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The Rise of Tawantinsuyu


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"Long live el Presidente, LONG LIVE EL PRESIDENTE!" Shouted the citizens who had gathered upon the lawn of the palace located in Hollywood Hills. 


James was looking outside the window as he stood next to the dead body, he was sad that el Presidente had failed. His health was always in question, and was never allowed into the public view, especially since, he was dead for a few weeks. Radio silence was posted at every governmental post for the last few weeks while they decided what to do next. Someone leaked the information, and now everyone knew. He also knew he couldn't keep control of the Network, especially while el Presidente's son was flying back home to Peru to help run his father's estate. "I must call him, Rui needs to know. He needs to claim Peru in his fathers name." James walked away from the window, knowing full well what would happen if he was seen right now. "Rui, it's James, you're father is dead...." James voice trailed off, and he fell to the floor. California had succumbed back to the wastelands in which the Network had saved it form. 








Rui was standing in his room at the capital building surrounded by people telling him his father was dead, they were running around trying to figure out what to do next. Papers were flying in the air as Rui stood still, he watched out the window, at the sun, as he was kind of glad his father was dead. He never wanted to step back in California again, his father was obsessed with uniting the west coast, something that was not his ambition. "Someone, please, schedule me a press conference." He whispered as everyone around him was making calls, and ignoring him. "Can someone, please, schedule me a press conference." He said a little louder. "I will not ask a third time." Sternly speaking as he continued to look out the window. "We will bring back the Tawantinsuyu, I want to speak on the morrow."




Rui walked up to the podium, looking straight into the camera. "Hello, as most of you know, I am the son of the late Presidente, who hailed form Peru, and was one of our greatest men to ever live. I will never be able to fill his shoes, but I will be able to look you all in the eyes, and say this. The Rise of Tawantinsuyu has come again. Will you be with us, or against us? I urge you all to think upon this, and vote to join us. Peru is already behind me, and we want you all to join us. We do not want to work against our South American brothers, or bring war to anyone on this continent who does not first bring war to us. You all know my father was a war monger, but I am not. I hope to hear from you soon, as the common man will not be told that he can not accept his heritage, and be proud of it. No European will be allowed to stop us, or put us down any longer. May Viracocha save you, because if you try to stop the revolution, I will not."



Rui walked away from the Podium, and walked back to his car. He couldn't wait to see if Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina joined him in his quest. "Mendez, please start sending out flyers to the common man, asking them to vote, or start a referendum to join the Tawantinsuyu" 


"Yes, sir. right away."






This is for CNRP2, forgot the tag

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