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Divum Formidor


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Divum Formidor
Article I: Peace
Signatories will refrain from engaging in acts of warfare with one another.
Article II: Intelligence
Signatories will share any information which may affect the security or well-being of one another.
Article III: War
Signatories may enter any war alongside one another, but are not obligated to do so.
Article IV: Cancellation
Signatories agree to provide 72 hours notice prior to official cancellation. This treaty will remain active during that time.
Signed for Aurora Borealis,
Drake Spoke, Triumvir
Jutopia, Triumvir
Sarkin, Triumvir
Signed for the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics,
Chancellor: Dcrews
Vice-Chancellor: Krath
Directorate: Lord Boris, ShouAS, Ovidsidos, Muddog, Canik
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I did not really think much of it when you started an embassy on our forums, but I must say, I’m glad you did. Getting to know you, becoming a friend, and now an ally, has been an absolute pleasure. I look forward to our future and the day we get to put our friendship to the test.



o/ AB 

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