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A mass invite was sent out to Russia, Prussia, the American Commonwealth and Sierra Leone. Additional connections were left open for Athens and Tianxia should they respond positivly to the Norse speech in the security council. Only then would they receive an invite to the video conference. It would be secure and encrypted to the highest degree.


It would begin.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have convened this conference for our nations to establish a course of action to eradicate the Drakan threat from this world, through the threat of military action, or through the direct usage of military action.


Whilst we must attempt diplomacy first, I feel that doing so would only be a waste of breath, a waste we must take none the less. I propose that we nations present a document of demands to Draka outlining the following:

*The end of hosilities towards Sierra Leona,

*The end of hostilities towards The Cape

*The surrender of its nuclear arsenal and renunciation of weapons of mass destruction,

*Permitting observers entrance to Draka to ensure the weapons are being destroyed,

*A limit on its military ability, similar to those placed on Germany post World War One for a period of ten years.

*Compensation to be paid towards both Sierra Leone and the Cape for damages incurred in the bombings.

*To foot the bill for the nuclear clean up required after the nuclear detonation.


I do not believe we should ask for unconditional surrender, or a regime change, simply the above. If Draka does not wish to come to the table within twenty four hours, then we should commence military operations to liberate and secure Sierra Leone before moving to the Cape."



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World War One is hardly a place to grab terms from lest you wish for a larger conflict in twenty years. Limitations on certain military capabilities (ie. heavy bombers, ICBMS, etc.) is something Berlin would support, but not compensation to Sierra Leone or The Cape outside of that dealing with nuclear cleanup. The extent of The Cape's treatment of their citizens is not yet known - and will need further investigation before Prussia is willing to do anything but imprison its leadership pending formal review before an international court of justice. Sierra Leone knew the ramifications of honoring their treaty with The Cape, and the citizens of Draka should not bear a financial burden lasting decades as a result. The rest of the terms are acceptable.


On the issue of the Cape: A complete investigation is necessary to determine whether or not their citizens are under the sort of duress that Draka claimed in its initial invasion. Should this investigation uncover no major issues, Prussia pledges 300 million Marks to help their rebuilding efforts. On the other hand, should the investigation prove otherwise then the government must face prosecution. To do otherwise will only invite future nuclear disasters. 

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'Pending the changes suggested by Prussia and Russia and the latest developing situation in the security council, I propose that we suspend this meeting for the moment, and if the situation does not change, we can re-convene and go public without our proposal and ultimatum."

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