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Alvonian Weapons Systems

Markus Wilding

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Alvonian Weapons Systems - Arming the Armies of Tomorrow - Today!


Alvonian Weapons Systems (AWS), with the approval of CEO Walter Armbruster, has opened its doors to international weapons sales. This website shall be updated whenever a new weapon has been approved for international sale.


Rifles/Carbines (G and K series)

[post='3258078']G31 assault rifle (6.5 mm)[/post]

[post='3258837']K2 carbine (6.8 mm)[/post]

[post='3258837']KMG-20 naval carbine (.223) Rebranded![/post]


Sub-machine guns/Machine pistols (MP series)

[post='3259446']MP34K sub-machine gun (9x19 mm Parabellum)[/post] Withdrawn from international sale


Machine guns (MG series)

[post='3263908']MG10S (10 mm)[/post]


Heavy artillery (Kanone series)

[post='3263481']15 cm Kanone 14 (149.1 mm)[/post]


Anti-tank launchers (Panzerfaust series)

[post='3269166']Panzerfaust 800[/post]




Who owns AWS?

The government of Alvonia currently holds a 60% stake in AWS, and the other 40% are held by private investors in Alvonia. AWS will update the main page whenever stocks go on sale.


The Alvonian Heer uses really neat stuff! Where can I get one?

By order of Director Wilding, any Wehrmacht-issue weapon is banned from international sale. We apologize for the inconvenience.


I'm a private buyer. Can I...?

AWS only sells to military and law enforcement. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Alvonian Weapons Systems does not hold responsibility for any firearm sold. Use at your own risk.

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Introducing the AWS G31 assault rifle!


The Gewehr 31, or G31, is an assault rifle built by AWS for international sale. The G31 is unique in the sense that it uses a 6.5 mm cartridge rather than standard 7.62 or 5.56 mm calibers, and when coupled with an ambidextrous charging handle, magazine release, and fire selector, the G31 is the perfect, low-cost choice for any modernizing and expanding army! In addition to the features already mentioned, the G31 comes standard with a 406 mm barrel and 30-round magazine. Iron sights are optional and the rifle can easily be modified to accept optics, grenade launchers, flashlights, suppressors, and vertical or horizontal grips. This rifle has an effective range of 200-400 meters and has a maximum range of 650 meters when firing standard ammunition. The base model price is 2,665 Reichsmarks.

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"We would like to place an offer for 200 Stahlheme. The Government Information Office has planned to release a great drama set in the years of the civil war against the communist scourge and we need our good old helmets for authenticity. I hope AWS can provide such great helmets for the National Revolutionary Army."

-Bo Jie-ling, Film Director

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"The 200 Stahlheme can be produced within three weeks and shipped in about two. Specific painting requests can be forwarded to our office and we will ensure they are painted accurately down to the last line. The order has been estimated to cost approximately 1,500 RM, which we have been assured are equal to one of your currency."


- AWS response

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Introducing the AWS K2 carbine!


The Karabiner 2, or K2, rifle is now for sale. This rifles features a 406 mm barrel, with an adjustable stock that has a GPS system built onto the side so your soldiers will never get lost!* Other features include ambidextrous magazine catch, bolt release and charging handle like on other AWS weapons as well as being chambered for 6.8 mm as well as special "Swiss" camouflage**. Additional features include optics, foregrips (M2 option shown), grenade launchers, lasers, and suppressors. This rifle is starting at 3,362 Reichmarks.



Introducing the AWS MP20M***!

The Maschinenpistole 20 Marine, or MP20M, is the newest sub-machine gun for sale. Firing the .223 Remington round, this model is designed for naval forces and infantry that have a need for a light weapon that fires quickly and puts enemies down hard. This sub-machine gun is short and easily maneuverable in the confines of a naval ship or amphibious assault and features a 317 mm barrel and 20 round translucent magazine for easy ammo checking. The weapon comes with easy transition iron sights offset to the side so that they do not interfere with optics, which are recommended to be used with this weapon. Rate of fire is estimated to be at around 900 rounds per minute. The base cost for this rifle is a low 1,875 Reichsmarks. This weapon comes pre-painted in a naval camouflage pattern.


* AWS bears no responsibility should soldiers actually find themselves lost.

** The name "Swiss camouflage" is derived from the camouflage used by previous Swiss militaries and is not intended to camouflage the user in any Swiss location or around people from Switzerland.

*** Renamed to KMG-20 (Kriegsmarine Gewehr)

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"Legionworks of the Kingdom of Axum wishes to purchase a custom made 10 gauge shotgun mounted as a chain-gun. It also needs to be fitted in a turret that has mounting rings that match a heavily customized BMP-3 Security Vehicle."


AWS has completed the prototype and hopes it will be satisfactory. If it is, then we shall put it into production immediately.





Introducing the AWS MP34K!

The MP34K, or Maschinenpistole 34 Kurz, is a new machine gun built by AWS. Although it features what appears to be a standard assault rifle magazine, this weapon actually fires the lethal 9x19 mm Parabellum round and weighs only 2.83 kilograms. The weapon itself is only 584 mm in length with a 190.5 mm barrel. Magazine capacity for now is 45 rounds and it fires at approximately 500 rounds per minute. This is the perfect weapon for your special operations forces! Only 800 Reichmarks!

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Introducing the 15 cm Kanone 14!

The 15 cm Kanone 14 is a new artillery weapon designed by AWS for both heavy artillery and coastal gun purposes, the 15 cm K 14 fires a projectile slightly smaller than a standard 150 mm projectile (149.1 mm) and has an elevation of -3° to +46° with a 60° traverse on its carriage. If fitted for coastal gun duties, it has a 360° traverse on its circular mount. This heavy gun has a range of 24.7 km and is starting at 2,500 Reichsmarks per piece. Package deals are available.

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Introducing the MG10S!

The MG10S (Maschinengewehr 10 Schwer) is a heavy machine gun intended to be fired from the user's shoulder. The weapon fires from 60-round magazines and is designed to fire the 10 mm round. Special modifications can be made to fire other rounds, but anything above 10 mm is not recommended and may add undue stress to the user and weapon. This weapon has a rate of fire around 700 rounds per minute and is recommended for use within defensive positions and not in assaults. The base price is 8,480 Reichsmarks.

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Rockhard Productions, of Mogadishu, would like to procure one of these MG10S weapons for our upcoming film. We'd like a discount due to the volume of exposure this weapon will receive. I'll point out the previous film in the series had our actress in her greatest role ever get sucked into the bowels of hell where she then serviced the sexual needs of over 500 demons. "Sister Mary Margret's Tour of Hell 2," will show her escaping from hell, barely clothed, using the MG10S. Our plot line is a little vague after that point, but this is normal as we usually try not to get things too complicated, neckbeards don't like complicated.



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Introducing the Panzerfaust 800!

The Panzerfaust 800 is a man-portable anti-tank rocket launcher that holds four 80mm rockets in a canister configuration. This weapon weights approximately 40 kg and is expected to penetrate or damage most modern armor on the battlefield today. all while being cheap and useful! Shown here in our AMERICA! paint scheme, other options include DEUTSCHLAND!, ROSSIYA!, ZHONGGUO!, and BRITAIN!. Each unit and one rocket canister will cost 12,000 Reichsmarks. A case of canisters, approximately 10 reloads, costs 2,500 Reichsmarks.

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