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Pyramids and Portals


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[Not Public. Private, in fact.]
The first careful forays into the new world were promising enough. It appeared that the point of arrival was the same as where the facility in the Prime world had been built, but with notable differences. Further exploration was given the green light, and soon enough they found out just how different this 'Secund world' was.
For one, Tikal did not exist. Neither did Athens, the Commonwealth, or any of the nations they were familiar with. As further research showed, the empires of old had apparently been shattered in an apocalyptic war. A whole new world, without the need to watch every step one took in order to not aggravate the monolithic rulers of the Prime world.
The decision to expand was made. The portal was stabilised and a temporary hangar built around it to prevent others from finding it for now. Ambassadors made contact with nearby city-states and tribes, some of which had regressed technologically, but kept the roots they'd sprung from. Tikal's roots. The visitors were careful not to gain attention from surrounding nations, but over time, more and more territory was gained. Construction of magnificent pyramids was begun at the location of arrival, to both obscure the portal beneath the largest, and to lay the foundation for the new capital.

Dawn and Dusk

And, almost two years after the arrival, the provisional government was given orders to announce itself. To bring news of Tikal's resurrection to this world, in which it had fallen like so many others.

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
fellow citizens.
The Principality of Tikal is resurgent.
So says the Prince of Tikal, The Unconquered Sun, Ajaw ichil Tikal, Huatlatoani Tlahtoloyan, Embodiment of Kinich Ahau, Embodied Divine ti Lu’um, Highest of all Judges, Lord and Ruler of all Maya, Protector from Xibalba, Defender of the Popol Vuh, Keeper of K’iinil
His Eternal Highness, Chak Tok Ich'aak
So says the Princess of Tikal, The All-Illuminating Moon, Ix'ajaw ichil Tikal, Cihuatlatoani Tlahtoloyan, Embodiment of Awilix, Embodied Divine ti Lu’um, Greatest of Judges, Protector and Mother of all Maya, Protector from Xibalba, Defender of the Popol Vuh, Keeper of K’iinil
Her Eternal Highness, Shana'Kin Yaxchel Ik'nal
Let it be known in all the world that the Eternal Rule of the Sun and the Moon shall never again be interrupted. Let it be known in all the world that the Embodied Divine walk the Earth once more. Let it be known in all the world that the Principality of Tikal is now, and forevermore, the holiest of places.
So decrees the Sun.
So proclaims the Moon."

[OOC: Further RP on my part will proceed in my news thread, where I will work in both continuities at once. Because portals and whatnot.]

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"Huh, a new state has appeared in Central America," Potentate Julius Palmer surmised as he read over the telegram in his office.


"So what? New states appear out of nowhere all of the time, given that this is the postwar world," his wife Leah said as she strode over to the desk and sat on it.


"Yes, but this one is not exactly new. You see, you know the old prewar states that existed before the Great Apocalypse?"


Leah rolled her eyes. "Great Apocalypse? You always had a flair for the dramatic."


"It might as well be! It was nearly the end of the world, you know," Julius protested. "Anyways, one of them came back. The Principality of Tikal."


"Oh, that Mayan nation that did blood sacrifice or that kind of stuff?"


"Yeah...though I'm not exactly sure about the blood sacrifice part. The ancient Mayans did that for sure, but I'm not certain about their contemporary counterpart. I would pursue history books, but I'm afraid they were nearly obliterated in the Great Apocalpys--"


"Here you go again."


"Again, it was nearly the end of the world."




"The Nation of Qamadan warmly welcomes the Principality of Tikal back to the world."

- Foreign Secretary Simon McBride

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"The Nation of Qamadan warmly welcomes the Principality of Tikal back to the world."
- Foreign Secretary Simon McBride

"We thank you for your warm welcome. It has been too long since our technology enlightened this world. May you prosper."

"The Empire of Novgorod is glad to see a new state arise, and is thankful at least one Old World nation survived."
- Foreign Minister Boris Yuri Konstantinov

"Many thanks to Novgorod. Though we hope that yet another nation of the old world might rise, it seems unlikely. Success to the Motherland."

The Hawaiian Social Kingdom is pleased to witness the rise of another indigenous nation and wishes you well.

"You have our thanks for your welcome. Indigenous though Tikal may be, we once prided ourselves in being the most advanced nation of the world. We aim to re-take our lofty seat and create our cities of crystal, glass, and steel anew."

The Northlands recognizes the Principality of Tikal and wishes it the best. We are open to an exchange of embassies and formal start of relations between our two states.

 "Thanks go out to the Northlands. Unfortunately, we are at the time unable to provide an embassy, though in due time a sector of our capital will be reserved for this purpose. Please contact us again in some time."

"The Imperium of Japan welcomes the rebirth of Tikal, we look forward to warm relations in the future with a nation with such a rich and ancient culture."
-Osamu Saito

"Honour and Glory to our fellow Pacificans. Long is Japan's story, rivalled only by our own. Though we are yet rebuilding, both the Prince and the Princess would be delighted to meet with the Empress some time in the future. May the Pacific be forever peaceful." Edited by Lynneth
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OOC: I'm not recognizing "superscience", so as far as I'm concerned that's white space on the map.

OOC: Technically the 'superscience' is optionally recognised fluff that I wrote because I could. For all intents and purposes Tikal is simply resurgent.
But be that as it may, I shan't bother you further with this.
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