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Plains Federation Factbook

Mara Lithaen

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The Plains Federation


A factbook brought to you by Wikipedia, Globalsecurity.org, and Jane's.


Founded in 201X, the Plains Federation was among the first group of new nations to rise from the ashes of the Old World after the global collapse which crushed the old status quo with a vengeance. The founders of the new nation were not stupid, however: they knew what type of government their people were most used to and sought to emulate it with as few of the downsides that had arisen over the past century as they could.


The Cabinet and Noteworthies:



President: John Reese

Age: 38



Vice-President: Anna Kennedy

Age: 25


Secretary of State: Alexander Harrington

Secretary of the Treasury: Jerry Montfort

Secretary of War: Martina Williams

Secretary of the Army: Maj. Gen. William Hetford (Ret.)

Secretary of the Air Force: Lt. Gen. Anne Mosier (Ret.)

Secretary of the Navy: ADM Harriet Wiles (Ret.)

Post-Master General: Tyler Larsson

Attorney General: Hon. James Dee

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Hon. Frank Zimmerman

Justices of the Supreme Court:

Hon. Julia St. Angelo

Hon. Larry White

Hon. Jerome Sands

Hon. Harry Lorraine

Chairman, Federal Air and Space Agency: Michael McGilvie


Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Chief of Ground Operations: General of the Army Angelo di Santos

Chief of Naval Operations:  Admiral of the Fleet Nadine Wright

Commandant of the Marine Corps: Commandant Hugh Gambel

Sky Marshal: Sky Marshal James Weatherby



Governor of Oklahoma: Brett Hollemann

Senator of the State of Oklahoma: Rebekah Williams

Number of Federation Congressmen: 5



Governor of Texas: Anthony Sparks

Senator of the State of Texas: Chandler Morgan

Number of Federation Congressmen: 36



Governor of Kansas: Jeremy Dolton

Senator of the State of Kansas: Dorothy Clinton

Number of Federation Congressmen: 4



Governor of Louisiana: Georgette Lafontaine

Senator of the State of Louisiana: Jedediah Sherman

Number of Federation Congressmen: 6



Governor of Missouri: Janet Burgdorf

Senator of the State of Missouri: Charles Winchester

Number of Federation Congressmen: 8



Governor of Arkansas:

Senator of the State of Arkansas: Marcus Stirling

Number of Federation Congressmen: 4



Governor of Colorado: Ben Collins

Senator of the State of Colorado: Julia Nikon 

Number of Federation Congressmen: 7

Governor of Illinois: Jacob Price
Senator of the State of Illinois: Kelly Roberts 

Number of Federation Congressmen: 18

Governor of New Mexico: Francisco Abel
Senator of the State of New Mexico: Walter White

Number of Federation Congressmen: 3


Players Comprising the Federation:

Mara Lithaen

President David

Ferdinand Foch

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Economy of the Plains Federation

Population of the Plains Federation: 74,894,361

Gross National Product: $3.478T


Major Exports: Oil, Natural Gas, Refined Petroleum products, Weaponry, Cattle, Foodstuffs, Automobiles, Tires

Major Imports: Electronics, Aircraft parts, Combat Vehicles, Coal, Metals

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Plains Federation Armed Forces

Plains Federation Army Personnel:

Total Personnel: 592,050 personnel


Plains Federation Army Equipment:

Sesks-95A: 200

Sesks-95-105: 200

Sesks-95-120: 200

M1A2 Abrams: 3000

M2A3 Bradley: 4000

Up-Armored Humvee: Unknown






Used: Nomad, Highlander, Mandrake

Body Armor: DragonScale

Helmet: ICH/MICH 2002

Rifle: M4/Mk16

Battle Rifle: Mk17


Sniper Rifle: Intervention/M110 SASS

Rocket Launcher: FGM-172 SRAW

ATGM: FGM-148 Javelin

Mortar: 120mm, 81mm, 60mm

Direct Fire Antivehicle Rifle: 76mm Lacroix Samouraï SUW



Plains Federation Air Force Equipment:

F-22s: 310

B-2s: 20

B-52s: 60


Plains Federation Navy Ships:

Carriers: 3

Federation class (Nimitz-class, Ronald Reagan subclass)

PFS Federation

PFS Enterprise

PFS Defiance


Battleships: 4

Missouri class (Modified, new-build Iowa-class; trades middle gun turret for 144 Mark 57 VLS cells; built with Aegis. Design to be created via Shipbucket. Includes 10 MK 15 Block 1 CIWS stations.)

PFS Missouri

PFS Oklahoma

PFS Texas

PFS Louisiana


Subs: 5

Denver class (Virginia-class SSNs)

PFS Denver

PFS Chicago

PFS Baton Rouge

PFS Houston


Oklahoma City class (Ohio-class SSBNs)

PFS Oklahoma City


Cruisers: 4

Freedom-class (Ticonderoga-class)

PFS Freedom

PFS Patriot

PFS Minuteman

PFS Volunteer


Destroyers: 9

Admiral Peary-class (Arleigh Burke Flight IIA)

PFS Admiral Peary

PFS Yeager

PFS Armstrong

PFS Glenn

PFS Patton

PFS Flynn

PFS Wright

PFS Boyd

PFS Walker


Corvettes: 11

Shield-class (Skjold-class)

PFS Shield

PFS Targe

PFS Tower

PFS Kite

PFS Buckler

PFS Aspis

PFS Scuta

PFS Heater

PFS Pavis

PFS Phalanx

PFS Testudo


Frigates: 6

Weapon-class (La Fayette-class)

PFS Weapon

PFS Broadsword

PFS Rapier

PFS Rifle

PFS Cannon

PFS Blade


Landing Ships: 3

San Antonio-class (Wasp-class LHD)

PFS San Antonio

PFS Galveston

PFS Tulsa


Plains Federation Naval Air Arm:

F/A-18E/F: 400

E/A-18G Growler: 40

RF-18E: 40

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