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The Babylonian Empire

Zoot Zoot

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The movement began in Baghdad, now dutifully renamed as New Babylon. It began after the great war had ended and the forces of Athens and Tianxia retreated east and west to defend their homelands. It was chaos, it was like the last days of Rome as the militias rounded up collaborators, deserters and traiters for public executions. The barbarism displayed had not been seen since the fall of the oldest of Empires.


Years followed the collapse of the old world, and Iraq was rife with sectarian violence, broken only by the brutality that case out of New Babylon, a man heralded by his followers as the savior of mankind left the fortified city with his armies and brought peace to the land at the tip of his sword and the barrel of his gun. The walls of religion were broken down as he solidified his hold over the country, his reforms and programs revolutionized the country, bringing it into a golden age of internal prosperity and peace. But his heart was greedy, hungry for more.


Factories in the desert pumped out war machines day and night, young citizens joined willingly to the cause for a Great Crusade to seize the levent and secure Babylons future. His lightening war pushed back the disorganised militias and bandits all the way to the Med, seizing Syria, Jordan, Israel, The Lebanon and Cyprus in under a year before turning his attention to Turkey, the greatest jewel in the crown. It was here that the war ended.


Ten more years of vicious war through invasions, counter invasions and then stalemate broght both countries to their knees, forcing a ceasefire between Babylon and Ankara, only then did things change. The savior died, his successor, an unnamed warlord of Turkey, declared a full end to hostilities and set out restoring New Babylon and its lands to their golden age glory.

The unnamed warlord was known only to those he met in person, he dispatched others to do complete his orders.

The deaths of hundreds of thousands of young men and women had depleted the population and initaives were launched to produce a baby boom, to out breed their enemies.


The years went by and normality returned, the billions spent on defence were now spent on hospitals, schools, infrastructure projects and humanitarian development in rural areas. New Babylon became a hub of economic and technological prowess in the fields of medicine and robotic development, with more and more factories becoming automated each year. The civilian sector boomed and advanced, whilst the Government's policy was to sideline the military, a force which had not received major funding since 2014.


Whilst it had the funding to maintain and expand itself to almost twice its size due to stockpiles of hardware, it lacked the attention from central government to develop its technologies to match or even outpace the civilian sector. It would simply maintain and develop its hardware from based on its 2014 arsenal.


The Babylonian calender states the year is 2041 and New Babylon is a hub, its people are propserous and happy and there is a Coronation. With the religions of the region now barely worshipped, swapped in favour of 'The Faith', the people and the New Babylon Peoples Assembly voted the warlord as the God Emperor of the Babylonian Empire, to reign over the lands as a God King in his wisdom and purity.


The Emperor of New Babylon, Father and Guardian to his people, God of his people, sits in his Golden Throne over seeing the smallest detail of his Empire to ensure its prosperity, its security and its longevity.




An Announcment to the nations of the New World


In the lands of what you would call Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Cyprus, the Babylonian Empire has risen, ready to meet with other states inhabiting this Earth, to bring prosperity, peace and longevity to the nations of the world.

From the ashes of the old world, we are born again, into the new.


The Emperor of the Babylonian Empire

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"The Imperium of Japan is pleased to see a new nation rise in the middle east, for a long time a war torn region, we hope this will be the beginning of a new era of peace and stability for the region."

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The Babylonian Empire wishes to thank The Imperium of Japan, The Kingdom of Axum and The Nation of Qamadan for recognizing our state. We also extend our full recognition to your own states, and all other states re-emerging from the ashes of the past.

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The Empire once again reaffirms its graciousness for being recognised, and we inturn, extend our recognition likewise.

The Red Sea Republic is granted permission to establish an embassy in the Holy City of New Babylon.

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"The Republic of Italy formally extends its recognition to the Babylonian Empire. It is Italy's hope that our two countries may work closely together in the interest of global peace and security."


- Chancellor of Exterior Cristiano Rosetta

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