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Borneo Nights


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[i]There are truths which are not for all men, nor for all times.[/i]




With the collapse of China, as well as India, the Southern Cross had been left with a new strategic situation in Southeast Asia, as well as Oceania. With collusion ongoing with France and New Zealand over what might ultimately become a new strategic bloc in the South Pacific, the Union had other tasks to attend to. Although the peacekeeping mission in the Philippines had ended on a relatively quick note, it had appeared that the desires that had sparked a powder keg before, were starting to remanifest themselves again in the Philippines. The Union had put much faith in a new government that saw daunting tasks ahead of it domestically, but was now engaged in movement southwest into Indonesia.


Whilst the Filipinos might have seen this as a natural progression of their strength reimagined, the ongoing policy of Pacific nations taking chunks of land here and there was becoming quite tiresome to those in the upper echelons of the Constellation Council. The Union of the Southern Cross stood as a guardian over Oceania and the Southern Pacific, and it was unaccepting of measures by countries hungry for colonial empires over other peoples in Southeast Asia, and the region. It was an eventuality that if this behavior continued, there would be clashes, and thus the Union would be moved to act on principle. It was simply unacceptable for it to continue to allow such movements without its own.


It was thus that unilateralism, would be met with just that, unilateralism, as a reaction and a show of commitment that was unparalleled up to that point, by elements of the Southern Cross. This movement would be easily ushered along by elements of the SCDF Navy that would pass from the Celebes Sea, into the Makassar Strait, following orders from the Constellation Council to terminate escort of humanitarian convoys into the Philippines. To this end, with surface and aerial elements of the [i]Valor[/i] CBG supporting, the SCDF Air Force would begin airlifting elements of the 2nd Battalion, Pilbara Regiment, from Darwin, towards Balikpapan.


What would follow a flurry of reporting from the Southern Cross media, showing purported images of children surrounding reporters chanting for food, along with video of militants fighting desultory security forces in the streets, and people walking amidst ruins, a statement would be released by the Constellation Council.


"The Union of the Southern Cross has always stood as a pillar of strength and stability within the Indian, Oceanic, and Southwest Pacific Regions since its inception. We act for the good of humanity when the we move with swiftness and stability towards the storm of uncertainty, towards a future fraught with dangers. Humanitarian action and stability are at the core values of the SCDF, in preserving the peace and safety of all the lands under the watchful eye of the Union. Our forces patrol the Southern Oceans to protect the interests of all mariners in the region, fly through the storms of the Southern Indian to rescue those who have fell astray and into trouble, it is our faces that feel the gales of the Southwest Pacific when it is threatened by natural or artificial threats.


It is under these auspices, and the apparent threat of humanitarian disaster currently unfolding in Balikpapan, that the Union of the Southern Cross once again jumps to the aid of others in danger. The Constellation Council commends all Australians, both the media who have braved the instability in Balikpapan to bring this situation to our attention, to the brave souls who called out to us for help. We commit the SCDF to its newest stabilization role, fresh from its tiring experiences in the Philippines, to the southern reaches of Borneo, to stabilize and bring peace to the lives of those who cannot fend for themselves.


The Watchtower of the South continues to stand, a city on a hill, a beacon of glimmering hope for those who have none."


[i]Statement from the Constellation Council[/i]




[center][i]A Southern Cross Air Forces security officer closely watches the loading of a strategic airlift aircraft with humanitarian goods from Joint Forces Base Scorpion, in Central Australia, bound for Balikpapan, a follow up to the deployment of the 2nd Battalion, Pilbara Regiment, to the city in Southern Borneo.[/i][/center]

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The government of the Philippines welcomes the arrival of Southern Cross assistance in helping the people of Borneo. However, we are confused on the point of the released video. Philippine contractors are currently in Borneo helping to rebuild their old cities and they report no signs of any violence and talks with the local population have also revealed that they have not seen or heard of any violence either. Would Southern Cross be able to explain where they got this footage from?


In addition please be aware that all citizens of Borneo are classified as citizens of the Philippines and are thus under our protection. Though we have no belief that Southern Cross would endanger them if there are factions out on the islands targeting the native population we need to be informed as soon as possible so that we can guarantee their safety. 

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"We were unaware that Borneo was now under the protection of the Philippines, we would have believed that the Philippines would be still cleaning up from three thermonuclear strikes, instead of gallivanting off into other territories. There were no pronouncements to this movement by the Philippines into a neighboring country.


But since the topic is brought up, we wholeheartedly believe that the situation in Balikpapan is unprecedented, and without finding any Philippine security forces upon landing, we are taking steps to control the situation. Given this situation, the Union of the Southern Cross is immediately putting the former Indonesian provinces of East and South Kalimantan under our direct protection, as this is the rightful course of action. We are disdainful of efforts to further gain more territory, especially after our own forces were endangered moving into the Philippines to ensure its protection after many of its cities were destroyed, only to see a policy of grabbing more territory afterwards ensue.


The media reports from the ground have been verified by elements of our own Ground Forces, upon landing, which were almost immediately engaged north of the airport, when they attempted to leave it. Given this unacceptable situation, we are moving to establish a new stabilization force in the region, and these regions will be under direct Southern Cross protection. We are unaware of any Philippine security units in the area, and after an emergency meeting of the Constellation Council following your claims, we believe that it is best that the Southern Cross take the lead in Eastern and South Kalimantan."


[i]Statement from the Constellation Council[/i]


[b]Media Reporting from Embedded Journalists;[/b]




[center][i]A soldier from the 2nd Battalion, Pilbara Regiment leads frightened youngsters away from a burning house near Balikpapan Airport.[/i][/center]




[center][i]Another soldier from the Pilbara patrols the streets east of the Balikpapan Refinery complex, after a firefight leaves two Southern Cross soldiers wounded, and several militants dead. Southern Cross forces are purportedly fighting what the SCDF Ground Forces have identified as Islamist militants who moved into the city recently, and evicted local security forces.[/i][/center]




[center][i]Members of a public affairs unit attached to the Southern Cross Standing Contingency Task Force talk with children rescued by Southern Cross soldiers during the middle of a firefight, the children are now in the care of local medical technicians supported by elements of the SCDF.[/i][/center]




[center][i]An ASLAV armored personnel carrier attached to the Pilbara Regiment moves out on patrol from the airport, onto the streets of Balikpapan. the ASLAV has proven quite useful in engaging local militants that utilize technicals as heavy weapons carriers and support vehicles.[/i][/center]

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"Indeed no public announcement has been made of Borneo joining with the Philippines as we were more focused on taking actions within the island than making public statements however, all of this is moot at this point. If what you say is true then the local inhabitants are at risk from hostile forces and this is unacceptable. The Philippine government agree to the Union of the Southern Cross taking direct protection of East and South Kalimantan and our small task force currently on the island will be reinforced immediately. This task force, lead by General Alexis Alexander, will have orders to work with Union of the Southern Cross troops in locating,containing and defeating this hostile force that is terrorizing the locals". 


​"At this time we will publicly take protection over the remaining provinces of Borneo and our workers across the island will continue to work on rebuilding and repairing the old ruined homes that once stood on the island before world war eight. As we intend to move some of the afflicted population from the mainland who lost their homes in the nuclear attacks. Local tribal leaders have agreed to this as in turn we are offering them better living conditions and work opportunities and other benefits that all Philippine citizens receive." 

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"Down! Down! DOWN!" yelled Lieutenant Abel Winder, as he grabbed one of his soldiers by his equipment webbing and threw him to the ground against a low wall as machinegun fire skimmed overhead. The sound of the technical's engine revving could be heard over the top of the wall, as the Southern Cross soldiers threw themselves against the relatively well constructed brick-and-mortar wall. Abel looked up the line and down at the mates in his platoon, from Bravo Company of the 2nd Battalion, Pilbara Regiment, noting that none seemed to be hit, but he crouched lower as a piece of brick was blasted from the wall close to his head. The sounds of bullets chewing through wall was quite audible, especially seeing as his ear was almost against the small bit of cover.


"What do we got up there, Sergeant?!" yelled Abel, down the line, at one of the squad sergeants, a man by the name of Varris, who was on the corner of the wall, and had good view up the street.


This was a typical scene for several sub units from the 2nd Battalion, Pilbara Regiment, who were struggling to contend with militants who were still running quite freely through the northern reaches of Balikpapan. Although most of the southern reaches of the city, including neighborhoods close to the airport had been cleared quite quickly, the large number of shantytowns on the northern end of Balikpapan were a maze of poorly constructed dwellings, with no well-defined route through them. It was easy to get flanked, or even turned around in the maze, and it was only by the grace of helicopters from the [i]Valor[/i] battle group providing overwatch overhead, or small reconnaissance helicopter drones that the men and women from the battalion were making headway against an enemy who seemed to heartily enjoy the cat-and-mouse game.


"Got a light MG technical with about twenty bad guys, L.T., thirty to forty yards, to our twelve!" yelled Varris, peeking around the corner, before quickly ducking back in, as bullets spat up dirt and asphalt into the air when they shot at the shortly-exposed Aussie.


"I want that rotary launcher ready to go, Jimmy!" shouted Abel, at one of the riflemen a couple spots down the line, a few more pieces of brick were torn away by machinegun fire. The soldier yelled something that was seemingly incoherent over the din, as he grasped a revolving grenade launcher that was slung around his hip, as Abel hand-motioned for two other soldiers to blind fire. The two soldiers began hoisting their assault rifles over the wall and firing them in the general direction of the pesky militants, whilst Abel motioned for the rest of his platoon to prepare covering fire.


"NOW!" yelled Abel, shouting at Varris, who rolled out into the open with his assault rifle blazing, whilst two other soldiers with him stepped out into the open and began firing. The rest of the platoon hoisted themselves up, and began laying down fire with their rifles and light machineguns, getting their first glimpse of the beat up technical that was mounting a light machinegun, with a shield on it. The militants started taking cover as well, one of them toting an rocket-propelled grenade getting hit as he prepared to launch it, the launcher going off, and the rocket flying wildly over the heads of several soldiers, who dropped to the ground immediately reflexively.


As the Southern Cross soldiers opened up with their small arms, the rifleman who Abel had motioned to earlier suddenly stood up with the revolving six-shot grenade launcher, and emptied four quickly-successive shots at the militants and their makeshift weapons carrier. One of them exploded directly on the machinegun mount, destroying it and its operator, as well as showering the driver with shrapnel and presumably killing him. A few of the militants turned to try to move off the street, firing their assault rifles wildly, but several would be cut down by the Australians with well aimed bursts, sending them spiraling to the ground. One of Abel's soldiers would hurl a hand grenade behind a wall that the militants had taken cover behind, the explosion causing a cacophony of cries and shouts as the Australians suddenly surged forward, from behind and around their cover.


Abel ran forward with his troopers, and brought his assault rifle up again, as he saw the driver try to raise a pistol to fire at them, and he emptied the rest of his magazine into the cab of the vehicle before the driver could fire. Out of the militant patrol, it appeared that only one had been left alive by the sudden assault made, shot through both legs, one of Abel's soldiers immediately kicked a gun out of his reach, and secured his wrists with a heavy duty zip tie as he cursed and tried to spit at them. The platoon medic immediately moved forward and stuck him with a sedative that immediately put the man under, as the rest of the platoon fanned out into a security cordon around the bodies.


"I want two men gathering up these weapons and three others securing this guy for transport back to the battalion pen, he'll be our guest," ordered Abel, as he watched one of his soldiers nursing a bullet graze that had taken part of his shoulder off. "Quack, see to Corporal Renny, would you?" he said, nodding over at the wounded soldier, as the medic finished sedating the wounded militant. One of the tactical radio operators began barking into his mic for a tactical transport to their position, as three of the Aussies moved the militant away from the ruined technical, allow with gathering the bodies and covering them with tarps.


As Abel walked away from the makeshift war wagon, one of the soldiers did the honors of throwing a white phosphorous grenade into the vehicle, immediately setting the bloodstained cab of the truck violently ablaze. Varris walked up to the lieutenant and nodded, "Fourth ambush today, think they'll get the message soon?"


"If it keeps up like this, there won't be any to get that message," chuckled Abel, his smiling waning quickly. "Renny alright?"


"Yeah, those big shoulders of his, a little meat off of them won't hurt him at all, no one else hurt, except for your typical cuts and bruises," nodded Varris, ejecting a magazine from his rifle, checking it, and then sliding it back home.


"We already lost five today, I'd rather not lose anymore, I want Renny escorting our guest back to base with the transport, think he'll be up to it?"


"I don't think he could say no, you know how he likes truck rides."


Abel nodded with a slight smile, as he looked back at the burning technical, and smelled the air, it was the stench of death, that hung low over Balikpapan. For the relatively inexperienced members of the 2nd Battalion, Balikpapan was fast becoming their toughest ordeal yet, and it was far from over, this was their baptism of fire, and they were meeting the challenge head on. Some had succumbed to the challenge, but there were more to take their place, it was unfortunate that some who had succumbed, would not get a second chance at the challenge again.

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The Kingdom of Axum was not overly keen on foreign involvement at this current time. It was still feeling burned from its recent involvement in the Philippines. However, when word came that there was something astir in Borneo, the fire that fueled the veins of Legionnaires everywhere was kicked up a perceptible notch or four. The question was raised, "If we aren't serving to fight, why do we serve?"


The King, being the man he is, replied accordingly as he said, "Well then you overactive tosspots, go fight, but do so with the honor of the Legions as your guide."


"Crap," was the universal response.


"Careful what you wish for," the King chortled as he signed the order authorizing Operation Kangaroo Dickpunch.


The Fightin' First, Les Mauvais Garçons


Normally, a Legion is deployed as a division sized force. The situation in Borneo isn't considered large enough to require the deployment of an entire division. To this end the First Regiment,Les Mauvais Garçons, the Bad Boys are ordered to mount up for immediate operations. The Regiment is ordered to recover its regimental colors from storage to best represent the fighting spirit of Legionnaires no matter what their assignment. 


With great reverence, torrents of tears, and the utmost respect the colors of the the First are removed from their vault and issued to the regiment that had carried them into battle so many times before. The General's Rebellion had necessitated the colors be taken out of service due to the active deployment of a Southern Somalian 1st Legion Regiment and a Northern Legion 1st Regiment. Under Legion law, no regiment can carry its colors when in conflict to another active duty Legion Regiment. The rebellion that cost the lives of the surviving council of 13, the Mad Dog, and over one hundred thousand Legionnaires had also cost over a dozen of the Legion's longest serving units the right to follow their most sacred of banners into battle, their Regimental flags.


The entire assembled ranks of the 1st Regiment wait in their ranks, heads bowed. The flag is carefully unfurled, attached to the flagstaff, and presented to the 4500 men. There isn't a dry eye in the house as the men file by their colors one by one and kiss the hand polished oak pole that was selected to serve as the new home of the colors. The men don't fail to notice the streamer for the Battle of Dengali, the battles in Austria, Australia, Vietnam, over two dozen more for Africa, more for Europe, and another two dozen just added for actions since the colors were put into storage twelve years ago. Speeches could be made on this occasions, but even at the best of times the men of the Legions aren't the sort to endure wasted words. 


Why waste effort on babbling on about duty, honor, and glory? 


You can't eat any of the damn things.


Better to serve your contract, fight for your brothers, and live or die for your regiment. 


Kingdom Naval Task Force GRAPE APE


A scratch force consisting of a cruiser, two frigates, and four corvettes are called into the port of Mogadishu. They are joined by a pair of WASP class transports. The surface warfare ships have strict orders to defend the landing ships at all costs. The landing ships, though somewhat overloaded, will carry the combined strength of the Les Mauvais Garçons directly to Borneo. The ships are joined by a pair of replenishment ships and a few more cargo ships carrying stores of vehicles, munitions, and fuel to support the 1st Regiment.



1st Para 


Despite the fact that this regiment is colloquially known as the 1st Suicide Regiment, they are at their full allotted volunteer strength. Due to the nearly disaster operations in the long ago fallen Manticore Republic, the 1st Para Regiment had held the distinction of being unmatched in casualties taken in the course of an operation. Even with this reputation, the 1st Paras are eager and ready to do their duty. They never lost their colors, which is all good and fine for them as carrying a flagstaff out the back of a C-130 is retarded and not likely the sort of thing even a halfwit of a Paratrooper would try to do. 


They 1st Paras are given orders to prepare for a drop in strength on targets to be determined in Borneo.




To: 'Strayla
From: The Kingdom
Regarding: Borneo

We are coming to help, we aren't going to stay. 

King Beckwith

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Southern Cross International Media Reports;







Masked members of what is presumably members of one of the SCDF's many irregular forces return to Balikpapan airport, in the morning after a night time raid somewhere in the city. The SCDF has currently limited access to the full order of organization for the forces now in Balikpapan, but it is believed that members of one of the Commando Regiments, or the Special Naval Assault Force, and operators from the SAS Regiment are on the ground in Borneo.


Reports, however, indicate that the 2nd Battalion, Pilbara Regiment, have been joined by elements of the 1st Battalion, Australian Scottish Regiment, and 6th Battalion, RAR, with combat elements having been flown in over the past seventy-two hours. Other forces include ASLAV vehicles and their crews from the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Light Horse Regiment, as well as light towed howitzers from the 1st Field Regiment.








The amphibious assault carrier THRASHER transiting the Lombok Strait, almost forty-eight hours after leaving Collins Naval Base in Darwin, the THRASHER is deploying as part of a fast-paced effort to bolster SCDF assets in Balikpapan and the surrounding regions. Carrying a hefty load of both helicopters and several heavy vehicles and equipment, the arrival of the ship is expected "to change the entire face of the conflict", with the added supplies that are being brought along.


The THRASHER has been joined by two other auxiliary vessels carrying large amounts of humanitarian goods, as well as other equipment to help the SCDF deal with the growing militant threat that is now being labeled as "unprecedented", by several military leaders.








Members of the 6th Battalion, RAR, advance through thick brush, whilst patrolling to the northeast of Balikpapan Airport, performing security sweeps for militants that have been evacuating Balikpapan and taking up new bivouacs outside the city. The first members of the 6th Battalion arrived at Balikpapan Airport twelve hours after the balance of the 2nd Battalion, Pilbara Regiment arrived, and "almost went straight into combat".


Several members of the SCDF General Staff praised the efforts of soldiers from the 6th Battalion, who broke up a relatively large counteroffensive movement by a sect of militants who were taking advantage of the Pilbara's thin ranks to move from the northeast on the airport.








A member of the Pilbara Regiments' reconnaissance team's sniper task force in heavy camouflage provides overwatch for militant movements along main roads in the vicinity of Balikpapan. Several tactical commanders from the 2nd Battalion have praised the efforts of their marksmen in dealing with threats to their patrols, and neutralizing key enemy combatants, including gunners.


"Without my eagle eyes watching my back, half my platoon would probably be going home in coffins right now," stated one lieutenant, who wished to remain anonymous. Several unit leaders have taken to calling their assigned marksmen 'eagle eyes', for obvious reasons.


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LZ Snake


There wasn't a metaphorical calm before the approaching storm of a heavily armed and dangerous Mobile Infantry Regiment. Far from it, as the heralding of the end of times came with the whistling scream of incoming cruise missiles fired from the KNS Empress Suleimain, a Ticondergoa Class Guided Missile Cruiser. Within seconds of the cruise missiles impacting, additional waves of missiles from the four destroyers that accompanied Task Force Whiskey Dick to Borneo hit their designated targets.


All the fuss was about a specific piece of beach, all the ordinance was about clearing that beach of any signs of human life. Whether it be civilian or enemy. The distinction is not given as the Legionnaires of the 1st Regiment howled their way into battle as they started rapidly unassing their choppers, LCAVs, and other landing vehicles that had departed even before the first salvo of ordinance had been dispatched. Given the beach selected is a fair clip away from large human settlements and recon teams had shown it to be relatively unoccupied, casualties are kept down to an acceptable minimum that fit the evolving scope of the 1st Regiment's Mission parameters.


Those being to fix enemy resistance into place, surround it, and destroy in a classic battle of maneuver. Colonel Rol Mbembe, a veteran of the Kickapoo Rebellion, wasn't overly optimistic that the Islamist were going to politely wait in one spot for his men to come kill them all. Which was fine with him, the 1st has a history of overcoming tough odds and it'll do what it needs to to cut this bunch of animals down to size or plant them in neat rows of graves. At least, rows that would be far neater than the assembled Legionnaires on the beach.


"Radioman, get Captain Chopinski on the line, tell that lazy Polack to get his troops off the beach in rapid order," Colonel Mbeme barked as he swung himself up into the troop compartment of the Mi-8 helicopter that would be serving as his ride into battle. 


"Copy sir," replied his radioman. 


"Good, get me onto the battalion net, I want to listen in," Colonel Mbembe ordered as he held his hand out to help the rest of his team into the helicopter. Some of them were practically bow legged from the weight of the extra ordinance they were bringing along with them. 


"Sir, we are good to go," the pilot shouted.


"Let's go then, get me on the beach, but not before the 1st Battalion has landed. Let them unass and get off the beach. The last thing they need is me causing a muddle," the Colonel ordered the pilot who took off. With the last of the 1st Battalion climbing off the LCAVs and AAVs it would not be long before they started pushing their way inland. 


"Sir, Captain Chopinski is off the beach, Lt. Colonel Afrolad got things moving. He's up and busy on his battalion net and status reports are flowing. Seem his radio got bumped off line, took him a bit to get a replacement," the radioman informed the Colonel.


"Tell him to keep up the good work," replied the Colonel. 



The Tip of the Spear


1st Company of the 1st Battalion of the 1st Regiment had not expected the day to end up quite like it had. They had expected to show up to a coastline that was a smoking ruin, but what they got was a thick heavy jungle littered with the occasional missile strike. As they advanced into the jungle the sound of the vehicles behind them dampened and then disappeared as if they were consumed by the quiet darkness of the triple canopy around them. Not that it scared them, jungle warfare training in different parts of Africa was part of their training, they had all undergone it once selected for what is considered the prestige of being sent places where they will face death more often. 


But as the story goes, once upon a time, the 1st Regiment was led in person down Red Route One, an old military road in the Republic of Sudan after  its Commander screamed, "March or Die, doesn't matter to me." Captain Chopinski, being of Polish descent from the men left in Bossaso after the Polish government collapsed, was a student of that history. Growing up a good Polish boy in Northern Somalia had been difficult, proving himself to his comrades had been harder for him than most. But proved himself he had as he was given the command of the 1st of the 1st of the 1st. 


With a somewhat sentimental look on his face he turns to face the sweating Legionnaires and says, "March or die! It doesn't matter to me!" As he turns around a 7.62 round hit him right between the eyes and blew his brains out. The resulting close quarters engagement between the company of sweaty angry Legionnaires and Islamist Rebels result in twenty three dead and wounded Legionnaires. 


Through the harrow hell of fire and fury the body of Captain Chopinski was covered and protected by his Company Sergeant Deng Hallowi. The immediate fumbling of the company was brought on by inexperienced platoon leaders which caused the company to re-position a fair distance from their Company Sergeant and Captain's body. None of this mattered much to the Sergeant, who was a dour individual known to be a man of few words.


Those few words were orders to his fellow Legionnaires to keep their distance as the rebels honed in on him and the dead Captain. "MANEUVER YOU MORONS!" was all he had to say as he pushed the men to respond according to their training. The 4th Platoon, lead by  Lt. Chaddick, was able to pull back, head right, and charge right into another wave of fire as they tried to feel their way around the flanks of their attackers. 


With the situation coming apart at the seams the Company Sergeant made a what he considered a decision he'd thought he would never have to make. He keyed the captain's radio and began to order a fire support mission from a pair of Super Hind Helicopters clattering their way over head. With a calmness of his years, the Company Sergeant organized a massive fire response as heavy fire snapped back and forth, grenades exploded all around him, and screams were being bellowed from the wounded and dying of both sides. "Confirm coordinates," demanded Overwatch.


With a smile on his face the Company Sergeant confirmed the coordinates.


"Go again, reconfirm," demanded Colonel Mbembe.


The Company Sergeant confirmed them again.


"We can have a company there in ten minutes, no need for this Sergeant," the Colonel's voice replied over the airwaves.


The Company Sergeant begged to differ and then made a final call for fire as he keyed off the radio. He looked down at his fallen Captain and kept his head down. Once he hears the howling scream of incoming fire he said to the Captain's body, "You were a good Captain," and then was promptly blown to pieces by incoming fire that allowed the 1st Company to rally and counterattack. 


LZ Snake


"Sweet mother of Allah," muttered the Colonel as he listened to the fighting in the distance. 


"Sir, confirmed, the 1st has managed to somehow find their ass with both hands on a sunny day, they are advancing," his radioman informed him.


"This is going to be a rough one," the Colonel observed as he continued to listen to the Battalion Officers command their units.



ooc- I will figure out where I landed later. For now just assume it's not right next to you or in a populated area. 

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[b]Secure Dispatch[/b]


[b]TO:[/b] Axum Task Force Commanders, Philippine Task Force Commanders

[b]FROM:[/b] Southern Cross Defense Force - Military Intelligence Division (MID)


[b]SUBJ:[/b] Oppositional Force Report




After gathering together situational reports, preliminary unit commander briefing reports, battlefield intelligence/reconnaissance reports, the SCDF Military Intelligence Division has been able to compile a rough estimate of oppositional force components and strengths. Of course, these findings are preliminary, and the numbers are very rough, but this has been ascertained through compiling from dozens of on-battlefield reconnaissance reports and from imaging, signals, and electronic intelligence gathering forces. This has given us a rough estimate of exactly what kind of organization we are facing here in Borneo, and will hopefully allow you to adjust your efforts and operational movements as required.


At the moment, the MID estimates that our combined forces are currently facing a group of militants, known to us as the Disciples of the Holy Caliphate of Borneo and Makassar, a hardline Islamist faction that has pockets of support around Borneo, and perhaps from other portions of the Indonesian Archipelago. These 'disciples' currently number around twelve thousand strong, in terms of battlefield strength, and are broken up into operational commands that range from a few dozen men, to perhaps a few hundred. Most of these fighters have relatively little amount of combat experience, although there have been a few combat elements that have shown a martial experience that rivals trained armed forces, and these units are grouped together, and represent the most dangerous elements of the Disciples. Weapons are relatively infantry-focused, although we have confirmed that these fighters have access to mortar systems manufactured locally, as well as prodigious amounts of ammunition and infantry weaponry that are well cached, especially in the Balikpapan area, and the surrounding area. Although these militants only have access to light ground vehicles, these vehicles can be very well armed, utilizing heavy machine guns, and our units have reported recoilless rifles being utilized, which can disable armored personnel carriers will well-aimed shots.


There is also evidence that supports that the Disciples have access to long range rifles including civilian hunting rifles and military-grade sniper rifle systems, sources of which we are still investigating; these weapon systems are typically handed out to the more seasoned fighters, and can be very dangerous to any personnel. SCDF units have reported limited confrontations with guided missile weaponry, but the militants are believed to have access to a handful of systems, including ATGMs and MANPADS, two of the latter were confirmed to have been fired at an SCDF Naval Helicopter, which was able to evade utilizing infrared countermeasures.

Currently, the SCDF is shoring up local security forces, and reinforcing its position, and is expected to have a full three battalions deployed, along with a few hundred special operations staff in support. We hope that your own deployments reflect the severity of the situation, and that you are able to gain some operational knowledge from this report. The SCDF will continue to provide battlefield reconnaissance and air support as needed, from the [I]Valor[/I] carrier battle group, as well as various warships that can engage with both naval gunfire support, and cruise missile support, along with helicopters.



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