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The Apathy Report

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Doesn't take much of a warchest to do damage either.


It's kind of refreshing that activity is the main limiting factor outside of other factors, ie: game mechanics.

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Satisfied at the results of Planet Bob's efforts in chaos making?

I think UnknownSmurf gave a good shot at it, but otherwise I am disappointed. I've been calling for war since like Episode 2! 17 episodes of disappointment!


Er wait...


Click Image

Now its 17.



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Saoirse expressed the desire to have both R&R and Atlas as protectors. After due considerations and interactions with Atlas government we decided we had no issues with that, and there you have the joint protectorate.

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We're actually still on Zeta, for the moment. We just bought the name. :P

Migration has been a topic of discussion for several years, but ZB doesn't provide a database to its users like IF does. So unless we do something crafty we won't be able to take our board history with us.

Still looking into it.

Good intro alternative by the way. :)

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