relations with Tikal in the aftermath of the Rio situation. 

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French Guiana drops petrol prices to boost sales


Thanks to the consistent success from the offshore oil drilling, French Guiana is selling barrels of petroleum at low prices. Several Companies have sent out offers to other countries hoping to sell the growing stockade of oil.


Missile defense network being built


A new missile defense network has been approved by Congress, spanning throughout the coast to sections of mid French Guiana, the new defense network will help in fending off missile strikes, aerial assaults and even be used as long range artillery. 


Newly designed anti-air defense stations will be installed throughout the country, using a design made from engineers at the university of Cayenne. 

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President Hollande meets with local leaders in Suriname and Guyana one more time


Efforts to unite the Guyana region under a single government were underway once again as President Jean Hollande held another conference in the city of Paramaribo the capital of Suriname. Depending on the outcome, a united Guyana nation could be formed expanding French Guianese influence over South America. 


French Guiana to retire Southern militia groups


Prior to its founding as a nation, French Guiana had a simple regional militia force to defend the territory. Several thousands banded together to patrol and defend the area, now there is only a few hundred in the isolated jungles of the South. With the SDF growing and planning to build bases in the Southern region, the need for militia keeping the law and protecting the area is coming to an end. Over 245 armed civilians will turn in their weapons and retire with government packages to reward them for defending the country. Some are considering continuing their military career in the SDF, either way these militia forces have been met with respect and are gladly allowing the SDF to take over their jobs of protecting the isolated regions of French Guiana.




Several militia members will be turning over their duties patrolling Southern French Guiana in the coming months over to the SDF.

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Suriname and Guyana agree on all terms but one, negotiations continue


President Jean Hollande stated today that great strives in allowing Suriname and Guyana into a unified state were made save a few issues, primarily who would lead the new nation and if elections should be held. Hollande stated that talks will continue into the coming weeks. 


Situation in Asia and Europe


Congress met today to discuss the growing tensions in Asia between Amur and the Russian Empire. Several experts believe that Russia's sudden aggression might be a ploy to weaken SEATO while some see it simply to expand Russian power. Whatever the situation, French Guiana will keep a close eye on the region. Meanwhile, Spartan aggression in Southern Italy has potential to turn ugly and congress stated that will continue to supply Sicily with the promised Mirage 2000C's sold to them. 






Several divisions of the SDF have been put on full alert, three aerial squadrons have been scrambled in patrols. Heads of the SDF met at their headquarters in Saul to discuss the brewing conflicts in Asia and Europe. After several conference calls involving members of congress and President Hollande, it was made clear that they would only enter the conflict if absolutely necessary or if their allies Tikal asked them for assistance. 

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New Union formed, unification treaty signed


Today the people of French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana are united under one banner. After days of negotiations President Jean Hollande and the local leaders of the territories have announced the new nation will be called The United Guyana Republic. The new treaty that unifies these territories states five key points for the new country.


- The nation shall be a democratic republic, the existing government of French Guiana will be used as a template. Congress will be expanded by 200 seats to properly represent the new nation.


- A national election will be held for the head of state, leaders from each territory shall run for office. This 'President' will hold powers checked by Congress and the judicial courts.


- The Self Defense forces will be reformed into the Republican Guard, its primary purpose to defend the republic and to uphold the Monroe Doctrine. 


- The economy will remain a free mercantile system, the currency will be changed to a nationalized one called the Guyanese dollar or simply dollar. 


- The people shall hold the right to elect, assemble and hold basic civil rights that will not be legally interfered with by the government. Any attempts made by the government to hinder these rights will violate this treaty making it null and void. 





The new flag of the United Guyana Republic


OOC: i'll post a new thread for the UGR, basically reforming my rp nation

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