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From One Federation to Another


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To: Government of The Plains Federation

From: Richard Winters, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

CC: British Cabinet

Subject: Diplomatic relations


Greetings to the esteemed American Plains Federation.


The British government wishes to know if it possible to send a diplomatic ambassador for the purposes of establishing a political relationship between our countries.

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To: Government of the Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

From: Alexander Harrington, Secretary of State for the Plains Federation

CC: Plains Cabinet

Subject: Diplomatic relations


We would be delighted to host your ambassador, and ask to send one of our own in return in due time.
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Marcus Carver was a dictatorial twenty-seven year old British ambassador. He was well-known for being generally ruthless and unrelenting in his dealings with other countries. He was not perhaps the best choice for ambassador to the Americas - his speciality was Europe - but there was unfortunately a shortage of political personnel of the required level and access. Regardless, the man was by all accounts personally looking forward to dealing with the Plains Federation.


He boarded a chartered flight from London to Oklahoma and made his way to the Capitol building.

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There he would be greeted by a small detail of the Secret Service, and escorted in to meet President Reese, who was, as usual, impeccably turned out in his usual suit sans tie combination.


"Welcome to the Plains Federation, Mr. Carver," he said, reaching out to shake the other man's hand after he'd been invited to sit. "I trust your journey here was... uneventful."


Meanwhile, one Mr. Pearce was on his way to the British Federation aboard a government Learjet. Mr. Pearce was known for researching his assignments extensively - whether, as it was now, a diplomatic assignment, or, as it had been in the past, an assassination. His strength was discovering others' motivations and using them to achieve his goals or those he was paid to achieve, and this time was no different, save for that he was working for the government rather than against it.

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