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A MUCH less angrier visit to the Stormlands


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*Before leaving to go back to Euphaia for 14 days, the ambassador calmly and humbly asks the Stormlands ambassador:


I am very sorry for having shouting earlier today.  It was rather rude and uncalled for of me to do, and I have been informed that there is a chance I may soon be replaced, understandably but regrettably so.


My government understands your concerns with our military being currently undermanned and under-armed.  We, too, share this same concern.


With these valid concerns in mind, my government has sent me to ask if there is any way the Stormlands can help us get the training and armament needed to get and keep the upper hand?


Perhaps we could arrange some joint military drills and exercises between our two militaries, to help better train and prepare our troops?


Or perhaps some economic and humanitarian aid?


Or some military arms aid to help quell the protests?


Or if you are able,  you could temporarily spare some doctors and medical aid?


Or...*pauses*...I've been asked to bring this...list...to your attention again.


*The ambassador sighs and hands the Stormlands ambassador the Military Needs list*


H-1 military helicopters

AH-64 Apache helicopters

AH-1 Cobra helicopters

AH-SuperCobra helicopters

AH-1W SuperCobra helicopters

AH-1Z Viper helicopters

M113 Armored Personnel Carriers

M2 Bradley Mechanized Infantry Fighting Vehichles

AMX 10 PAC 90 light tanks

AMX PC light tanks

FV 510 Warrior light tanks

Warthog APCs

FV 101 scorpion light tanks

FV 107 Scimitar light tanks

Hunter TR 12 light tanks

LAV 25 light tanks

LAV III light tanks

M 24 light tanks

M3 Bradley tanks

Puma IFV infantry fighting vehicles

BMP 2 light tanks

BTR 90 light tanks

BTR 50 light tanks

Bradley A3 infantry fighting vehichles

JLTV military vehicles


Assault Rifles:






Grenade Launchers:





MK 19



Incendiary grenades

flash grendades

concusion grenades

fragmentation grenades

smoke grenades

sting grenades


RPG guns


Anything your nation could, and is willing to spare, would be a big boost for bringing back the much needed political stability that both our nations so desire for.


Ambassador:  Thanks for your time and consideration, especially after earlier today.  I'm....still waiting for my doctor to prescribe me some Valium or Xanax. *sighs again*


Good day to you, ambassador.  Maybe I'll see you again sometime.

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The emissary representing the Stormlands, would listen to the Euphaian's ambassador's words, nodding every so often, but wearing an enigmatic look on his face. He finally offered a reply when the Euphaian ambassador was done with his words.


"The Stormlands are reluctant to hand over weapons to Euphaia, most of these weapons that you list off, we don't even produce, as we mostly have modified equipment for our own uses. We can provide some medical and humanitarian, but military aid is out of the question at this point. We're quite concerned with the situation on the ground in Euphaia, and we're reluctant to put units on the ground for training purposes, as we are unsure whether we can actually ensure their safety without appropriate measures being taken," responded the ambassador, his words careful and tone even.


"As for arms being used against protesters? I'm not entirely sure that we could ever support such a use of firearms against unarmed protesters," responded the ambassador, with a troubled look on his face.

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Ah, excuse me, that was poorly worded on my part.  More like, to quell the FARC-PR.


We do monitor the protests, and if they get out of control, we do use riot gear and non-lethal riot weapons.  Can you believe, though, that some FARC-PR supporters have used some of the protests to fire shots and throw a grenade or two at our police offers and military police?  Where they got such weapons, we are still working on finding out.  The most the riot police could've done to "provoke" such a thing was tell them they have to leave the area, and occassionally fire sime rubber bullets and tear gas into some of the crowds.  *Shakes head*  Unbelievable, isn't it?

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*The Euphaian ambassador nods*


I suppose that is understandable, albeit regrettable and unfortunate.  If our government can just buy or lease some better weapons and technology, or find a good way to create or modify it's own arms, armor, and air support, that should be all we need to keep the bothersome FARC-PR in check and confined to their forest and jungle hideouts.  Ah well, we'll figure out some way.


I appreciate your time, ambassador.  


Unfortunately for me, rules are rules, so I'll be returning back to Euphaia for two weeks.  I'll be back in the Stormlands after that, if you will still have me then.


Until then...

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"If your aim is just to confine them, then you're already losing your war, Ambassador," stated the Stormlander. "You have to utterly and decisively engage your enemies and destroy them, show them your political will, and you will win."


"If you just aim to drive them into hideaways, then you aren't solving the problem, you're just prolonging it."

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Sage advice, ambassador.  Thank you.  I assure you our military will do everything it can to hunt down and put an end to these communist extremists.  


President Jarris has absolutely no intention of stepping down from office any time soon.  It is nothing but a pipe dream and lost cause for that FARC-PR demand.  As are early elections just because some extremist demand that they happen.

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Official dispatch from Euphaia to Stormlands:

Once again, we are concerned with your continual increase of aircraft along our border.

We give you are strongest assurance none of our routine military or helicopter patrols will cause any disturbance in the Stormlands, nor will they cross or fire across your border. They are simply patrolling in response to your build up.

There also continues to be.no FARC. PR activity or movement around your borders, though we will continue to monitor through squad and helicopter patrols.

We have had numerous civilians contacting our offices, concerned that you are planning another strike or worse yet, planning a war or attempting to provoke our nation into a war.

This growing concern amongst our citizens also has the potential of increasing participation in local militias, which would further destabilize the tenuous situation here in Euphaia.

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