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Counter-REVOLUTION, Procinctia’s fate


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Another message from a man long deceased released to international media 


Generalissimo on a Laptop, online courtesy of automatic Procinctian government systems protocols

“This is a pre-recorded message from Generalissimo, Generalissimo of Procinctia, intended to convey my sentiments concerning a reformation of Procinctia from Greater China years following Alaska's invasion in circumstances where I have vanished in Arctic waters for more than a year."

Scenario 04

Instead of the usual shenanigans of fashioned after Hari Seldon. . .

. . . I am going to really be rather straightforward.

Heir of Yuan family, whoever it may be now, I challenge you by honor of ancient rights. 

I challenged you to REVOLUTION.

Martial engagement decided when but one is standing.

The means of rightful Aleutian power."


Procinctia's government-in-exile wasn't looking forward to inevitable and impending response by Tianxia.

General consensus being that Generalissimo's brazen challenge was getting them killed.

Still. . . an order from Generalissimo wouldn't be questioned.

Their comrade leader surely had a greater plan, he always had a plan.

If the will of their generalissimo was death - so be it.

A paltry two among them believed this challenge would be accepted.

Both women anticipated the impending duel.

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I accept your challenge.  Pick a time and a place.  I'll pick the method of beating you.

"New Chicoutimi, Weston Island, atop the HMCS Chicoutimi.

On behalf our great departed leader comrade Generalissimo. . .

. . . Procinctia-in-Exile accepts your terms of REVOLUTION.



On behalf of Generalissimo's will of Procinctia-in-Exile's leadership have volunteered.

Both of them former participants in REVOLUTION.

Ai Yorishiro, Savoonga Municipal School Sarah Tintagyl Fanclub, Procinctia-in-Exile leadership.

Catalina Martinez, interim Procinctian administrator, Procinctia-in-Exile leadership.

Select your opponent, there will be just one.



*Classified for Tianxia Eyes Only*

In all fairness both our volunteers are skilled combatants.

Both possessing great experience in our style of trial by combat.

That's really not entirely fair.

Shizhi of Yuan doesn't necessarily have to battle directly.

Selecting a champion in fighting-by-proxy is acceptable.

In spirit of a fair battle we've sent you a video from the previous REVOLUTION.


Having been challenged you select means of martial battle.

From chainsaws, barbed whips, hand-to-hand, to rubber chickens. . .

This battle will be decided using your choice of martial weapon!

International News of the Bear, travel guide for Bear Island chain of James Bay.



Weston Island; the a pleasant fishing community of New Chicoutimi.



Weston Island houses New Chicoutimi, population 438, around the Victoria class submarine HMCS Chicoutimi.

Formed by a breakaway vessel of the Canadian refugee fleet who founded their own community.

Mostly populated by former Canadian military personnel turned fishermen.

Pleasant little fishing community of New Chicoutimi hadn't known any serious violence for so long. Some might consider it amusing that a weapon of battle could become a peaceful community. Across the island - even visiting boats from abroad - crowds of the nosy gathered to witness a duel that would decide Procinctia’s fate. An event completely open for curious or bloodthirsty foreigners. Like any REVOLUTION proceeding it was a public spectacle. In self proclaimed "civilized" societies legitimacy of power through bloodsport is usually considered barbaric - that really didn't hinder today's audience. A judgement of swords and souls. . .


Sitting in a relaxed lotus-eque non-position atop a submarine long in advance Shizhi's opponent awaited her. 

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Rapture had eyes and ears everywhere, a film crew would be immediately dispatched to the island, under the cover they were simply a documentary group that was in the area and happened to be filming the Procinctian natives. their mission would be to capture this fight on record for future use as a movie.

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