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ZI = Death

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If at any point a nation goes to zero infrastructure, they are deleted.  Player is eliminated from the round, no re-roll.


Bonus: Play continues until every nation save for the last three are ZIed.  At that point, 1st through 3rd are awarded on the basis of most remaining infrastructure.

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A. That would take forever

B. It would massively drive players away from the game as newbies would have to wait months or years to try again

C. It would callously ostracize all but a few players and deny them enjoyment, in exchange for very little added enjoyment to you

D. It's not realistic international politics, but a teenager's grandiose and unrealistic worldview detailing an idealized and modernized Alexandrian conflict.


I THINK THIS IS A BAD IDEA IN EVERY WAY, even done the way I detail below, but if you are going to do it, do it this way:


-Nations start with 1000 land

-Nations cannot buy land, only take it in war

-Land taken/destroyed is absoute, and not limited by a % at low levels

-Nations with zero land are eliminated. The nation which eliminated them gains their cash up to 600,000, and tech equivalent to two successful GA's


This would not fix all of the myriad problems of your system/version of the game which sounds like a totally different game, but it would mitigate many of them.

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But seriously, what do you really think about it?   :awesome:


I was just trying to come up with a reasonable death match concept for a round.  If you wanted it to end a whole lot faster, make MP cost $1.  Nukes would be flying very quickly and players would get eliminated much sooner.  Not suggesting it as the way things should be done every time, indeed it's more arcade action than anything resembling a serious strategy game.

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But seriously, what do you really think about it?   :awesome:



:rolleyes:  :laugh:  :rolleyes:

I kind of like the idea of a "Death Match" round.

Set it up like a round inside a round or something along those lines so it wouldn't hurt the player base too much.

Could even make it have a small entry fee to cover the server cost and such so admin wouldn't lose money doing it.

Charge a dollar a member and the alliance owner would have to foot the bill. You can bet that would keep the # of alliance members in check.  ;)

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