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Factbook of the French

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General Facts

Capitol: Orleans (273,224)

Population: 103,616,416

Government: Monarchy

Official Language: French

GDP Per Capita: $41,453

Currency: Franc (1.3 to the dollar)

Head of State: L'Imperatrice, Tanilee de LaQueu


Other Government


Prime Minister: Claus Ebenfiele de Lorraine sur la Rine

Foreign Minister: Francoise Ouibliant

Marechal de L'Armee: Marechal Halefort Arsenault

Finance Minister: Claude Shrapnel

Minister of Internal Affairs: Halverque Laurence


Military Strength


La Grande Armee



[spoiler]Active Personnel: 850,000

LeClerc Tanks: 7832



  • Dassault Rafale (Multirole Aircraft): 300 C, 160 M, 140 B
  • Dassault Hache (Strategic Bomber, personal design): 30

6 Aircraft Carriers (Petain Class, Petain, Foch, Joffre, Henri, Soult, and Ney)

6 Cruisers

12 Destroyers

16 Frigates

18 Submarines

14 Landing Craft

24 Corvettes

6 Battleships[/spoiler]



[spoiler]Active Personnel: 850,000

LeClerc Tanks: 6832

AMX 10 RC: 12000

VBCI: 8000

AMX 30 AuF1: 800

M270 MLRS:600

Tigre Attack Helicopters: 200

EC 725 Caracal Transport Helicopters 400



  • Dassault Rafale (Multirole Aircraft): 300 C, 160 M, 150 B
  • Dassault Hache (Strategic Bomber, personal design): 30

4 Aircraft Carriers (Murat Class (Slightly smaller than the Nimitz class), Murat, Lannes, Soult, and Ney)

30 Destroyers

60 Frigates

3 Nuclear Submarines

6 Deisel Submarines

18 Corvettes[/spoiler]

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The Jeannic Code


The Jeannic Code is a code of law created by the Empress herself, based directly on the reforms made by Napoleon himself, which shared a similar name, but with additions suited better to the modern world, much as Napoleon himself had done for the Roman code of laws established hundreds of years ago. The laws are mostly aimed at the retention of primarily Laissez Faire Capitalism, with the oversight necessary to ensure that it doesn't go too far awry, with very few actually socialist policies mixed in.



Clause A.

The first Clause of the Jeannic Code abolishes income taxation entirely, as whatever system could ever be adopted for it would be entirely unfair to one group or another, instead, sales taxes have been imposed for all transactions outside of the basic expenses of living, such as food, bearing in mind that these changes in the tax system will create a change in demand for products. These taxes ensure that no one who is unable to afford a tax on what they have is able to use all the money given to them from all sources to the greatest utility. The new taxes include online transactions, as well as any cross-border traffic, in order to keep people from using that as a go-around. Substances and prostitution are legalized, but highly regulated and heavily taxed, though they are now far cheaper than the black market could ever hope to supply, and much safer for those women involved in the world's Oldest Profession.

Clause B.

Should a Major economic collapse occur due to mishandling of the system, whoever is responsible will be held so in a criminal court. Additionally, theft will be handled in such a way as that the punishment fits the crime. Embezzlement, corruption, and bribery are all to be considered on the same scale.

Clause C.

Economic Aid will be given only to those with dependents, or who will soon have them. Single Fathers, mothers, and pregnant women will receive a sizable lump sum every month to assist with the raising of their child, proportionate to how many children they have. Furthermore, all higher education is to be paid for by the state, however, should a person fail out, or drop out for any reason, they must pay the government back in full for all the money that has been effectively wasted on them.

Clause D.

All institutions, except maintaining the infrastructure, law enforcement, and fire-fighting, will be privatized, with oversight from the government. The government reserves the right to compete in all fields should they find the companies they have given responsibility to to be preforming inadequately, and heavy oversight will be used in all departments.

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