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West African Republic News and Actions


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Currency named as West African Franc
Economic Growth to be concentrated on Cash Crops followed by Heavy Industry
Border controls to be implemented with strict measures being part of a security package
West African Republic Government
President Stanley Mgambo
Vice President: Thérèse Sitrase
Minister of Defence: Antoinette Dupuis
Minister for Foreign Affairs: Marie Vitrand
Minister of Economical Affairs: Nicole Gtebro
Minister for Education: Albert Traisance
Minister for Health: Marie Routand
Minister for Transport: Amelie Fietoir
Minister of Interior Affairs: François Duvalier
West African Republic Political Parties
West African Democratic Party (Capitalist): Stanley Mgambo
West Africa Peoples Party (Socialist): Valérie Moreau
West African Equality Party (Liberal): Marcel Patriat
West Africa First (Right Wing Nationalist): Robert Maurgae
West African Army formed.
Infantry Equipment
Makarov Pistol (9 x 19mm)
PSM Pistol (5.45 x 18mm)
AKMS Assault Rifle (7.62 x 39mm)
Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle (7.62 x 54mm)
PKM General Purpose Machine Gun (7.62 x 54mm)
NSV Heavy Machine Gun (12.7 x 107mm)
RGN Fragmentation Hand Grenade
RGO Defensive Hand Grenade
2B9 Vasilek 82mm Mortar
2B11 Sani 120mm Mortar
9M133 Kornet Anti Tank Launcher
RPG-7 Rocket Launcher
RPG-32 Anti Tank Grenade Launcher
9K34 Strela-3 Man Portable Air Defense System
POMZ Anti Personnel Mine
TM-62M Anti Tank Mine
Current strength consists of:
Five Armoured Divisions
Strength per division
Two Hundred and Seventy T-72A Main Battle Tanks
Fifteen 2S5 Giatsint-S 152mm Self Propelled Guns
Fifteen BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launchers
Thirty Buk-M2 Self Propelled AA Weapons
Thirty 2K22M1 Tunguska-M1 Tracked AA Systems
Sixty Thousand Combat Soldiers
Ten Mechanised Divisions
Strength per division
Fourty Two BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Fourty Two BTR-80 Armoured Personnel Carriers
One Hundred and Fifty ACMAT 4x4 Personnel Trucks
Ninety UAZ-469 4x4s
Fifteen Giatsint-S 152mm Self Propelled Guns
Fifteen BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launchers
Thirty Buk-M2 Self Propelled AA Weapons
Thirty 2K22M1 Tunguska-M1 Tracked AA Systems
One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Combat Soldiers
Twenty Infantry Divisions
Strength per division
Ninety ACMAT 4x4 Personnel Trucks
Sixty UAZ-469 4x4s
Nine M101A1 105mm Howitzers
Six M1954 130mm Towed Field Guns
Three Giatsint-S 152mm Self Propelled Guns
Thirty Buk-M2 Self Propelled AA Weapons
Thirty 2K22M1 Tunguska-M1 Tracked AA Systems
Two Hundred and Fourty Thousand Combat Soldiers
West African Air Force formed.
Fighter Squadrons
Twenty F-16F "Fighting Falcon" Multi-role Fighter
Twenty MiG-29M2 "Super Fulcrum" Multi-role Fighters
Ten Su-30MKI Multi-role Fighter
Two Tu-95MS "Bear H" Strategic Bomber
Five Tu-22M "Backfire" Strategic Bomber
Support Squadrons
One Hundred C-130H Hercules Transport Aircraft
Sixty An-72 Transport Aircraft
Fifteen KC-135R "Stratotanker" Air to Air Tanker Aircraft
Twenty Il-78 Air to Air Refuelling Aircraft
Ten E-3B Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) Aircraft
Fifteen RC-135U Combat Sent Reconnaissance Aircraft
Ten MQ-1B Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Helicopter Squadrons
Five AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter
Ten  CH-47D Chinook Transport Helicopter
Twenty UH-60A Black Hawk Utility Helicopter
Mark 81 250 Pound Bomb
Mark 82 500 Pound Bomb
Mark 83 1000 Pound Bomb
Mark 84 2000 Pound Bomb
GBU-24 Paveway III 2000 Pound Bunker Buster Bomb
AIM-9R Sidewinder Short Range Air to Air Missile
AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
AGM-65 Maverick Air to Ground Missile
AGM-88 HARM Anti Radiation Missile
AGM-154B Joint Standoff Weapon
AGM-114R Hellfire II Air to Surface Missile 
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West African Strategic Forces formed.
SS-1E Scud-D Tactical Ballistic Missile
Fifty on Mobile Transport Erector Launchers
Ten in Static Missile Sites
OTR-23 Oka Tactical Ballistic Missile (SS-23 Spider)
Sixty on Mobile Transport Erector Launchers
Current Operational Status of the West African Strategic Forces is non functional due to logistical problems. Their stock of obsolete missiles are only ten per cent operational with lack of fuel and personnel being important factors. With the country still in its early days, the likelihood of any missile testing is currently remote.
West African Air Force
All Tu-22M "Backfire" Strategic Bombers upgraded to Tu-22M3 "Backfire C" Strategic Bomber variant. 
One Hundred and Eighty Miles East of Yaounde
A Secret Thirty Square Mile Military Complex codenamed Viper Base had been created for the West African Republic Military's Black Projects. The first project to start at the base was the attempt to build nuclear weapons. The enrichment of the uranium to create uranium 235 was well under way with a few pounds of uranium 235 already stockpiled. This would be done through a Gas Centrifuge. 
A Gas Centrifuge is a device that performs isotope separation of gases. A centrifuge relies on the principles of centripetal force accelerating molecules so that particles of different masses are physically separated in a gradient along the radius of a rotating container. A prominent use of gas centrifuges is for the separation of uranium 235 from uranium 238. 
A fission reactor was also under construction to create the fission reactions and covert the uranium into plutonium 239 for the test bomb. 
The West African Republic Bank or the Afrique de l'Ouest Banque Fédérale de la République was today created with major branches created in the Capital Yaounde and the second city Douala, with many smaller branches all over the country.
President Stanley Mgambo has also today announced that all major roads will be modernised to decrease vehicle accident related deaths in the West African Republic. 
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The West African Republic's first Military Satellite WAR-1 and a Civilian Satellite named XB-4 One on top of separate rockets at the main launch facility fourty miles north east of Douala. 
WAR-1 was a Reconnaissance Satellite for High Resolution Photography (IMINT), Measurement and Signature Intelligence(MASINT), Communications Eavesdropping (SIGINT), Covert Communications and Detection of Missile Launches.
XB-4 was a communications and navigational satellite for use by the West African People. It would provide internet and satellite television plus Global Position System navigation for the planned introduction of satellite navigation devices for vehicles and also for air traffic control.
At around six am local time, both satellites were launched into Medium Level Orbit and they began immediately enter operation. 
Major equipment changes in the West African Army under way.
Infantry Weapons
P228 Pistol (9 x 19mm)
M4A1 Carbine/M203A1 40mm Grenade Launcher (5.56 x 45mm)
M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (7.62 x 51mm)
Barrett M82 Anti Material Rifle (12.7 x 107mm/0.50mm)
M249 Light Machine Gun (5.56 x 45mm)
M240G General Purpose Machine Gun (7.62 x 51mm)
M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun (12.7 x 107mm/0.50mm)
M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade
AN-M18 Colored Smoke Grenade 
M224 60 mm Mortar
M252 81mm Mortar
FGM-148 Javelin Anti Tank Launcher
FGM-172 SRAW Rocket Launcher
FIM-92 Stinger Surface to Air System
Main Battle Tanks
M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks
Personnel Carriers
M2A1 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles
M1126 Stryker Armoured Fighting Vehicles 
Light Vehicles
ACMAT 4x4 Personnel Trucks
High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles
M119 105mm Howitzers
M198 155mm Howitzers
M109A4 155mm Self Propelled Howitzers
M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems
Anti Aircraft Weapons
MIM-104 Patriot Surface to Air Missile Systems
M163 Vulcan Air Defense Systems 


Strength of each unit would be increased to reflect new dispositions.

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West African Army
Equipment entering service:
Mk 19 40mm Grenade Launcher
Mk 47 Mod 0 Striker 40mm Grenade Launcher
M18A1 Claymore Anti Personnel Mine
M21 Anti Tank Mine
West African Air Force
Five Squadrons of A-10A Thunderbolt II Attack Aircraft enter service
B-52H Stratofortress Strategic Bomber entered service to replace in Squadrons Tu-95MS "Bear H" Strategic Bombers in service.
Five Squadrons of AC-130U Spooky II Gunship Aircraft and Fifteen Squadrons of EC-130J Commando Solo Electronic Warfare Aircraft enter service. 
AGM-158 Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile enters service
AM39 Exocet Anti Ship Missile entered service 
West African Navy
Cyclone Class Patrol Ship
General Characteristics
Displacement: 331 tons (336 Metric Tons) Full Load
Length: 179 ft (55 m)
Beam: 25 ft (7.6 m)
Propulsion: Four Paxman Diesels; Four Shafts; 3,350 Shaft Horsepower (2.50 MW)
Speed: 35 knots (40 mph; 65 km/h)
Endurance: 2000-2500nm (@12 knots, with transit fuel reserve)
Crew: Four officers, 24 Enlisted Personnel
Armament: 2 × MK 38 25mm Autocannon
5 × .50 Calibre Machine Guns
2 × MK 19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launchers
2 × M240B Machine Guns
6 × FIM-92 Stinger SAMs
Five vessels entered service:
WANS Guardian
WANS Protector
WANS Shield
WANS Saviour
WANS Sacrifice
Victory Class Missile Cruiser
General Characteristics
Type: Guided Missile Cruiser
Displacement: Approx. 9,600 long tons (9,800 t) full load
Length: 567 feet (173 m)
Beam: 55 feet (16.8 meters)
Draught: 34 feet (10.2 meters)
4 × West African Defence Bureau Electric GH2600 Gas Turbine Engines, 80,000 Shaft Horsepower (60,000 kW)
2 × Controllable Reversible Pitch Propellers
2 × Rudders
Speed: 32.5 knots (60 km/h)
Range: 6,000 nmi (11,000 km) at 20 kn (37 km/h); 3,300 nmi (6,100 km) at 30 kn (56 km/h).
Complement: 33 Officers, 27 Chief Petty Officers, and Approx. 340 Enlisted
Sensors and Processing Systems:
AN/SPY-1A/B Multi Function Radar
AN/SPS-49 Air Search Radar
AN/SPG-62 Fire control radar
AN/SPS-73 Surface Search Radar
AN/SPQ-9 Gun Fire Control Radar
AN/SQQ-89(V)3 Sonar suite, consisting of
AN/SQS-53B/C/D Active Sonar
AN/SQR-19 TACTAS passive sonar
AN/SQQ-28 light airborne multi-purpose system
AN/SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare Suite
Electronic Warfare and Decoys:
Mark 36 SRBOC
AN/SLQ-25 Nixie
2 × 61 Cell Mk 41 Vertical Launch Systems
122 × Mix of RIM-66M-5 Standard SM-2MR Block IIIB, RIM-156A SM-2ER Block IV, RIM-161 SM-3, RIM-162A ESSM, RIM-174A Standard ERAM, BGM-109C Tomahawk, or RUM-139A VL-ASROC
8 × RGM-84 Harpoon Missiles
2 × Mk 45 Mod 2 5 in / 54 Cal Lightweight Gun
2 × 25 mm Mk 38 Gun
2–4 × 0.50 cal (12.7 mm) Gun
2 × Phalanx CIWS Block 1B
2 × Mk 32 12.75 in (324 mm) Triple Torpedo Tubes for Lightweight Torpedoes
Armor: Limited Kevlar Splinter Protection in Critical Areas
Aircraft carried: 2 × Sikorsky SH-60B or MH-60R Seahawk LAMPS III Helicopters
WNS Victory
WNS Triumph
Naval Base opened at Douala which also houses the West African Navy Headquarters.
West African Government pledges Two Hundred Million West African Francs to improve the health care in the country.
President Stanley Mgambo has also today announced that all major roads will be modernised to decrease vehicle accident related deaths in the West African Republic. 
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1st Army created in Cameroon. Made up of Two Armoured,  Four Mechanised and Ten Infantry Divisions.


West African Air Force assets in Cameroon go on heightened alert with leave cancelled.


West African Navy Surface Vessels enter the Gulf of Guinea.



West African Navy


These Vessels enters service:
Voodoo Class Destroyer
General Characteristics
Type: Guided Missile Destroyer
Displacement: Fully loaded: 10,000 t (9,800 LT; 11,000 ST)
Length: 509 feet (155 m) 
Beam: 59 ft (18 m)
Draft: 30.5 ft (9.3 m)
Propulsion: 4 Mgamba Electric LM3700-30 Gas Turbines each generating 27,000 shp (20,000 kW);
coupled to Two Shafts, each driving a Five Bladed Reversible Controllable Pitch Propeller;
Total Output: 108,000 shp (81,000 kW)
Speed: In excess of 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph)
Range: 4,400 nmi (8,100 km) at 20 kn (37 km/h; 23 mph)
Boats and Landing
Craft Carried: 2 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats
Complement: 23 Officers, 300 Enlisted
96 Cell Mk 41 Vertical Launch System
• BGM-109C Tomahawk Cruise Missiles
• RIM-66M Standard Medium Range SAM
• SM-3 Standard Ballistic Missile Defence Missile for Aegis BMD
• RUM-139 Vertical Launch ASROC
• RIM-174A Standard ERAM
• One 5 inch (127 mm/62) Mk-45 Mod 4 Lightweight Gun
• One 20 mm Phalanx CIWS and Two 25 mm Bushmasters
• Two Mark 32 Triple Torpedo Tubes (Six Mk-50 or Mk-54 Torpedoes)
Aircraft carried:
LAMPS III Electronics installed on Landing Deck for Coordinated DDG-51/Helo ASW Operations
• Two MH-60R Seahawk LAMPS III Helicopters
Aviation facilities: Flight deck and Enclosed Hangar for up to Two MH-60R Seahawk Helicopters
WNS Voodoo
WNS Phantom




Viper Class Frigate


General Characteristics

Type: Frigate
Displacement: 4,100 Long Tons (4,200 t) full load
Length: 408 ft (124 m) Waterline,
453 ft (138 m)
Beam: 45 ft (14 m)
Draft: 22 ft (6.7 m)
Propulsion: 2 × West African Defence Bureau LM2500-30 Gas Turbines generating 41,000 shp (31 MW) through a Single Shaft and Variable Pitch Propeller
2 × Auxiliary Propulsion Units, 350 hp (260 kW) Retractable Electric Azipods for maneuvering and docking.
Speed: Over 29 knots (54 km/h)
Range: 4,500 nmi (8,300 km; 5,200 mi) at 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph)
Complement: 176
Sensors and Processing Systems: Radar: AN/SPS-49, AN/SPS-55, Mk 92 Fire Control System
Sonar: SQS-56, SQR-19 Towed Array

Electronic Warfare and Decoys:
SLQ-32(V)2, Flight III with sidekick,
Mark 36 SRBOC
AN/SLQ-25 Nixie

Two Triple Mark 32 Anti Submarine Warfare Torpedo Tubes with Mark 50 Anti Submarine Warfare Torpedoes
One West African Defence Bureau 76 mm/62 Caliber Naval Gun
One 20 mm Phalanx CIWS Rapid Fire Cannon
Eight West African Systems WAS-25II HF-2 and 4 HF-3 Supersonic AShM

Aircraft Carried: 
Two LAMPS Multi Purpose Helicopters (SH-60R Seahawk LAMPS III)

WNS Viper
WNS Serpent
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West African Army


M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks replaced with M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank


M2A1 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles upgraded to A3 Variant.

M109A4 155mm Self Propelled Guns replaced by M109A6 Paladin 155mm Self Propelled Howitzers


All M119 105mm Howitzers completely upgraded to A2 Variant, 


All M198 155mm Howitzers finally completely replaced with the M777 155mm Howitzer


All MIM-104 Patriot Surface to Air Missile Systems replaced by the MIM-104D (PAC-2/GEM) Patriot Surface to Air Missile Systems



Viper Base
One Hundred and Eighty Miles East of Yaounde
The enriching process had been completed and the first two test bombs had been under construction. The first test bomb was planned to have a power of one hundred kilotons and have a uranium core and the trigger would be an gun trigger one. The second test bomb would have a plutonium core and an implosion trigger.
Viper Base Nuclear Test Site
Two B-52H Stratofortress Strategic Bombers droned overhead, armed with the test devices. As they approached the first target, the first bomber dropped the uranium test bomb and swung away. Seconds later the device exploded, sending a small mushroom cloud upwards. The flash incinerated the mock target while the shock wave blasted several trees near the site down. 
The second B-52H carrying the slightly more powerful two hundred kiloton Plutonium Bomb approached to the east of the first blast to avoid being caught in the mushroom cloud before dropping its bomb. The aircraft pitched to the right and raced south. The bomb exploded with a even greater flash and blast wave, causing more damage to the second target. The nuclear age in the West African Republic had begun.
Work was now under way to create a Thermonuclear Device. At the same time, effort would then be made to develop a Nuclear Warhead for the soon to be introduced RSD-10 Pioneer Intermediate Ballistic Missile.
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Upgrading of major roads had been completed. Road accidents had dropped by 200% and the number of deaths through road accidents had dropped significantly in consequence. The local province governors had been told that they would now be held totally responsible if any infrastructure fell into disrepair. 
Death Rates in the West African Republic have fallen by half since the improvement to medical care was implemented.
West African Coastguard created. The West African Coast Guard role is in Maritime Homeland Security, MMaritime Law Enforcement (MLE), Search and Rescue (SAR), Marine Environmental Protection (MEP), and the Maintenance of River, Intracoastal and Offshore Aids to Navigation (ATON).

The following vessels have entered service:

Evie Class Cutter


General Characteristics

Type: National Security Cutter
Displacement: 4500 LT
Length: 418 feet (127.40 meters)
Beam: 54 feet (16.46 meters)
Draft: 30 feet (9.14 meters)
Propulsion: Combined Diesel and Gas
2 × 7.400 kW Diesel Engines
1 × 22.000 kW gas turbine engine
Speed: 28+ knots
Range: 12,000 nm
Complement: 113 (14 Officers)
Sensors and Processing Systems: EADS 3D TRS-16 Air Search Radar
SPQ-9B Fire Control Radar
AN/SPS-73 Surface Search Radar
Electronic Warfare and Decoys: AN/SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare System
2 SRBOC/ 2 NULKA Countermeasures Chaff/Rapid Decoy Launcher
Armament: 57 mm Gun and Gunfire Control System
Close-In Weapons System
4 0.50 Caliber Machine Guns
2 M240B 7.62mm Light Machine Guns
Aircraft Carried: (2) MH-65C Dolphin MCH, or (4) VUAV or (1) MH-65C Dolphin MCH and (2) VUAV
Aviation Facilities: 50 x 80 foot Flight Deck, Hangar for all Aircraft


Island Class Patrol Boat


General Characteristics

Class and type: Island Class Patrol Cutter (WPB)
Displacement: 168 tons
Length: 110 feet (34 m)
Beam: 21 ft (6.4 m)
Draft: 6.5 ft (2.0 m)
Propulsion: 2 Mgamba 235 Diesels or Caterpillar Diesels
Speed: 29.5 knots
Range: 3,300 miles
Endurance: 5 Days
Boats and Landing Craft Carried: 1 Cutter Boat Medium (90 HP outboard engine)
Complement: 16 (2 Officers, 14 Enlisted)
Sensors and Processing Systems: AN/SPS-64V Radar
Armament: Mk 38 25mm Chain Gun
2 x M2 .50 Calibre Machine Gun
Aircraft carried: None

WACV Island
WACV Shore
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