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An Announcement from Sengoku and the Viridian Entente

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VE and Sengoku agree to the following.

Article I

We won't spy, attack, or otherwise screw with each other.

Article 2


We'll keep each other informed about threats to one another.

Article IIV

In cases where one of us are attacked, we'll defend one another. This does not extend to cases in which one of us are attacked while honoring another treaty, but can if we want it to.

Article Four

Should one of us want to hit someone, the other party retains the option of supporting that aggression.


Article IIIII


If this arrangement does not work out for one or both of us later on, this pact will cease to exist 72 hours after notice of cancellation.

Signed for Sengoku,

hartfw, Emperor
Autosave96, Shogun
Schad and Auctor, Daimyo of Foreign Affairs
bcortell, Daimyo of War
Rogal Dorn, Daimyo of Internal Affairs
dockingscheduled, Roju
President S O, Roju

Signed for the Viridian Entente,

Goldie, Lord
Baltus, Duke
Supreme 142, Secretary of State
Sweeeeet Ronny D, Secretary of Defense
Cardsrock32, Secretary of the Interior
Lieutenant Yenroh, Secretary of Economics

Edited by Sweeeeet Ronny D
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