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Divine Protection

Today, Empress Lihua has stated and promised to protect the independence of he small autonomous peoples throughout North-Eastern China. She earlier stated that "their bastions of culture and individuality are ones we should not stir", and implored other Asian nations to adopt a similar, protectionist stance.
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Enlisted Soldiers: 500,000
Active Reservists: 190,000

Type 99s: 1,500
Type 96s: 6,000
MBT-3000s: 1,000

ZBD2000s: 750
Type 63As: 200

ZBD-08s: 400
ZBL-09s: 780

Type 92s: 800
Type 89s: 800

Weishi Rockets: 2,500
PR50s: 1000

Type 66s: 1,500
PLZ-52s: 3,300
PLZ-45s: 2,000

Type 093s: 6
Type 052Ds: 8
Type 054As: 7
Type 056s: 8[/spoiler] Edited by Horo the Wise Wolf
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Naval Exercises:

North China announces that it will be staging military and live fire exercise in the East China Sea. Consisting of two destroyers and a submarine, the group will be in the area for a few weeks; they will take utmost care to ensure no other vessels are harmed, but locals have been advised to steer clear of the area.
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