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Re-Mass Recruiting

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Hello fellow nations.

I am a chancellor of Guinness.

Do to resent events we are now short on government members.


A mass recruitment is going on, and there is an increased chance of Gov positions for our members.

Guinness is a respectful alliance and could use just as respected members.

Please reply in the Guinness recruitment page if you are interested.


And yes this is the appropriate place for this document, as it is a announcement.

Thank you for your time, Guinness Chancellor of Membership

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Yeah that's how predictable your lame alliance is.

I dare say we have grown quite lame, to the point that it has become an epidemic. Perhaps bestowing upon us the great virtue of your presence would stand as a reversal and catapult us to greatness.

Or you can continue to sit upon your wicker throne and blurt incoherent obscenities at the neighborhood hooligans. The choice is yours.
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Last I checked, Guinness disbanded. Also, if you can't get your member to peace out on me, does that mean I can hit him? :war: :gun: :frantic:


 I am pretty sure Vos is trying to regroup, haven't heard anything about a disband. 

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