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Brothers of the Faith


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There comes a time when two nations and peoples meet and upon that meeting, relationships bloom as if an act of nature. This relationship between the two us was started on the common basis of being Abrahamic Brothers and it shall be cemented on that common basis, forever more tying the two nations together in harmony and peace. Thus, we are now Brothers of the Faith!

Brothers of the Faith

In the interest of a stable and prosperous relationship, the sovereign nations of Aidennic Alexandria and the Kraljevina Jugoslavija agree to participate as brothers of the faith, with all the benefits, privileges, requirements, and regulations outlined in this agreement.

Article I. Trade Pact
Brothers of the Faith shall undertake appropriate steps, actions, and policies to encourage and facilitate increased trade between the two. Such steps, actions, and policies include, but are not limited to, the reduction or elimination, whenever applicable, of tariffs and other protective barriers, with exceptions for certain industries as determined by the signatories.

Article II. Non-Aggression
Brothers of the Faith shall not undertake any aggressive or otherwise hostile actions against each other in any form. Such actions is defined, but not limited to, illegal espionage and destabilizing actions. This clause shall not be construed as to restrict or otherwise prohibit healthy debate or productive disagreement. Brothers agree to engage in dialogue with each other should a disagreement arise.

Article III. Mediterranean Mutual Defense
Brothers of the Faith shall come to the defense of each other should they become under the threat of a hostile power situated in the Mediterranean Sea.

Article IV. Mediterranean Diplomatic Force
Brothers of the Faith shall come together in mutual diplomatic cooperation in an effort to ensure the safety and stability of the Mediterranean should any disputes within its waters come to rise.

Article V. Annulment
Brothers of the Faith who no longer see their fellow as a Brother have the right to either discuss these issues or submit a willingness to annul this treaty, whereupon in seventy-six hours it shall become anulled.

For Aidennic Alexandria
Ioannes Palaiologos, Bishop

For Kraljevina Jugoslavija
Dragojev Belojevic,HM Kralj, Lord Protector of the Albanian and Romanian Peoples

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