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The Richest Sheiks of Arabie

Markus Wilding

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Despite the ongoing crisis in Germany, the following message would be sent to the Red Sea Republic.



Esteemed Leader,


It is my opinion that Alvonia must extend her diplomatic ties to much more than just Europe. We see the Red Sea Republic as a nation that can be trusted to do the right thing, and as such we request a meeting. Should this meeting be accepted, Foreign Minister Edmund Tresler shall be dispatched to the capital of the Red Sea Republic as soon as possible.



Markus Wilding, Director of Alvonia


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After what seemed like almost a day, the limousine driver nodded to the police before accelerating out of the area. A quick left later, and they had arrived at their destination in what seemed like, comparatively, no time at all. Waiting to lead the party inside was Masoud Mohammed, a tall, fair-skinned man with chocolate eyes and a smile worthy of the "office" behind him. Without a word, he motioned for the Alvonians to accompany him inside to a simple, yet modern room, with a mile-long table that split the diplomatic auditorium in half. Taking a seat at the end in a big, brown leather chair, he forced a grin and asked politely "So, what it is that brings you all to our Republic on this fine afternoon?" Edited by Hereno
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"Well, as Director Wilding stated in his communique to your foreign ministry, we feel that your nation can be trusted to do what is right in this world, regardless of potential consequences." Tresler then took his suitcase out and brought a piece of paper from it, giving it to Mohammed. "This is a security agreement, much like one we have signed with France and the Babylonian Empire. If there's anything you wish to change, feel free to do so."



Article I: Functions of This Treaty
Alvonian and the Red Sea Republic (hereafter referred to as "the undersigned") do hereby agree to promote and coordinate with their respective security agencies. All mentions in this treaty of "home country" and "nation" refer to either the Republican or Alvonian state and do not apply to any third party unless this treaty is modified to allow for such.
Article II: On Criminals
Should a citizen of either country be found in violation of the laws of one of the undersigned's nation, it is the duty of that undersigned to arrest the suspect, inform the other signatory, and make provisions for either that suspects' trial, release, or extradition. Should said citizen be found to be a serious lawbreaker (as defined by the laws of the nation he is currently in) then provisions are to be made for their immediate arrest and holding.
Article III: On Terrorists and Outlaws
Citizens defined as a terrorist or outlaw (as defined by the laws of that citizen's home country) are to be immediately arrested and returned to the other signatory's nation.
Article IV: On Security Cooperation
Should intelligence be gained by the various intelligence agencies of either signatory, the knowledge of which would assist the other in preventing an attack, criminal activity, criminal escape, location of a wanted criminal, or other such act that violates the laws of that state, it is the duty of the signatories to provide this information to one another.
Article V: Cancellation
Should one signatory find that this treaty is no longer in their best interests, a one-month grace period must be established and declared to allow for bureaucratic readjustments.
For Alvonia,


For the Red Sea Republic,


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Masoud was somewhat taken back by the forwardness of the Alvonian diplomat Edmund's request. Not knowing of any previous communications, but wishing to keep that a secret, he nodded appropriately and looked down at the paper in front of him. Again feeling inadequate, he let a hushed laugh escape from the top of his mouth before motioning for his translator. After several awkward minutes, Masoud began to read over the treaty which has been interspliced with Arabic definitions and translations to help him grasp the content.

Hesitantly, he began to speak. "Ambassador, it seems that this treaty would subject citizens of each of our nations to additional laws and regulations of our respective countries, but outside of our borders. Is this the case? While I am certain that a simple extradition treaty, or even an intelligence sharing agreement would pass through Parliament with overwhelming support, I foresee much nationalist resistance to having our police enforcing the laws of your nation on anyone in our borders. Of course, that isn't to say that we intend to allow criminals of your nation to seek asylum here; we respect the rule of law."

Feeling more relaxed, he crossed his legs and laid back in his chair, addressing Mr. Tresler candidly. "However, if we could get past that minor disagreement, I find the rest of the clauses to be very much agreeable."
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