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PNN International News #19 - Now with Sir Paul's Embargo Sing-along!

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Imperial Office of Internal Affairs - Media Department
in the stately name of Emperor Letum
the Eighth Sovereign of the New Pacific Order

proudly presents

Issue # 19
A Jackboot On the Pulse Of World Events


This edition features:


Order Prevails

Freedom's Price and Freedom's Profit

History of the Pacific Bank

What has the Bank been up to?

Pacific-Art Attack





By Qazzian, Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs


Today marks the end of restrictions stipulated to end the War of the Orders. For the last one hundred days, we have toiled in peace, rebuilding without the aid provided by our banks. We have persevered in the face of these terms. Today, we welcome back our comrades in arms, and rejoice as we show the difference between an economic system that progresses, and one that truly WORKS. Today, the one hundredth day after our guns fell silent after the War of the Orders, we present to you this, the Nineteenth Pacific News Network publication.






Order Prevails


Throughout the ages, Order has always prevailed. In this, the tenth year of Order, the Pacific faced her former comrade, Polaris, for the first time on the field of battle. And now the world has seen what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object, as the saying goes.

Planet Bob learned time and time again that the will of the Orders can not be broken, and yet, politics required others to question our wills. It required them to defy the spirit we share; a spirit of uncompromising progress. Pacifica prevailed. Polaris prevailed. Order prevailed.

Though our political bonds have long been broken, the Orders will forever share the meritocratic foundation laid forth by the August Revolution and carried by the brave revolutionaries from realm to realm. To some, it is a grand joke - but to us, to the disciples of Order, it is and always has been the path to victory.

Once again, terms were imposed upon Order. And once again, Order endured and prevailed. What was meant as a handicap was viewed as a challenge, and the challenge was met. This is the way that it has always been, and the way that it will always be. Polaris rose to their challenges. The Sith rose to their challenges. We rose to ours.

What does the future hold for Order? The next decade will surely have its fair share of trials and triumphs. The lessons of the last decade of Order will be heeded, and the foundations of our triumphs will be reinforced anew. The Sith will prevail. Pacifica will prevail. Polaris will prevail. Above all, Order will prevail.

Written by: Scourge
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



Freedom's Price and Freedom's Profit


11th February 2014- one hundred days ago.  The Order stood strong in the face of its adversaries, every Pacifican having given better than he or she had taken.  The war was ended, our terms set.  On this day, in the tenth year of Order, Pacifica turned its focus from the engines of destruction to those of creation.
The Order stood at a total Nation Strength of 7,634,201, with 1,246,508 Infrastructure and 561,298 Technology, on the day our rebuilding began.  Every nation from the Emperor down set about rebuilding our bombed roads, replacing our war-torn flags with fresh Pacifican standards, and every nation has seen the light of recovery shining like the Star of the Pacific over us.  The Order now stands at a Nation Strength of 9,976,272, with 1,590,836 Infrastructure and 777,805 Technology 
We have made these great advancements without the bulk of the world-renowned Pacifican bank.  Thirty nations, our brothers and sisters in arms, were forced by terms to stand by, unable to send assistance or receive aid of their own.  One hundred days, ten cycles of aid their slots lay dormant.  1,800 slots went unused, and 10,800,000,000 Francos, or 180,000 units of technology went unsent.  But our comrades shall be restrained no more.
Winter is ended, Pacificans.  The days have grown longer, the ice in our lands has receded, and with it have gone our opponents.  Winter is ended, and spring is come to the Pacific.  We have accomplished a truly monumental undertaking, growing at a rate of approximately 700,000 Nation Strength per month since the War of the Orders came to a close.  Our adversaries sought to strangle our economy with these terms, but all they have done is hardened our resolve and given us resilience.  We have still grown without our Bank, grown without the aid system that so terrifies those who would stand against us.
True, we have lost time, and here more than ever, time is money.  We will recover that money- keep your aid slots full, Pacificans, use them well.  Make up your losses many times over through vigilance- know when your slots lapse, and replenish your comrades' technology and money as quickly as you can.  For we have great things ahead of us, and we must build ourselves stronger still to be prepared for them.  But our great advances will be made from the point we have reached in these last hundred days.  That point is 9.98 million Nation Strength and 300 members.  That point is now, and it is a splendid achievement on its own merit.
This is your doing.  The Body Republic of the Order has come together not in defeat but in resolve, a mighty resolve which has been shown continuously in our alliance's statistics.  Our strength increases daily, and the terms which were forced upon us have not dimmed the spirit of Pacifica.  Almost eleven billion Francos went unsent, and yet we rebuilt.  Eighteen hundred aid slots were missed, and yet we expand.  We grew mightier than ever, and what our adversaries intended to be a hundred days of sorrow turned into a hundred days of success.  It is most fitting that during these terms fell the Feast of Strength, for Pacifica has grown strong indeed, and continues to grow!  
But this, comrades, is just the beginning.  With the Bankers back to work, we can expect a torrent of aid as was never before seen in Cyber Nations.  Our growth so far has been spectacular, but compared to what is to come, it has been merely the foundation.  Targets have been scarce and aid slots have lay fallow, but we must wait no more.  Billions of Francos and hundreds of thousands of units of technology will flow steadily through every Pacifican nation as the sleeping giant reawakens.  The Bank is opening its doors once more, and opening the floodgates of the Pacific to wash away these terms.  Aid resumes, Pacificans, and it resumes now.
Your growth these last hundred days has been slow and tortured, the growth of the first seeds of spring, but your growth over the next hundred will be as the wheat of summer.  For the winter is ended, comrades!  This is a summer of growth!  This is a summer of Order!  Pacifica Prevails!

Written by: Hakora Kiyanto
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



History of the Pacific Bank


The Pacific Bank is known worldwide as the oldest, most effective, and longest-lasting economic institution of the Cyberverse. Each and every Pacifican has - to a degree - come to rely on it as a way to acquire the funds needed for nation growth and rebuilding; acquisition of technology, wonders, and improvements; military purchases; and, recently, reparation payments.

Much of the work of the bank, however, has always been silent, almost secret. While many have been the recipient of an aid package with an undecipherable description at one point or another, few know how the bank really works, and even fewer know how it was born. Being the second-oldest department in the New Pacific Order (outdated only by Military Command), many of the faces of those who gave birth to it are now gone, but not forgotten.

The Early Days

The Pacific Bank is one of our most respected institutions today and is the envy of the financial world; yet, it had relatively humble beginnings. Before the Bank was organized as we know it today, it was at heart a committee, made up of only a few members. Names of the past and present, famous and infamous: The Mighty Pump, The Multitude, Sweetmofugginj, King Justin, and Frawley, to name a few.

Back in those days, banking was a very different endeavor than it is today; bankers not only fought in all wars, but they also continued to send aid during and after conflicts. It is hard to imagine, with war as it is now, such a method of banking working as such today. The dynamics of the game have completely changed. Due to the way we manage war, aid flow, and target acquisition, we have become far more advanced than we could have believed then. Sometime after the Second Polar War, at the height of the Order’s uncontested dominance, the Pacific Bank was formally institutionalized by the Sixth Alliance Council (June 2006). This was a turning point in both the structure and character of the bank, as it was finally formalized as a department.

Great Patriotic War

Shortly before the Great Patriotic War, the humble Bank of the Pacific was redesigned by the then-ruling Alliance Council. The committee of old was cast away and four new departments were created: War Aid, Improvements Aid, Loans and Tech, headed by jdwayne, King Justin, Admiral Lafiel, and Frawley, who was chosen, thanks to Sweetmofugginj, to run the War Aid department.

What happened in the following weeks was a baptism of fire, with eight bankers servicing fifteen nations each; Pacifica entered the Great Patriotic War. This was the first true test for the banking system, and the lessons we learned were remarkable. It was during this time that the bank was forced, due to sheer aid slot limitations, nuclear anarchy and a system swamped with aid requests, to effectively rely on the good graces of donations to the bank in order to finance wartime operations. It was after this war that Frawley stated that he owed his greatest debt to Sweetmofugginj; for the lessons learned during this time would shape the first great reformation of the Pacific Bank.

Immediately after the war was over, the bank made its greatest and best-known mark in CN. In stunning form, the bank pulled off a rebuilding scheme that has widely been lauded as the best reconstruction effort CN has ever seen, thanks to highly efficient aid lists and aid chains that could stretch out over (at three slots a nation) ninety-three nations. Multitude - a banker of old - was able to complete a chain that was worth, to the disbelief of many, a staggering sixty-eight million Francos. To put this achievement into perspective, the largest chain prior to this was Operation Reformentia can Kiss my Ass, conducted by Caritan, which was worth a mere three million in comparison. The achievement was massive. Sums sent by other bankers, although not insignificant, certainly paled in comparison to Multitude’s. All these efforts brought Pacifica back to the number one rank within a matter of weeks.

The Pacific Bank

During the age of Dilber, the bank would play a very large role in peacetime growth operations and in preparations for war. During his reign, the departmental heads were approached by Dilber with orders to revamp the bank, clean up its processes, increase its capacity, and generally maintain it at the pinnacle of Cyber Nations' financial institutions. To this end, the bank removed the loans department and revamped the Tech Department in order to better suit the needs of Pacifica. Later during this same period, the bank suffered from widespread inactivity after a number of prominent members took simultaneous leaves of absence, largely crippling the bank. When the likes of xback87 and Josef Thorne joined the bank, it prompted the second great reformation, producing a structure similar to that of today. Department heads were scrapped and a Chairman/Executive structure was created. Due in no small part to some of the most vocal and contentious individuals in the Order joining the bank, membership blossomed as people flocked to the Bank to find out what all the fuss was about. With morale high and aid flowing to both allies and members of the Order, no one expected the conflict that was to come next.

Prior to this time, bankers could be in both the Military Command and the Pacific Bank. Indeed, many of them were. As a result of this dual-membership and the high activity within the ranks of the Bank, many bankers were also lieutenants or assisted the lieutenants in the management of their battalions. During this time, Imperial Officer of Military Affairs Anthony had fallen out with a number of the MilCom bankers over not leaving peace mode in order to fight. Leaving peace mode and fighting was against a direct bank ruling. Drama ensued, and the fallout ended an era of cooperation between the Military Command and the Bank. The schism would remain until the eventual expulsion of Anthony coupled with the rise of Koona and Umbrae Noctem’s military command.

Only after the expulsion of Anthony did Frawley realize that the bank was similar to the cult of personality pushed by Anthony, with the slight difference that it preached dedication to the organization, instead of an individual. While this did build team spirit and cooperation, it severely damaged the Bank’s overall standing within the Order. With this in mind, the third and final reformation of the bank was pushed forward by the government without the support of the bankers. This reformation converted the bank into a purely merit-based organization and saw the rise of Comrade Wasabi and LordStrider. Some of the character of the bank was lost as the old guard was shuffled out to make way for the new. This loss, however, allowed the forging of a new identity, one of absolute efficiency and timeliness, and the benefits of that change are hard to argue against.

After the FAN war, the Pacific Bank primarily focused on peacetime aid; although, packages of war aid and reconstruction aid were sent out during and in the aftermath of the conflict. This fundamental change in focus can be largely attributed to the introduction of a mandatory warchest, the impact of which has given the bank a greater scope in terms of their operations.

With the rise of the Technology Corps as a department in its own right, the Bank coordinated several programs with them and other departments to further increase Pacifica’s power and dominion over the world. With the leadership of Frawley and LordStrider as Imperial Officers of Economic Affairs, as well as Millionario first as chairman and later as Imperial Officer himself, and the chairmanship of Letum, the bank reached an average aid flow of 2.5 billion Francos per month through several different projects oriented to all of the needs of Pacifica.

Armageddon War & Consequences

During the Armageddon War, most of the Pacific Bank stayed in peace mode due to Imperial orders to that effect. Many bankers wanted to help their comrades fight the largest war ever fought, and kept their hopes high, prepared to jump into the fight at a moment’s notice; however, such a call never came and to reach peace, Pacifica was required to agree to some of the most abusive reparations ever designed by any coalition in CN history.
During the first few months after the war, first under Letum and later under the direction of Chairwoman Jasmine, the banks were mainly dedicated to the speedy and constant payment of technology and cash reparations. With the unparalleled assistance of many Pacificans who pledged their own funds in the assistance of the payments, the Pacific Bank, along with every member of the Order, amazed the world with their efficiency in the payment of reparations.

Shortly after the reparations were paid, Jasmine took the mantle as Imperial Officer, and with the help of Letum, as well as Slovostsky and Elegarth occupying the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman, respectively, drove the biggest reconstruction the NPO ever undertook.

Doomhouse War and DEA

During the time between the Armageddon War and the Doomhouse War, Pacifica dedicated most of its efforts in the economic field to the strengthening of the Order and its membership. It excelled in the distribution of Tech and Cash due to increased collaboration between the Pacific Bank and the Technology Corps. Imperial Officers Jasmine and Bakamitai came up with a plan to bring the coordination of these departments even closer, though implementation would be forestalled by war.

When the Doomhouse War began, the bankers were ordered into Peace Mode, which put further plans on hiatus. The war ended with the signing of The Overtime Accords, which required many of the bankers to engage in a limited 21 days' war against the forces of Umbrella, MK, GOONS, FAN and Nordreich.

After the war, and thanks to the coordination of then-retired Imperial Officer Jasmine, Imperial Officer Bakamitai, and department heads Letum, Elegarth, and Zeta Defender, the Pacific Bank and the Technology Corps disappeared as independent departments and the Department of Economic Affairs was born, on July 18th, 2011, with combined processes and integrated management.

Since then, and under the management of Imperial Officers Letum, Gumpper, and with the recent return of Regent Frawley, the Department of Economic Affairs has kept the fire of the old Bank burning bright, leading Pacifica’s economy ever forward.

Written by: Elegarth
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



What has the Bank been up to for the last 100 days?


The pungent smell emanating from the silver door in front of me was thick with sweat and alcoholic spirits.  The magnificent bronze arcs that formed the doorway were shining, kept clean and lusty thanks to the myriad of workers that only the Pacifica Bank, with its trillions upon trillions of Francos, can afford.  And beyond that door, the answer to the question that all of Planet Bob has been asking themselves for the last 100 days… What the hell has the Pacific Bank been up to?
I must admit that at first, when I decided to take the task of infiltrating the banker quarters and bringing out the truth, I was afraid.  I expected that security measures and militarized bunkers would be surely an integral part of the challenges ahead of me.  I was even in contact with former Special Ops members, who trained and me and advised me in the proper way to face all of that.  I couldn't have been more wrong…
My first step was to personally visit the public premises of the bank, and to inquire about the possibilities of a formal interview with the management.  I put on my best suit, took a briefcase, and rented a luxury car.  I drove myself all the way to the Financial Quarters of Francograd, feeling overwhelmed by the huge factories and research labs that the Technology Corps built all around. And in front of me, about half a mile away, in sparkling white marble set against the sky, I saw the Pacific Bank Vault.  


Located on top of Golden Hill, some say the vault was designed upon the childhood dreams of old forgotten bankers, while some others say that the world’s best architect was held captive and subjected to criminal amounts of secondhand pot smoke- no one is certain. As I drove closer to it, I could see the luxurious gold-plated Strider Sign on the entrance (similar to a dollar sign, but representing old Imperial Officer Lord Strider, under whose reign the vault was completed). I could appreciate is simple style and minimalistic beauty.  But there was something else I could appreciate: the complete lack of external security. 

I parked my car one block away and walked all the way up the hill to the main entrance, where a sad little old clerk asked me simply if I was on official business.  A simple smile and a “yes” later, I was in the lobby.  To describe the insides of the bank is like trying to explain to a blind man what it is to see the sun rising over the horizon on a Caribbean dawn…  But it can be said that the bankers have made sure to spend every single cent they could on this.  And I mean it: on some walls, instead of the beautiful decoration of the main hall, there are coins, fixed one over the other, obscuring the wall beneath, creating a collage of opulence and bad taste I could never have dreamed before.


There are no counters.  It has been said that when operating, the bank is an anthill of activity; automated androids run around continuously, to tend and serve the patrons and solicitors alike.  Today, with the bankers under terms, it is simply empty.  Among a row of desks, I can see an old door, with the label STAFF ONLY shining brightly above it.  You can easily guess that the door was open.  And from there on, until reaching this door, my dread of finding out some opposition has been… unjustified… 
Endless corridors and secured vaults, offices and pool rooms, snack bars, and what I think was a strip club surprised me as I descended slowly into the underground levels designated for the private use of the bankers.  Surprised by the frequent hippie signs hanging from every wall, I made my way through with ease.  Pictures of old, renowned members of the Bank in compromising situations were also a standard part of the Bank Deco style used down here.  But no security, no cameras, no guards…  I was starting to worry. Could I have been in the wrong building? Could all this have been a decoy?


But eventually, I was there, in front of the smoking silver door.  Affixed above it, the most ominous sign ever: “Bankers Only – No Trespass”.  Curiously enough, it was taped with chewing gum, made of what appeared to be an old faded Playboy centerfold, and written in thick crayon.  I was merely 30 yards away, and I was already crying, my eyes resenting the heavy smoke.  The floor was littered with cigarette stubs and booze bottles, crayons and magazines.  I could have never imagined what was beyond that door.
I took a deep breath, and stepped in.  My eyes took a moment to adjust to the sun.  While they did, I couldn't stop to wonder- how could the sun blind me 30 levels underground? And how could I hear the sound of crashing waves? And how was the smell of marijuana being taken over by the salty smell of the sea and BBQ? And the laughter? And the music? Had I gone mad?
Well, not really.  “What have the bankers been up to?” I asked of the first man I saw, a 30-something hippie holding a Piña Colada and a pipe full with something suspiciously unlike tobacco. “Partying!” was all he could say, before stumbling back to the arms of a gorgeous brunette nearby.  An underground beach, wet-bar and BBQ station included.  Luxurious beach benches, multicolor parasols, boys and girls and bankers all around.  Dionysus would have been proud.  No, not proud: he would have been amazed. 



And then I heard my name. “Hey, you, Anarth… You little mischievous underpaid journalist, come over here”. I located the source of the call, a man sitting on top of a throne-like beach chair. As I walked closer, I recognized him easily.  The man, the legend, the founder.  The Imperial Officer for Economic Affairs, Frawley, The Old Man, called me.  I opened my mouth with a thousand questions, but he shushed me, a finger over my lips, and told me this: “Go out and tell them, mate. Tell them the bank is coming. Tell them I am back and our vacations are over. Tell them we are thankful for this leisure time, we surely needed it. And ask them… Ask them if they fear the cash power of the fully armed and operational economic system of the New Pacific Order…”
I can’t remember what happened next.  Last thing I recall is a waiter who brought me a drink and a pipe, and bankers Elegarth and Zepher dragging me over to one of the bars.  I reached home 7 days later, suffering from the world’s worst hangover ever.  What have the bankers been up to?  Heh, they are partying.  Cuz you know, bankers be bankers, eh?

Written by: Anarth, Elegarth's Twin Evil Brother
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network

Pacific-Art Attack

Comrades, the restrictions placed upon us have expired. The last 100 days have been a harder grind to rebuild, but we have persevered and have been successful. During this time, we banded together and supported one another in a monumental effort of camaraderie, growth, and development. Now that the restrictions are lifted, and our banking system is unchained, it is time for celebration! The artists of the Media Corps are proud to present a collection of their works to celebrate the return of the Pacifican Banking System!


Twisted Fate






George Bronx





Maestro’s Final Sing-Along Embargo Report
My Emperor, His Honored Regent and Imperial Officers, Honored Allies, Respected Enemies, Indeterminate Neutrals, Friends, Detractors, and my fellow Pacificans:
The terms have ended, and the New Pacific Order, with her new Emperor, new Regent, and new freedom, shall make the most of it.
Final Sing-Along Embargo Report - Y10.T3.01: Unleashed
Sir Paul
Imperator Populusque Pacificus
May 23, 2014
10 Years of Order
First Sing-Along Embargo Report
Second Sing Along Embargo Report
Third Sing Along Embargo Report


The Pacific Press # 19, 23 May 2014 Ends Here
The Next Issue of The Pacific Press Coming Soon - Stay Tuned!

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Awesome!  I especially like the story regarding the goings on inside the Bank.  NATO's Treasury isn't so grand, but we do have a fully stocked bar and plenty of gold and cash, and also automated machine gun turrets, special-ops trained armed guards, cameras, sensors, sensors, sensors ...  You know because NATO doesn't screw around when it comes to security. :P



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The Emperor has decreed that a meteor shower should happen tonight to celebrate the freedom of Pacifica.  Those in the Pacific Time Zone should look up between 11pm and 1am to behold the heavens responding to our Emperor's will.

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I enjoy reading these articles, especially when they reaffirm how little the peace terms hurt Pacifica as a whole. I can remain content that my allies in the previous coalition were indeed clever to design terms that punished only individual offending nations and were in no way, shape, or form "harsh." I also enjoyed reading about the history of the bank, especially since I could recognize some of the names back from when I was a member of the NPO myself.

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I enjoy reading these articles, especially when they reaffirm how little the peace terms hurt Pacifica as a whole. I can remain content that my allies in the previous coalition were indeed clever to design terms that punished only individual offending nations and were in no way, shape, or form "harsh." I also enjoyed reading about the history of the bank, especially since I could recognize some of the names back from when I was a member of the NPO myself.

The individual nations were actually benefited rather than punished. They got to buff up all their warchests and didn't really miss out on any tech they weren't getting in the first place. The latter was the reason why in negotiations we offered 2x the length of the terms in import-restrictions only...which unfortunately, our opponents were smart and rejected - knowing as they did that the value of these nations was in what they send out, not in what they can bring in. Kudos to them.

But yes, the NPO has footed the bill of the terms as a collective, and prevailed over them as it is wont to do. If anyone in the future comes around that has both the will and the power to try and keep the Order down, I invite them to go for something with more impact and less fancy packaging.
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Didn't know nations that peace mode the majority of wars needed large warchests.


Wow TOP must have the lowest WC's out there then, considering 60% were in PM last war :/


Edit:  Oh yeah, I came to this thread to hail NPO, just got sidetracked :(  


o/ NPO

Edited by berbers
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Didn't know nations that peace mode the majority of wars needed large warchests.





Wow TOP must have the lowest WC's out there then, considering 60% were in PM last war :/


Edit:  Oh yeah, I came to this thread to hail NPO, just got sidetracked :(


o/ NPO


No you 

were in peace mode last war more bro.

Edited by Unknown Smurf
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The Emperor has decreed that a meteor shower should happen tonight to celebrate the freedom of Pacifica.  Those in the Pacific Time Zone should look up between 11pm and 1am to behold the heavens responding to our Emperor's will.

Meteors generally mean doom is coming. Poor pacificans walking into their graves.

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