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The Night is Darkest before Dawn


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A day after Politika's second publication and the reports of the happenings across the globe had finally reached the sovereign of the Kingdom, some say that the frustration of their Majesty that day was a tale of legends.

In the heart of Beograd, the White City of the Serbs, Beli Dvor

It was not but a day after the torrential rains finally ceased tormenting the people he worked feverishly to protect, knowing well enough of the increase that trickled ever so slowly of the fatalities taken by the harsh waters as they hung over his conscious, draping the outer-edges of his psyche of their deaths. It was not enough that their deaths burdened and stained his hands with their blood but the reports he had received from the public on-goings around the world had shocked the Kralj to a tizzy.

From countless countries declaring their existence to the apparent surprise reveal that the Principality of Tikal and their duo 'Divines' had survived somewhat unscathed from the Great Blaze of Disaster that engulfed the world. HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic breathed in deeply, doing his best to slowly exhale in order to ease his mounting frustration. Albeit a very minor one, the annoyance that the people had dubbed what happened as the 'Veliki Plamen Katastrofe' added to his frustration as the researchers and scientists he had tasked to the job worked endlessly to figure out what exactly caused it to begin with. The very religious claimed it to be of a divine work, a punishment for where man had gone wrong as a whole and he was completely thankful that he had the chance to circumvent the religious going extreme with it as he talked with the new Patriarch of his newly gained kingdom.

The Patriarch and he had talked extensively after he routed and culled the religious extreme possibility, and not long after the two had come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Dragojev shook his head and completely derailed his train of thought, sighing once more as he glanced down at the reports laying haphazardly across his desk, a sign of his mounting frustration with the entire situation. While he was not an outright religious man like others, he still cursed under his breath at the rains for bringing terror and tragedy to his people.

"You should probably get some rest."

The voice reverberated throughout his temporary office, startling the young King out of his swear montage as he turned with a glare on his face.

"You should know better than to startle me like that, especially in these times, Dražen!" he barked at the former sailor who simply smirked at him in return.

"Well, never been one to exactly follow orders," he snarked at his sovereign before glancing to the side, "!@#$ has certainly gone topsy-turvy the past few weeks, hasn't it?"

Dragojev frowned before sharply nodding, needing no words to convey how utterly crazy the world had become.

"What do you plan on doing after we find them?" the sailor asked as he walked towards the room's open window, a slight breeze sweeping through as he breathed in.

"I have utterly no idea, only temporary plans but nothing concrete. I'm playing all by ear right now, Dra'," he replied in answer, the Kralj of Jugoslavija walked around his desk and swiftly took his seat. "I honestly wished I had the answers for how to move forward but things are very chaotic in this world."

At that Dražen nodded as he glared at some unseen point in the distance, a frown crossing his features.

"Bandits reign across various lands, taking advantage of the chaos to loot and pillage the good peoples. I have my hands full with the recent disaster to cross our region from how devastating the flooding was, that's not counting the things and happenings I have to keep track of for the safety of my people but for our neighbors as well due to our status of being the biggest power in the Balkans so far."

The Sovereign eyed his refreshment before taking a sip of the now Luke-warm water, the water at least quenching his thirst, "This is the dawn of a new age, Dražen, a veritable reign of chaos."


Several weeks would come and go, the fledgling government of the Kralj doing their best to aid the people affected by the severe flooding. For the most part, it seemed to the people that their new Sovereign had the best intentions and desire to protect them from harm, endearing himself from doing what he thought was right in his duties and responsibilities. Slowly as those displaced and affected returned to normalcy, the Kralj and his Veliki Savet started to receive reports from the southern regions of Hungary and western regions of Romania.

In the former regions of Bács-Kiskun, Baranya, and Csongrád the 1st Expeditionary Division found several towns and hamlets that counted south slavs as part of their numbers. The Division ordered two squads to be left in each town to protect the peace they had put down once the bandits were routed entirely from the region, most of the people being appreciative for the new protection. Amidst those reports was an account of a Hungarian woman, named Viràg Arany, throwing herself at one of the soldiers as she apparently sobbed from sheer happiness. In short, an interim government was created in the biggest region of Bács-Kiskun, specifically within the regional capital of Kecskemét.

Within the former regions of Caraș-Severin, Mehedinți, and Timiș the 2nd Expeditionary Division found drastically smaller numbers than the one in former Hungary of towns that counted their cultural brothers in their population. Banditry and trafficking of the darker criminal elements were rife as they apparently ruled as medieval fiefs and warlords, so the entrance of a military division to their territory was acted upon. Skirmishes with the criminal elements still kept up, with plans being made to take down and dismantle the criminal faction within those regions in order to establish peace for the beleaguered Romanian people.


In the heart of Beograd, the White City of the Serbs, Beli Dvor

Virág could scarcely believe it herself. Her family had basically demanded to visit the capital of the resurgent South Slavic kingdom, in order to give thanks for the protection and peace of mind their soldiers had given them. The town they lived in was the first to be entered into and one of the closest to the border of the Yugoslavian kingdom, so it was not a far drive to begin with now that the roads were protected by the South Slavic military. Her little sister who was besides her seemed to be back to her old self, gossiping and socializing with wanton as she used to be before the Great Disaster. Unfortunately, she was the recipient for the amount of rumors and tidbits Rebeka acquired.

"They say that their King is still single and quite the heart-throb," her sister said saucily, the effect falling flat on its face with whom she was talking to. This did not matter to her, slightly bothering and informing her sister at the same time was entertaining as always. Virág simply nodded, quite clearly doing her best to not pay much attention to her gossiping. "There's also quite a lot of rumors around him, some calling him a messiah and others calling him divine intervention in the form of past glory since apparently his family line was amongst the first to be counted as nobility for the Serbs," she continued without stopping, their parents paying attention to her wanting to know more of the noble King.

"What do they say about sending those soldiers outside of the kingdom?" her father asked in their native tongue, she being the only one who spoke somewhat basic Serbian.

"They said that he sent them to look for their cultural brothers and sisters. Croats, Serbs, Bulgarians, Slovenes, you classify it under their cultural umbrella and that's what they were looking to protect," she answered after thinking on the response a bit, wanting to make sure she recollected correctly.

"Basically, our protection was an afterthought that they were more than happy to do," she added to her summary as the family of four waited with the group of Hungarians they were with, the others quite clearly having listened in. Their father simply nodded and fell silent, contemplating the answer he had gotten before the sharp crack of noise of a trumpet silenced the rest of the group.

"Announcing the court of His Majesty Kralj Dragojev Belojevic of Jugoslavija to be open," barked a rough voice as the doors of the throne room were opened, allowing the group entry and finally seeing their interim protector calmly sitting on his throne. A simple but elegant band of gold rested on top of his brow, the royal dressed in a oddly fitting combination of purple and maroon with a cloak of purple and gold draped behind him.

He raised his hand and gently beckoned the group of foreigners to enter his court, the hesitance of them as a whole slowly vanishing as they entered the throne room, small bands of officials of some capacity were dispersed throughout the sides of the room, naught but whispers being heard as all rested their gaze on the group.

"I have heard that you all sought out an audience with me, fellows," the noble said as the group stood still several feet away from the throne. He smiled at them, "So then, I must ask what is it that you wish to speak about?" he asked inquisitively.

Adorján, their father, stepped forward out of the group. Grim-faced as always, he simply bowed to the Monarch without speaking. The Kralj quirked his eyebrow at the bow before his other eyebrow joined in as the rest of the group bowed to him.

Rebeka sighed to herself, rising quickly after her bow as she stepped forwards and stood besides her still bowing father. "We came to thank, Kralj, for you protection," she said in basic Serbian, slightly cringing at how it must have sounded like for the native Serb.

Either the Monarch did not mind at all or he must have had one hell of a poker face as he slowly stood, moving forward with a soft smile on his face. "It was and will remain to be a pleasure to be able to protect the good Hungarian peoples for as long as they desire and seek my protection," he said as he stopped in front of the father and daughter duo. "Rise, good peoples, for you are among friends," he intoned as he placed a hand on her father's shoulder, beckoning him to rise.

She nodded at the look her father threw at her before he rose, nodding his thanks to their hopefully new king. Something she hoped for as well.


A full month would pass as the expeditionary divisions would cement the interim government that would protect the full land of former Hungary and former Romania, the mafia elements within Romania bristling but still intact and would undoubtedly harrass the 'imperialists' who kept attacking and forcing their hand against their interests and illegal businesses. To this, a message was sent as an official declaration of war.


Official Message from the Kraljevina Jugoslavija (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)

Criminal Elements of Romania,

We are coming.

Respectfully Rot in Hell,
HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic

A day would pass before the world at large received the following message:

Official Declaration from the Kraljevina Jugoslavija (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)

Citizens of the world,

Today marks a new day in Carpathia and the Balkans. After a few months of discussion, establishing peace and order for the beleaguered peoples living within those regions, Romanians and Hungarians need not fear any longer. An interim government for each people has been established with the division sent to be used as its peace-keeping force.

The regions of Bács-Kiskun, Baranya, Csongrád, and Tolna from former Hungary will be incorporated into the kingdom to fully protect the Hungarians and as a promise of protection. The regions of Caras-Severin, Timis, Mehedinti from former Romania will be incorporated into the kingdom to fully protect the Romanians and as a promise of protection.

This promise is to ensure that they have full rights to their self-determination as a people and country should they desire and want to become a country on their own again, until then the Kingdom of Jugoslavija will fully protect them. We also warn that the act of a country landing soldiers within these lands will be seen as a declaration of war, thus seeing fit to march to war to protect them.

Our kingdom will work hard to provide the basic necessities for its people and those we extend our protection to.

HM Kralj Dragojev Belojevic

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