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Portuguese-Brazilian Relations


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To: Government of the Confederacy of Brazil

From: Kingdom of Portugal


Her Royal Highness Queen Valéria would like to have a high-level diplomatic meeting between our two governments. She invites your government to send a delegation to Lisbon at the earliest time in order to establish diplomatic relations and discuss bilateral relations on various issues.


- Prince Vicente, Executor of State


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Her Royal Highness Queen Valéria would personally greet the Brazilian delegation at the airport. After greeting them, she would invite Aristides Basurto to travel with her in her royal car to the palace. Once they arrived they would be escorted by the Royal Guard to a small meeting room for them to discuss the future of their bilateral relations.


"Aristides Basurto, welcome to Portugal. I hope you enjoyed your flight. If you do not mind I would like to get right down to business. The Kingdom of Portugal sees Brazil as a key ally in the Western Hemisphere both on an economic and military level. What does Brazil see in terms of a Portuguese-Brazilian alliance?"

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"Yes, your country is quite nice...." Priscilla said, stammering in front of the conversation. A smile from Mr. Basurto was all the green light she needed to continue. "I am happy to say that we see the Portuguese in a similar light. We were most happy to find Portugal not only in existence, but thriving on the European continent. We are prepared to trade for the benefit of both nations, and in addition I have prior consent from the Congress of States to seek a military alliance of some sort."

Envoy Basuro then reached down to the floor and exploded onto the table with a briefcase. With all of the elegance enabled by good planning, he pulled out a document and laid it on the table. On it was a treaty, including military intelligence clauses, as well as provisions for mutual optional defense and aggression in regards to joint military ventures.

"Look over it at your leisure" he said, with a not-entirely forced grin. "Are there any specific provisions you'd like to add, change, or remove?"

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Her Royal Highness Queen Valéria would review the document. After consulting with her advisors for some time she would respond, "Looks good to me."


She would then affix her signature to the treaty, and pass it back to the Brazilian official.

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