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Neutralizing the Zerg Infestation

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Quelling the Zerg Rush

The Dark Templar (DT) and the Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON), in the spirit of friendship, prosperity, and in order to quell the parasite that is the Zerg, hereby enter into the following pact.

Article I: Constructing the Monolith
In preparation for the building of the Temple, the signatories have opened their natural resource stockpiles to one another so that they may begin constructing their monoliths from pure IRON as well as minerals.

Article II: The Observer
Given the Planet's volatility - the signatories will serve as an Observer for one another, transmitting any and all data to the other pertaining to the movements of the Zerg infestation or any other threat that materializes which could threaten the security or sovereignty of the other.

Article III: Defense
Should either signatory come under siege from the hordes of the Zerg, the other signatory has the option to respond to the aggression brought by the parasite.

Article IV: Sending in the Troops
As our Observers and Scouts survey the Planet there is the distinct possibility that they may discover a concealed Zerg colony. In order to paralyze the colony, one of the signatories may decide to take decisive action and deploy their armies to eradicate the infestation. The other signatory has the option to assist in aggressively stomping out the Zerg colony.

Article V: The End of the Zerg
If the time comes that the threat of the Zerg infestation is completely eliminated, either signatory may alert the other of their desire to move on. This pact will be considered void 72 hours after notification.

Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations,

The Warrior - President, IRON Councilor
Third King - Secretary of State, IRON Councilor
Blade 619 - Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor
Montosh - Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor
Mandarijn - Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor

Signed for the Dark Templar,

Supa_Troop3r - Triumvir
TiTaN - Triumvir
Bob - Triumvir
Starcraftmazter - High Templar of Defense
Mumzilla - High Templar of Internal Affairs
Terrence Krillins - High Templar of Finance
Fort Pitt - Zombie

Edited by The Warrior
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It has been a pleasure working with DT government and our friends developing this friendship. The work we've all put in has brought us to this point and we look forward to stomping out the Zerg infestation with our friends in the Dark Templar.


o/ DT


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