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The Goat

Captain Enema

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A little goat, not Molly's Goat, but rather a non-time traveling goat is found wandering around the streets of Mogadishu. Normally, this would be followed with cries of rejoice and chants of, "DINNER, DINNER, DINNER." On this occasion though, a flinty eyed veteran of the former Legion's Diplomatic Corp was walking to the corner store for a bottle of HP sauce and it was he who noticed the goat.


His memory was jostled, a hard thing for a man who is nearly 90, about a missing goat from the South African climes. Could it be that goat?


The elderly gent, a kindly fellow, purchased his HP sauce, a dunny of beer, and a packet of sugar cubes. He uses the sugar cubes to lure the goat to his house. Rather than eat the goat or do anything "SEXUAL" to the poor critter, he leaves it in his backyard to feast on the neighbor's garden. While the goat is devouring the neighbor's gladiolas, the elderly gent makes a few calls after he takes a picture or two of the goat and posts notice online with a picture of the goat and the caption, "AM I YOUR GOAT?"

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