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Although HIPACOM had quickly destroyed any sensitive documents, hard drives and secure servers, it was not able to destroy the biological weapons supply in time for the Rapture. With the imperialists poised to launch anti-SOCSOV propaganda defending their invasion, it was inevitable the imperialists would tow the US Imperialist party line.


Long before the Rapture occurred, SOCSOV had established international branches of SOCSOV and multiple front operations for recruitment and financing. One movement even took power briefly in Greater Russia due to fear of Japanese Imperialism.


Financial assets in overseas accounts totaling tens of billions of dollars were transferred, laundered, disguised and otherwise placed in the hands of a number of legitimate front organizations. This was all organized through the SIPRNET and JWICS infrastructure that was still in place. They ranged from communist parties, restaurants, smaller corporations, eco groups, American Indian lobbyists, and many other smaller organizations. The largest by far was the World Peace Foundation.








This is exactly what the World Peace Foundation stands for.


"My friends, it has often been said that I like peace. Friends, I like peace. No, FRIENDS, I LOVE PEACE.


"I love aid distribution, I love peacekeeping forces, I love habitats for humanity, I love demilitarization, I love disarmament, I love peace protests and I love humans rights summits. Peace in prairies, in streets, in trenches, in grasslands, in frozen tundras to deserts, in the sea, in the air, I love every form of peace that can occur in this world. I love blasting resentment to smithereens with well placed childhood development projects. My heart leaps with joy whenever a protester lifts a sign high into the air in solidarity against imperialist aggression.


"My friends, all I ask for is peace. Peace so grand so as to make heaven itself envious. Gentlemen, I ask you as fellow keepers of your brothers what is it that you really want. Do you wish for peace as I do, a merciful, bloodless peace?"


"What I need is for you to report all imperialist aggression, including troop movements, militarization, illegal armaments, attempts to squash free speech, civil rights violations, human rights grievances, illegal occupation, and all other forms of imperialism. We need your eyes, we need your vigilance, we need your donations, and we need you to get the word out!"













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"You have my support!"
- Edward Snowden, CEO of Wikileaks
"Damn right!"
- Julian Assange, right-hand man of Snowden and secret lover
Extremely classified
The World Peace Federation would very, very quietly be added to the National Terror Watchlist (NTW). Any identified members of this terrorist organization would be added to the National Terrorist Identity Repository (NATE), to be corroborated by the aviation security programs of the Transportation Security Bureau. Third Department informers masquerading as government officials would keep a vigilant eye for any WPF members found inside the country.
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Classified - Top Secret!


Any citizen, soldier or government official that showed support for this "World Peace Foundation" would be carefully monitored. If visiting the website was part of an innocent search, nothing would be done. However, if any reports or information was leaked to this supposed foundation that citizen would be swiftly removed from their post, job, or position and be executed as a traitor.

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Given anti-'imperialist' rhetoric present in the initial announcement of the WPF, an analyst at FSIS (the Federation Security Intelligence Service) kicked a memo up to his supervisor and got a reply back advising a loose monitoring of the foundation for the time being. The first thing the analyst did was head to an internet cafe and search for information that any fool could have found, first searching for a public website and any public relations or operations information, especially an annual report that might have contained a budget statement or a profile of the executive board. It was a bit of a slow day at FSIS, seeing as Ports, Borders, Customs & Excise was handling most of the contraband interception in the country, and even that had slowed down significantly with several neighboring nations rising up.


The Federation Ministry of Commerce would run a similar search, and coordinate with FSIS to see if any of the board members had a financial history within the Federation, and what precisely it was if they did, although their main concern was whether the foundation could be considered a charity for tax purposes. If or when they came knocking for registration in the Federation, the Ministry wanted to have their facts straight.

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An open source search on the World Peace Foundation would return this front page, which contained information about aid programs around the world, a donations option, and a record of all major donations above $10,000. Most of the companies appeared legitimate and had their own websites and contact information, and a few donors were even well known regional supermarkets, marketing corporations and a moderately sized Silicon Valley software firm.


The website was listed under Dr. Iosef Gregoravich, a Russian billionaire known for his involvement in politics.

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Highly classified
Internet service providers in Muscovy would be pressured to censor the WPF website, and citizens attempting to access it would be subject to surveillance. Dr. Iosef Gregoravich was placed on the NTW and NATE, and Foreign Intelligence within the Third Department was tasked with the formation of an execution squad, using Spestnaz troops, to take him out.
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As there seemed to be no well-defined mission statement or financial statement for the WPF, the Federation Ministry of Justice, FSIS, and the Ministry of Trade placed advisories on their respective websites suggesting it would be unwise to donate for the time being, and unless or until the WPF was a registered and recognized charity by the Federation, none of these donations would be tax deductible.


Regardless of this, a decent volume of small-amount donations were made to the foundation by private citizens.

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Due to security concerns, the personal office of Dr. Gregoravich would not disclose sensitive information about the billionaire over the phone and asked that they contact his lawyer, a former public defense attorney who worked his way up to being a very influential legal representative. A google search revealed that the lawyer was mentioned by the media due to his successful defense of accused high level mobsters.


Meanwhile, a youtube search of Gregoravich would reveal a video of his new multi-million dollar hybrid sports car.




"This Car it is very good, I think it represents World Peace very well. If all cars were like this, why would anybody fight? I will put this environmentally friendly car on auction and the proceeds will support the World Peace Foundation."

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