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Territorial inclusion

Kevin Kingswell

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With the situation slowly developing in positive ways on the home front the government of the Philippines began to look at the local situation, though believed Chinese influence had brought a swift halt to territorial expansion by the last government their recent removal s a force in the local area had caused a rethink for the current ruling government on the subject.


With relations already at a more than friendly level due to the assistance provided to the local islanders by the last government it was decided that it would not take too much effort to get the local islanders to agree to be brought into the Philippines' sphere of influence. To begin this process a select team of highly skilled diplomats,ambassadors and aid workers were dispatched to the nearest local island to the mainland. These people would land by boat and convene a series of meetings with the local tribal leaders of the islanders. They would show them what benefits they could gain under the Philippines.


In the meantime with expectation that the majority if not all the local islanders would support this initiative plans were drawn up for moving construction crews and other civilian assets to the coasts of the mainland where they could be sent to the various islands as and when needed. Advertisements for workers were also posted through out the refugee camps around the devastated areas of Manila and the other cities and many of the refugees came forward to apply so they could begin earning and to have somewhere better to work and live. . 



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Talks with local tribal leaders went on for many hours but at the conclusion the tribal leaders had agreed to join with the Philippines as part of their nation. They agreed to this request as the Philippine government had promised them better homes, working conditions and other such benefits. Word was quickly sent back to the mainland and it was only a short hour later when the first ships from the Philippine mainland pulled up. They off loaded workers, construction materials and other such equipment which were quickly and efficiently sorted by the transported dock workers and supervisors. Huge construction and transportation vehicles which had also been transported across the water took these supplies to the old ruined city of Tawau which had long fallen into a state of disrepair and decay.


Here the Philippine workers and local volunteers began to clear away debris and move the supplies into small caches around the city from which construction crews could gather what materials they needed as they began work on repairing and rebuilding the damaged and ruined buildings of Tawau.  

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More Philippine workers and materials would arrive in Tawau along with more construction materials, machinery and transportation vehicles. These workers would either head into the city along with materials to help continue the work that was ongoing or would head out across the island to other cities and population centers to carry out repair and rebuilding work where needed. In the areas where the Southern Cross had landed supplies and men they would leave them alone and only approach them if they were in turn approached however, if by chance they saw any Southern Cross people needing help they would happily go forward to offer their assistance. 


In Tawau a number of the less run down and damaged homes had already been repaired to a livable status and screens would be put up to provide protection against the elements whilst windows and doors were fixed. In addition portable generators would be brought in to provide electricity to these homes to power lights and heating and the first native islanders would be invited to move in to live in something better than their current conditions. 


On top of all of the above a small force of soldiers code named Task Force Borneo Shield would be flown over by chopper. This small force of one hundred infantry was lightly equipped and armoured for rapid deployment and would use their transport helicopters to get around. These troops had been sent over due to the report from the Southern Cross of armed groups attacking the native islanders though so far no one had received any such reports. 

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Sergeant Sousuke Sagara held onto the side of the open doorway in the UH-60 Black Hawk as it flew towards their destination, the pilot kept the helicopter only a few feet tree top level to help avoid detection. With his assault rifle slung across his back and the rest of his equipment tightly secured in his webbing he had nothing to fear and could focus on watching the surrounding area. Along with the other five men and women in his squad another two Black Hawk helicopters and two squads made up the composition of his assault force. Reports had come in of a column of armed vehicles making their way through the roads towards the city of Tawau and with no soldiers in the city itself the workers were in danger and there was no time to evacuate them.


That was why General Alexander had ordered Sergeant Sagara's and the other two squads to take their helicopters and fly out to intercept the potentially hostile vehicles before they reached the city limits. She had made it quite clear failure was not an option as it would result in civilian deaths and Sagara had no intention of allowing that to happen on his watch.


The Sergeant focused on a spot in the distance a clear dust cloud visible and he guessed that it was from the reported technicals and his suspicions were quickly confirmed as they drew nearer. "Look alive squad, our targets are up ahead. Orders are to shoot to kill. We must stop their advance here and now or many civilians will die" he told his squad readying his rifle from his back. He would have preferred to use the chain guns normally mounted on the Black Hawks but they had been removed to lessen the weight to help with the initial rapid response. The rest of his squad took up positions behind him or at the other door with their rifles ready except for the squad's support gunner who was armed with a light machine gun.


The three Black Hawks came racing in and buzzed over the oncoming convoy of insurgent vehicles and Sousuke and his men opened fire as soon as they were in range. Their shots rang out and blasted insurgents off the backs of the vehicles, cut them down in their seats or tore the vehicle's engine blocks apart. Three technicals were eliminated in the first surprise pass but as the helicopters banked back around the gunners on the technicals began to shoot back and the sky began to be filled with lead. The sound of countless bullets hitting the underside of their Black Hawk helped to bring further focus to Sousuke's squad and they carefully and calmly turned their weapons against the surviving insurgent trucks.


The second pass neutralised two more technicals but came with the loss of two Philippine soldiers and three wounded, one being from Sousuke's team, in addition to this Black Hawk Alpha Three had developed a minor degree of rumble in the controls and thick stream of black smoke poured from just beneath the rotors. Not wishing to put the men on board and the machine itself at risk the pilot of Alpha Three returned to base.


On the ground the surviving insurgents had decided they had had enough for now and were turning round to head back the way they had come. Reporting the situation back to General Alexander Alpha One and Two were ordered to land at road junction B12 which formed the primary western entrance towards the city of Tawau and to set up in blocking positions. They would be the first line of defense and were expected to hold their ground whilst reinforcements were moved up from the Task Force's initial landing point.       

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