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Guinness Elections and Constitution

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Greetings Planet Bob:


Guinness has just finished with our 1st official election. It is with great pleasure that I announce the new Guinness Government:


Executive Branch

Provost: Vosegus

Praetor: Kanati


Council of Interior

Chancellor of Interior: Wartornplace

Deputy of Interior:


.Chancellor of Membership: Blackeyebilly

Deputy of Membership: Icemania


Chancellor: of Finance: Redarmy

Deputy of Finance: Sergei Romanov


Council of Foreign Relations

Chancellor of State: Chancellor Genroii

Deputy of State:


Chancellor of Defense: Allen Kalashnikov

Deputy of Defense: Brezhnev


NOTE: The open deputy positions will be appointed at a later time.




Also, in other news, leading up to our just finished elections, we have been busy updating/revising our "new" constitution:





We, the members of Guinness, come together to create this constitution as the foundation for the establishing of this alliance.


Secondly, Guinness values honor, loyalty, respect, integrity, mutual prosperity, general welfare of our members,unity, and most importantly, the contributions of our members.These core values are the inspiration for the foundation of our alliance, and will remain at the forefront of all policies, procedures, and actions of our alliance.

And finally, the Constitution of Guinness contains our government structure, the powers and responsibilities of each government position, admission & alliance policies, laws of Guinness, amendment procedures, and other important alliance policies that govern our alliance.


Article I: Joining Guinness and Membership Policy
Guinness has an open door policy, and welcomes anyone to make our alliance their home.


Alll applicants who wish to apply for membership must adhere to the following admission policies:
- Applicants must not be engaged in any wars at the time of their application.If the applicant is involved in any wars,the Safe Haven Policy will goto in effect.
- Applicants cannot be a member of another alliance while in Guinness.
- Applicants must switch to the Orange sphere and remain on it as long as they are a member. Exemptions will be made in a case by case discretion by the Chancellor of Interior.

Applicant must post an application in the appropriate area, and sign the Oath of Guinness.


Safe Haven Policy:

Any nation that wishes  to apply for membership  within Guinness, will be granted a temporary membership to allow for the resolution of said wars to be handled.This policy will allow Guinness, the applicant, and the waring party/alliance to remedy the situation. Once the resolution has been affirmed, then the applicant will be granted full membership,as long as all application requirements are adhered to.


Article 1.A: Membership Binding Policy

Members of Guinness will be bound to the Constitution of Guinness, and all alliance policies while in Guinness. Any violations will be handled by the Department of Interior and/or Judicial Review board for disciplinary action.


Leaving Guinness:
Any member that wishes to leave Guinness, may do so at any time by posting in the resignations forum, provided the alliance is not in war or under terms resulting from a war, and does not have any unpaid alliance debts.If a member has any unpaid debts, he/she must repay those debts before being allowed to sever membership. If a member has debts to the alliance,and doesn't pay them back, Guinness will come after said nation to collect what is owed!



Article II: Laws of Guinness:
1. Every member shall have the right to alliance protection.
2. Every member shall have the utmost respect for each other, their government, foreign officials, and all visitors and guests.
3. No member of the alliance may speak on behalf of the government without formal authorization at any time.
4. Every member must exhibit proper behavior in public that does not bring harm or detriment to the alliance.
5. Members may freely voice their thoughts and ideas on all alliance affairs at their will.
6. All active alliance members are entitled to all economic programs offered within the alliance.
7. Guinness members must be reasonably active on the alliance forums, and in the Guinness IRC Channel.
8. All members must follow the Constitution, and all other policies set forth by the alliance government.
9. All Guinness members are entitled to as much caek,beer, and Irish womenz as they want!

10 All members of Guinness are encouraged to run for office.

11. Guinness members have the right to Aid.

12. Guinness members have the sole right to due process for any violations of the constitution, and/or alliance policies.



Article III: The General Assembly
Every member who has been granted membership within Guinness, by the Council of Interior, has a right to voice their opinions on all alliance affairs brought before them.
All legislation, treaties,amendments, etc must be approved by a 75% majority of the General Assembly.


Article III.A: Judicial Review

The Judicial Review is an internal review board of members within the Interior Department that oversees all violations of the Constitution of Guinness, and any alliance policy. 


The Judicial Review board will consist of the Chancellor of Interior, Provost or Praetor, and the Chancellor of State, The Judicial Review board will investigate, gather evidence and other information, etc. Once the Judicial Review board has everything they need, they will review the facts,and decide on the merits of their findings in the investigation. The accused should have the right to defense and to present witnesses as needed. The Judicial Review process shall take no more then 2 weeks to complete.The Judicial Review board may use such disciplinary action as, censure or any other punishment as they see fit, due to the violation!


Once a determination by the Judicial Review is agreed upon, then the accussed member will be notified of the decision and punishment. All decisions of the Judicial Review are final.


Article III.B Censure:

The Judicial Review Board reserves the right to censure. In the event that any member of the alliance acts in a way that is detrimental to the well being of the alliance, its members, or its allies, they may be brought under censure. If a member is censured by the Judicial Review Board to any violations of the constitution,alliance policy,etc...the member will be made aware of his time for censure within the alliance.



Article IV- Guinness Government
The Government of Guinness consists of three main bodies (Executive Branch, Council of Interior, and Council of Foreign Relations) which assist in the efficiency of the daily operations of the alliance.

Executive Branch:
Provost: Is the Chief Executive of the alliance.

Provost oversees all day-to-day operations of the alliance. The Provost serves until for life or till resignation. If Provost leaves office, the Praetor by default becomes Provost.The new Provost may pick anyone to take over the Praetor position as his 2nd in command.

Praetor- Is the 2nd in Command of the Alliance. The Praetor’s main duty is to oversee the Council of Foreign Relations and its daily functions. The Praetor’s secondary duty is to assist the Provost with alliance operations, when requested. The Praetor is the Provost’s closest advisor. The Praetor serves for life, until resignation, or becomes Provost due to the Provost resignation.

The Council of Interior:
Chancellor of Interior:  Is charged with overseeing all forum administration, applicants, membership levels, administering votes of other Council elections, academy, and internal communications with alliance members. The Chancellor of Interior is in charge of the Department of Interior.

Chancellor of Membership: Is in charge of overseeing the active recruitment of new members, getting the new members in the academy, and overseeing the mentoring program, and finally, ensuring that member get their tech deals and trade circles signed up for and are followed through with.

Chancellor of Finance - The Chancellor of Finance  is in charge of all the financial matters for Guinness, and is accountable for ensuring all member nations grow efficiently and have access to nation building programs, internal aid programs, growth assistance initiatives, novice grants, trading, banking and other miscellaneous fiscal concerns.

The Council of Foreign Relations:
Chancellor of  State:  Is charged with being a public face of the alliance, maintaining communication with allies and others, briefing the membership on happenings outside of the alliance, seeks out new treaties, and maintains relations with other alliances. The Chancellor of State is the leader of the Council of Foreign Relations.

Chancellor of Defense: Is charged with the organization of our military as well as the strengthening and training of our member nations.

Deputy Chancellors:
All Deputy Chancellor positions are elected. Deputy Chancellors can be appointed to serve out a term, upon a resignation of a Deputy, by a Department Chancellor. Deputies hold no true power, except to help their departments run more efficiently. All deputies must report to their Department Chancellor on a regular basis.


Term Limits:

Provost/Praetor: Life until resignation

Chancellors: Elected to 6 month terms

Deputies: Elected to 6 months terms


Multi-Gov Positions Law:

No member of Guinness may hold 2 government positions at the same time.


Article V: Alliance Policies

General War Policy:

If at such time Guinness is attacked, or a member is attacked,  all forms of diplomacy will be used to diffuse the situation. If at such time, diplomacy does not work, Guinness will use all resources at its disposal to defend itself of the aggression against it.


Member Defense Policy:
At such time that a Guinness member, the alliance, or an ally, is attacked, all alliance members must come to their defense, if such action is required from a vote in the General Assembly. Failure to come to the defense of Guinness, an alliance member, or an ally in time of war, is punishable by expulsion and Zi!


Tech Raiding Policy:
Tech Raiding is strictly forbidden in Guinness. Violators will be expelled from the alliance.



Article VI: Elections and Nominations:


In order to run for office in Guinness, you must:

1. Be an official member of at least 30 days prior to the next election. We will go by the date of your application.

2. You must be in good standing.

3. You must be active, and able to be on IRC, on a  regular basis!!


That is it! Simple!!



In order to have a fair and balanced election within Guinness, the following procedures are being instituted, and will be enforced by the Provost/Praetor and the Chancellor of Interior. All rules and policies must be adhered to in order to be able to run for office within Guinness.


In order to run for office the 1st time,and/or retain your seat, or seek a new position...YOU MUST POST A NOMINATION THREAD.


The topic for your thread should read: Your Ruler Name- Nomination for (Chan of Interior, State, Deputy,etc)


In your initial post, PLEASE post some things you want to do for the alliance in that position. Treat it like a REAL LIFE Election process.


You may run for only 2 positions at once. But, by constitutional law, you can only hold 1 position at a time. So, if you win both positions, you will have to forfeit 1 of the positions to the next place finisher.


Nominations will last for 2 days, then elections begin!



The policies for elections are simple...


The voting will be by a poll format with the top vote getter winning that position. In the event of a tie, the member who has the longer alliance seniority, will win by default. If by chance, no deputy for that dept is running, then the member who came in 2nd will be the deputy.


If a nominee runs uncontested, and doesn't get elected, then the provost must appoint a member to that office till the next election term.

If a newly elected member wins, but then resigns after taking office, within 10 days, a new election must be held. If after 10 days of the election, the Provost must appoint someone till the next election cycle.


Elections will last for a period of 3 days.


Nominations & Election Cycle

Nominations Periods: Last week of: June (fall term)/ December (Spring Term)

Elections: July/ January

Newly elected government officials will begin their term immediately after the Chancellor of Interior and Provost certify the election results.


Provostal Appointments: The Provost may make a special replacement till next election if a Chancellor resigns before any election. If  the special appointed chancellor wishes to maintain that office, then he/she must run for office like any other member would have to.


Special Appointment Escape Clause: This clause may only be used if  a Chancellor or Praetor shows sufficient evidence of detrimental harm being done to the alliance via their actions within the alliance. If evidence is clear that there is detrimental harm being done, then the Provost may replace that member to serve the remaining term of the election cycle.



Article VII: Guinness Aid Policy

Guinness members may send aid to anyone they want, at anytime, except in the following circumstances:

1. No member of Guinness may send aid to a nation that is any war that doesn't involve Guinness!

2. No member of Guinness is allowed to send aid, if the Guinness government  doesn't approve of the recipient of said aid!



Article VIII: Constitutional Amendments, Policies, Mergers

General Alliance Policies:

At given times, the Provost, Praetor or Chancellors may set and enforce policies to make their departments more efficient. If this happens, they must inform the General Assembly of these policies,before enforcement can begin.


Vote of No Confidence:

A Vote of No Confidence may be brought up against any Chancellor or deputy at any time. A member may post their Vote of No Confidence in the General Assembly for a vote by the alliance. A Vote of No Confidence requires 2 other members approving of the measure to proceed to vote.


Constitutional Amendments

Any member of the alliance may propose an amendment to the charter, at anytime. In order for the proposal to become law, the vote must be passed by a majority vote of the General Assembly.

Mergers and Disbandment:
Guinness may merge or disband only with 85+1% approval of the entire allian



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