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Delta Squad: Rise of the Dragon Empire


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OOC: The other thread will be pretty much the background for the squad but this thread will be the real Delta Squad thread that involves both the squad and Emperor Brian of the Empire of Shanghai as he tries to peacefully unite all of China against possible aggression from Japan. I also would like this to use TidyBowlMan's rules where everything and all wars pretty much have their outcomes planned ahead where it can benefit everyone that is a part of it.


"The Shanghai Empire has been in a long era of peace and prosperity yet it still had a very large army of just under 300k strong to ward off any potential foreign enemies. But even then the Empire’s enemies were not always as far away as they thought..."


Jesse approached the royal palace alone and the guards bowed down to him as they opened the door to let him inside. The main entrance and throne room had walls covered in gold and Jade and the sun coming through the large windows reflected off the walls causing the side of the wall away from the windows to glow in bright green and gold. Jesse eventually made it to Emperor Brian who was in his garden in the courtyard at the center of the palace grounds. “You wanted to see me my Emperor?”


“Please Jesse, the guards already know who you really are so here you can call me your father. I wanted to check on you to see how things were going with your assignment as part of Henry’s Dragom PMC.”


“Honestly very slow. Things seem peaceful in the world at the moment. Something tells me that is not the real reason as to why you wanted to see me though.”


“You are right. There is tension brewing between our Empire and those of Northern and Southern China. When my father and his brother stood against their own father to give the empire back to the people the war was bloody and very costly. His entire reign was known for bringing the empire back into an era of peace and prosperity yet he died peacefully before he could really succeed in his real plans for uniting all of China under one banner to counter the continuing tensions between us and the Empire of Japan. The Southern China has been more reasonable and peaceful to us than the Empire in the North but I intend to continue the plans of my father and unite us all against our potential foreign enemies.”


“Look I know you want to be the best and most loved ruler China has ever seen even though you might not be fully Chinese but you have to be reasonable here. Odds are even though they probably want to unite all of China against Japan as well they probably don’t want you to be the Supreme Leader. The other empires loved your father and probably would have joined under him if he was still alive but he isn’t. You are our Emperor now and I don’t know if they like you as much as they did him.”


“My father was Chinese but my mother was American and yes I have pretty much inherited here genes more than my father’s but I am still his son and the rightful ruler of China. I have been a just and kind ruler just as he was and if they can see how much of a threat Japan is just like we do they wouldn’t question me.”


“Then I guess we have to hope that they do agree with you otherwise this whole plan could go downhill really fast.”

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A few days later Henry calls for Jesse to come see him. Jesse heads to Henry's HQ building near the center of the city and meets with Henry. "You wanted to see me sir?"


"The world is not as peaceful as it used to be. Even now we have pirates and other terrorists popping up all over the world rising up against their own governments so that they may rule the world. We have been helping those countries put down these rebels by supplying them with our services and sometimes even giving them better weapons to help put down their rebellions. I have a new mission for you and your squad given to me by the Emperor himself and so now I entrust it to you."


"What is this mission you need me to do?"


"The Japanese have been taking out many pirate positions all over the Pacific and recently they came to us asking for aid in this conflict. We have been supplying their men with more state of the art equipment and even my son Jake and his squad wanted to help them in the battle so I let him join their forces down there as a free token of our cooperation with their forces in this battle against the pirates. Your mission is to escort this latest shipment of weapons to their forces currently stationed down there."


"I have a feeling this mission is more than just that or else you would not be sending me. What does the Emperor have to do with this?"


"Your intelligence officer Christine will give you more intel once you and your squad are on your way down there. Please complete the mission and make sure to stay safe and not get any of the Japanese angry while you are down there."

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The next day Jesse and his squad board a ship full of supplies bound for Singapore carrying weapons and other equipment to help the Japanese forces fighting down there. As their ship gets closer to its destination Jesse asks Christine how the Emperor is involved in all of this. "Chrissy it is Jesse. I am calling in to ask why Henry needed to send us and what Emperor Brian has to do with all of this?"


"During the battle in Singapore an artifact was discovered. The scientists who uncovered it discovered that the markings on it matched those on the banner of Emperor Brian’s grandfather. You guys are going to recover the artifact and bring it back to Shanghai before any pirates can get their hands on it. Once you land in Singapore some Japanese soldiers will take you to where Jake and his squad are protecting the scientists.”


“Anything I should know about?”


“They were attacked shortly after they discovered the artifact. They have no idea who or what attacked them but right now they are not really trustworthy of anyone at the moment but Jake wanted your help specifically since artifact retrieval seemed to be your squad’s specialty.”


“Just because we helped with that sort of stuff in the past does not really make us experts. And if they don’t trust anyone right now than how are these Japanese soldiers gonna take us to them?”


“Because this squad was with them when they were attacked and are currently the only ones down there that Jake and his squad trust. They have agreed to take you to Jake and the scientists once you get there.”


Soon after their ship would then proceed to the Singapore Harbor where it would dock and unload its supplies for the Japanese soldiers.

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By now the only naval vessels left in Singapore were the landing ships and the Battlecruiser, providing logistical support for the civilian militas and working on establishing a more solidified beach head for the troops that had landed.



Kohaku Matsushita was the operator working with Raja Darma and his band of ex soldiers, over his earpiece the commander from the Battlecruiser contacted him "Operator 31, a small group of soldiers from Shanghai is going to need assistance retrieving a group of their scientists working on something Classified and retrieve them from where they're being held up by the pirates, You think your friends you made can assist in this, I'd like to keep this off the books rather than get the grunts involved, we hold no formal relations with Shanghai after all and trying to keep our touch light here." he looked over at Raja, "You guys think we could take a quick detour to save some science geeks? the Imperial Marines can take over the door to door stuff, but my commander needs your unique expertise in the city to get me and a group of friends to a particular location." Raja glanced over his men, most seemed simply happy to be doing their profession once more. "Let's do it, where are we meeting them.?"



Kohaku nodded, pressing against his earpiece, "Mhm, Mhm, got it. over and out." returning his gaze to Raja, "About five blocks over and three blocks down, let's go."


The Shanghaiese(OOC: I have no idea what to call your people lol) would be greeted upon their arrival by a the dock master running the organization, their supplies would be unloaded and the squad would be informed to head two blocks north and wait in a Bar, their escort would be arriving shortly.

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As the squad made their way to the bar Jesse called in to Christine again to ask more about the artifact. "Seriously Chrissy what do you know about the artifact they uncovered? I'd like to know more about what we are running into."


"The scientists discovered a book about Brian's grandfather and it told about 10 dragon medallions which were the keys to some sort of treasure hunt and that when all of them are combined would show the way to where this supposed treasure was located. Emperor Brian told them to find the medallions and bring them to him but they ran into trouble while trying to find the first one there in Singapore. For now your squad will also be answering directly to him for this mission so once you get the scientists and the medallion out of there you are to report directly to him."


"Understood. Delta out." They had arrived right at the bar when Jesse said that. "Come on guys. Lets meet up with this Japanese squad and find out where Jake is protecting the scientists."

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As Raja and Kohaku made their way to the bar they managed to only run across three pirates, all of whom were attempting to slip into houses or run, they were shot where they stood or in their tracks as they ran. "Tango Down." Raja remarked, to Kohaku, "You guys like being back in the saddle eh?" Kohaku replied. "Once you become a soldier you can never retire, you just stop fighting." Raja remarked, Kohaku couldn't argue that. Finally arriving at the Crazy Elephant Bar, it didn't take Kohaku long to figure out the armed men were not pirates, "You the ones looking for a travel guide?" Kohaku asked.

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Jesse replied. "Yea we are. Our friends are held up somewhere further inland with some scientists. We are here to escort them back to Shanghai safely."

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While Kohaku was momentarily distracted by the sight of a female, Raja looked over squad from Shanghai, "Let's go then, the pirates have only gotten more vicious since the Japanese made landfall. This is my home and I know every alley and street, Do you have an exact location?" he asked.

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Jesse then called in to Christine asking for the team’s location. “Control this is Delta. Chrissy we need a ping on Jake’s location. Need to know exactly where they are if we are going to rescue them.”


“Their last known location was about 10 miles from where you are at a location known as Bukit Timah. I also got a radio message from Jake but have not been able to reach them since. Playing the message now. “Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is Commander Jake of the Dragon PMC’s Alpha Squad. We were attacked by unknown forces. I have no idea what these things are but they seem to be some sort of flying reptiles and they started to attack shortly after the scientists found that medallion. Whoever may be listening please send any help you can. Don’t know why these things haven’t attacked the pirates but they sure seem hell bent on killing us.” It cuts off right after that Jesse and I have not been able to contact them since but I will keep trying. Control out.”


Jesse looked back at Kohaku. “They were last seen at a location known as Bukit Timah at the center of the island and we will need your help to get there.”


Meanwhile Jake and the scientists have managed to get away from the creatures that attacked them and hide in a building but they managed to kill the rest of his squad so now it was just him and the scientists. He wondered what those things are and why they were attacked by them. “So do any of you scientists know what those things are and why they attacked us?”


The leader of the scientists answered. “I’m not sure Commander but they looked very similar to the dragons of ancient legend.”


“That is impossible! Dragons are only myths and even then those myths were from thousands of years ago.”


“There are still a lot of things we don’t know about those “myths” and even then it seems they may not really have been myths in the first place.”


“Myths or not those things killed the rest of my squad and I’ll be damned before I let them kill the rest of us. Help will come for us. We just need to hold out long enough for them to get here and rescue us.”


OOC: Yea the dragons are going to be a bit different this time. More will be revealed as the RP story progresses.

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As the squad was lead to where Jake was with the scientists it felt like they were being followed and watched even though all the buildings around them were abandoned. “Dang Jesse you sure pick the nicest places to take us. I have this really bad feeling that we are being watched by whoever attack Jake’s squad.”


“I know Nathan but right now we just need to find Jake and the scientists. Once we find them we will escort them all back to the docks and take them back to Shanghai with the artifact.”


“And what if the things that attacked them start attacking us as well?”


Jesse reloaded his weapon. “You have permission to shoot anything that attacks us but you will not fire on anything else unless I give the order. Is that understood?”


“Yes sir.”


As they got closer to where Jake was they heard the roar of what sounded like lions but could tell it was a bit different. They scanned the buildings with their scopes in case they were attacked but no attack ever came. Jesse called in to see if Jake could hear them. “Jake it is Jesse. Me and my squad are here to rescue you guys. Where are you right now?”


“I can see you guys. We are in the large abandoned apartment building just to the north of you guys. I have the scientists here with me.”


Eventually the squad made it to the building and were let inside. Jesse could tell that Jake was really freaked out and the scientists didn’t look that happy either. “Jake what the heck is going on? Who attacked you?!”


“It wasn’t who but what. We were attacked by what appeared to be flying reptiles and they killed the rest of my squad but I managed to keep the scientists safe.”


One of the scientists then spoke to them. “We have awoken creatures thought to be dead for the past 5000 years. If we do not get out of here quickly they will eventually kill us all.”


“Then you better stay close and we shall walk you guys out of here.”


As they walked back towards the docks while protecting the scientists they would eventually see a beautiful Chinese women with pure black hair looking at them from the roof of a nearby building. Jordan and Nathan looked at her as well and could see a slight resemblance between her and Jesse but they didn’t say anything yet. She just looked at all of them and then gave them a warning. “You have no idea what it is you are carrying. That medallion has driven people mad with power and eventually made entire empires fall. Put back the medallion where you found it or else the same thing will happen to you.”


Jesse listened to what she said and was curious about her. He did remember seeing her face before but only in pictures, pictures of his mother who supposedly died when he was born. “Who are you? Why should we listen to your warnings?”


“My name is MEI, Queen of the Dragons. We have been the protectors of the medallions since the fall of the original Dragon Emperor. The medallions contain great power but if they fall into the wrong hands they will bring great destruction to the world.”


As she said that Jake wanted to shoot her but Jesse held up his fist and told him not to. “Yea I am sorry MEI but I think we will take our chances.”


With that they continued their journey back to the docks while the Dragon Queen looked on. She called to another dragon in human form who was behind her and told him to keep an eye on Jesse and his squad. “He has the scent of a dragon. I believe he is my son who’s father is now the Emperor of Shanghai and if so there will be many that want him dead just like when they tried to kill his father and failed.”


“What is it you wish me to do?”


“I want you to keep an eye on him from the shadows and protect him from anyone who tries to kill him. If he is truly the one from the prophecy than he is the one that is destined to save us all. He is the one that can save all of China from the coming destruction.”


Meanwhile Jordan was whispering with Jesse about who that was. “Jesse she looked a lot like…”


“Like my mother who we all thought died while giving birth to me.”


“And if that really was her than…”


“Than my father has a lot of explaining to do when we get back.”

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On the journey back Jesse asked Christine to find any more intel she could about the medallion and eventually she did. "There is nothing much about the treasure they supposedly unlock when all 10 are combined but I have found many legends about different people all around Asia who were able to transform into dragons and they were all wearing amulets just like the one you guys found. But if what you and Jake said about the Dragon Queen is true than they might not be legends."


"So what you are saying is that if I were to put the medallion on I would be able to turn into a dragon whenever I wanted."


"That is how the legend says it works but I would try anything if I were you. Apparently the "great danger" the Dragon Queen was talking about is that when they wear the medallion they feel like they can do anything and get away with it."


"Come on I know I cant do EVERYTHING but still."


"Jesse just don't do it. You can talk with the Emperor about it when you bring it to him but please promise me you won't try to use it."


"Fine. I promise."



To Empress Jiang Lihua,


I am Emperor Brian of Shanghai and I wish to meet with you personally about the possibility of both of us uniting with Southern China to form a single unified Chinese Empire. My trusted advisor to diplomatic affairs recently had a meeting with someone from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs which he claims was a waste of time. I do not want the relationship between our two great empires to me marred by this one uneventful meeting so I would like to personally request a meeting with you for whenever you are ready to discuss the possibility of all of China uniting to form One Great Empire.



Emperor Brian of Shanghai


As Jesse slept while still holding onto the medallion he had a dream of himself flying over many hills and mountains of China and it was the best feeling he had ever had. He was awoken by Jordan as their ship made it to the Shanghai Harbor and so they got into their ground transport and went to the Imperial Palace where Emperor Brian was waiting for him. When they arrived Jesse got out and told the others to stay where they were so he could go speak with his father alone.


When he got inside his father was already waiting for him. "Welcome back my son. I hope your journey was not too rough."


"Yea about that, I want to know what really happened to my mother. The one who you claimed died when I was born."


"I knew this day would eventually come. Walk with me in the garden and I will explain to you everything."


As they walked in the garden behind the palace Emperor Brian explained to Jesse what he wanted to know. "When I was young and my father was still in power I was a Commander in the Shanghai military just as you are right now. When I was on a mission to take out some terrorists who planned to destroy the city I was attacked by assasins who I assumed were working with the terrorists. They would have killed me had your mother not show up and kill them all before they could get to me. When I first lay my eyes on her she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen but there was one detail that made her different from all the other ladies I had seen. She was a light purple dragon but that didn't change anything to me. I thought she would leave me but instead she turned into a human and revealed herself as Queen of the Dragons while she healed my wounds. When she was done we both went on the offensive against the assasins and terrorists and eventually stopped their plan of destrction. Some time after that I proposed to her and we got married. And then you were born but we wanted to make sure you were kept safe because we both thought that the assasins might still come after you if they ever found out you were really my son or that you were also part Dragon. So we came up with the idea that if they thought both you and her had died while she was giving birth to you so they wouldn't ever come after you and you would stay safe from them."


"So I am not only the son of the Emperor but I am also the son of the Queen of the Dragons?"




"Those assasins. Were there any details about them that could help determine who they worked for?"


"They had the same dragon symbol of the medallion tattooed onto them. Why do you ask?"


"Because if we find out who sent those assasins after you we can stop them and keep everyone safe."

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OOC: This is the same post I put in the other thread but with what is about to happen with the probable war between the 2 Chinas (SRC (Southern Republic of China) and the NCE (Northern Chinese Empire)) and the nations of France and Japan. It is pretty much time where my leader's plans start to come to light. This post is Private but it should explain as to why my nation's leaders want to stay out of the fight for the moment. Their plans are pretty much based upon how the war actually turns out and it does provide a meaning to the thread title. One way or another there will be ONE TRUE CHINESE EMPIRE!




Emperor Brian and High Councilor (Equivelent of the Vice President) Galen observed the events going on in Hong Kong and Taiwan with great interest. They didn't know how close they really were to starting a war over the island territories but if one did happen it would help lead to the United China everone seemed to want. "You see Galen when you wait for certain things to happen they eventually do. This war will decide the fate of China and possibly all of Asia. Others might think that what we are doing is against what we promised with Southern China but it actually isn't. Our agreement is to find a way to unite all of China into One Great Nation and at the end of this war that is exactly what is going to happen."


"So this is what you have been truely waiting for. The reason why you do not want me to approve sending our troops to help them against Japan and France."


"In a way I actually see them as our allies in what is to come. When they are done destroying the armies of Northern and Southern China they will be weak and the people will be calling for new leadership to take over. Someone who is not weak in the face of foreign oppression, and someone who can truely unite all of China back into ONE GREAT EMPIRE! Soon the time of the seperated China will be over. The Rise of the Dragon Empire is about to begin."

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Not a single person in what was left of Shanghai knew what was happening in other parts of Asia. Jesse did hear reports of another nuke hitting the border city of Nanjing at the same time as the one that hit Shanghai. He sent some of his troops to look for survivors there as well but kept most of his forces in Shanghai to look for survivors there. He had no idea who it was that attacked them, they barely had any warning that any nukes were heading towards them at the time and since then all he could think about was finding his father (or his body) and kill whoever was responsible for the attack.


As they got to the ruins of the palace the chances of finding his father alive looked very slim. The radiation in this part of the city was nowhere near as strong as in other parts closer to the epicenter of the blast but they kept their Hazmat suits on anyways. They eventually found his father trapped under a lot of rubble. "Hold on! We are gonna get you out of here."


They eventually were able to get Emperor Brian out of the rubble but he had many injuries and had lost a lot of blood. Everyone knew he wasn't gonna make it but they didn't say anything as Jesse laid him down in his arms. "Medical help is on the way father. They will be able to help you."


"No they won't. Even if they were already here it is too late to save me. It is now up to you to lead our people, you must find a way to bring back the glory of China which the Empress of Northern China and President Lingyin of the Southern Republic of China have managed to destroy. We were not meant to go to war with the world but instead become a better part of it and become a great Empire which others would be able to follow. Promise me you not stop until this dream is a reality. Promise me that!"


"I promise you I will never stop until that dream comes true. Nothing shall stand in my way!"

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Although others portrayed themselves as the victims it was those in Shanghai that were the true victims of this entire war. Jesse had no idea who was responsible for the attack but he swore that he would find and kill the one responsible even if it took his entire life to find him.


As Jesse was helping around at their main military base that was left standing from the attack his mother MEI approached him. The guards aimed their weapons on her at first but put them down when they realized who she was. “You are not the only one mourning over the loss of your father Jesse. He was considered a great friend to my people as well.”


“Why are you here?! What more could you or your people possibly do to help us now?!”


“Give you the one thing you want most in this world. I can help you get your vengeance on those who launched this cowardly attack on your father’s people. But in order to do this I must teach you the ways of our people. I must help you reach your full potential, only then will you be able to get the revenge you righteously deserve.”


“What would I have to do?”


“Let me teach you the ways of the Dragons. How we fly, how we fight, how we kill. Then you will have all the skills you need to take out the one responsible for the attack on your people.”


“How can you do that? I am not a Dragon!”


“You are my son. You already have the dragon blood within you. All you need to learn is the ability to control it and you will be able to transform between being a human or dragon at will. And that is what I am going to teach you.”

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Jesse's training was both physical and psycological and brutal. He was taught to control his powers given to him by his dragon blood and was taught how to fly and fight while in dragon form for when he would need it most. No one else but him and his squad knew that she was queen of the dragons but the rest of the soldiers knew she was Brian's wife who they all thought was dead. However the real surprise came when Jesse was ready to begin his quest to save the world from total destruction. "There were 10 Dragon medallions that were seperated and spread across the world which you now need to locate and bring back here. Before your journey is over you will travel across the world to many nations and along the way you will find answers that you seek which will help you unlock the secrets of the world."


"I know that the chances of all of us surviving this journey is slim and should something happen to me or my squad I need to be sure that Shanghai will be watched over by someone I can trust. That is why I am leaving the leadership of Shanghai to you mother. You are still Shanghai royalty and have the skills necessary for making sure that the rest of Shanghai will be kept safe and strong. You are now the Empress of Shanghai."


"It is an honor to serve and lead your people in their time of great need. I truely believe you shall find all the answers you seek on your great journey. Travel well my son, Dragon Prince of China."

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So their mission was to find 10 dragon medallions that were hidden in nations all over the world. They had already recovered one of them in Singapore where they first met Mei but there were still 9 more out there. They honestly had no clue where to start looking but Jesse also wanted to know the truth as to who nuked Shanghai in that initial attack and why. They knew that Japan was responsible for the second attack on their border city but not who was responsible for the initial attack on Shanghai itself and Jesse wanted to know who did it and why.


Meanwhile back in Shanghai (just before her meeting with the Japanese)The Empress and Queen of the Dragons Mei knew more about what was really going on but her bodyguard Sing Lee wanted to know why she didn't tell Jesse. "Why did you not tell him the truth about the medallions? What they are the keys to unlocking?"


"He is my son and as the last heir of Emperor Brian I need to keep him safe. A long time ago assassins were sent after his father. We never found out who sent them or why but I have the feeling it is the same ancient evil responsible for what is happening now. Long ago our race ruled the world, the dragon armies were lead by a dragon of great evil who commanded his hordes and legions with a lust for Conquest and Domination just as the other Chinese leaders are doing now. Our ancestors stopped him before he could take over the world and his power was infused into the 10 dragon medallions ind order to better contain it. If the medallions ever came back together and brought to the Dark Dragon's resting place than whoever does this will have the power to bring back the Dark Dragon and his legions. They would have the power to take over the world and there would be nothing we could do to stop them."


"And you believe that someone now wants to bring back the Dark Dragon and his hordes so that they can take over the world?"


"It was bound to happen eventually. Lets just hope we are not too late to stop it."

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OOC: This will also be the RP where I claim Eva and Horo's former territory. Also it goes very well with the thread title.


Empress Mei had been waiting for the right time to strike at those who would try to destroy them. She told her General that the time had come for them to unite China once again into one great empire and since the Empires of Northern and Southern China had most of their troops trying to take Taiwan and Hong Kong it left their territory vulnerable to attack and Empress Mei figured it was the perfect time to strike and end the war for Asia once and for all.


Without warning her troops stormed over the borders eliminating all resistance in their path but trying not to kill any civilians unless they were attacked by them. As this was going on she began to broadcast a speech for everyone throughout Asia to hear. "I am Empress Mei and today I am liberating China from those who would destroy us all before listening to reason. Today we will bring freedom and prosperity back to a region that has been hit hard by nuclear weapons and prove that we can rise back up from the ashes of the old civilizations and create a One True Chinese Empire. Even now our armies are spreading across the territory once held by the Empire of Northern China and the Republic of Southern China will many cities celebrating their arrival. The fall of the false seperated governments will lead to the rise of a united China. The Rise of what we will call The Dragon Empire!"

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OOC: This is continuing from where the last post left off. The invasion of Northern and Southern China continues while Mei wonders about the one truely responsible for the initial nuclear attack.


"The "unification" is proceeding as planned but I cant stop thinking about the one who is responsible for the initial nuclear attack that started their war against Japan in the first place. We know it was not Japan that launched that initial strike but someone did want us all dead no matter what. Once we unify the rest of China our top priority should be to find the ones responsible and bring them to justice one way or the other."


"I agree Empress." said her bodyguard Sing Lee. "But first we must focus on unifying the rest of China. Right now our armies are beginning their push into their capital cities and should have them by the end of the week. The war is already over, it is only a matter of time before the bow down and recognize you as the true Empress of the Dragon Empire."


"But you forget that there is still my son Jesse. He might have made me the Empress while he is gone but once he completes his mission I will give him back the throne. He will be the Emperor of the Dragon Empire but first he must face the great evil which threatens to destroy us all."


Meanwhile Jesse and his squad found the location of the first of the nine Dragon Medallions they have to retrieve. Christine gave them the intel they needed about the situation. "It is located within a archeological research lab in the Cascadian city of Seattle. Since you guys specialize in retrieval of artifacts like this they will already be expecting you."


"Why would they already be expecting us?" Jesse asked.


"Because the symbols on the medallion are similar to ones found in ancient China and are related to the Shanghai Royal crest. That and I got a message that there seemed to be some sort of problem at the lab. Apparently someone was able to activate it and we all know what that means."


"One of the scientists turned into a dragon which could be a problem for us because now we would have to find a way to change him back. What if the scientists do not want to give us the medallion after we save their friend who turned into a dragon?"


"With how much money the Empress is willing to offer in return I don't think that will be much of an issue. If it is we will just worry about it one step at a time. You guys will land the plane at the Seattle Airport and from there you will be taken to the lab where the incident took place. Christine out."

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Although they had taken much land from the Northern and Southern Chinese nations Empress Mei decided now would be a good time to consolidate their position over what they have so far and halt the advance for now.


Meanwhile in Seattle they would land at the airport and then get into their rental van and head to the building in downtown where the lab was located. Once there they were greeted by the head scientist who was wearing a white lab coat. "Hello. My name is Dr Calvin Archer. I was the leader of the archeological expedition that found the artifacts. We have heard that your squad seems to specialize in situations such as this and even though you are technically working for a foreign nation you are still willing to help people from other nations in situations like this."


Jesse smiled. "Yes I probably would be willing to help once I knew more about this situation we are about to look into."


"Of course. Please follow me to the elevators which will take us up to the lab."


While the elevator was on the way up Jesse asked more about the lab. "So what is the situation and why do you need our help with it?"


"You have handled many artifacts in the past that sometimes seemed unnatural and effected things in unusual ways. This is another one of those artifacts and also seems to be very ancient and looks similar to other artifacts from China."


"So what is unnatural about this one?"


"I think it would be better if I showed you." The elevator door opened into a room filled with many different lockers and other places where they kept their equipment. The real surprise to Jesse was through the transparent doors on the opposite wall where he was able to see what looked like a purple dragon that was strapped to a metal table surrounded by many more tables with artifacts on them. That room through those doors is where we examine most of the artifacts and as you can probably see..."


"I can see why you needed our help. What I want to know now is how you were able to strap it to that table?"


"She is not an it! She is actually one of our top scientists but was somehow turned into a dragon by trying to wear one of the artifacts around her neck."


"And did this artifact happen to be a medallion that had a dragon symbol on it?"


"Yes. Have you dealt with this sort of thing before?"


"Yea you can say that. I want to go talk with her but I want to do it alone."


"Alone? Are you sure."


Jordan let the scientist know Jesse meant it. "Trust me he says he wants to do something alone he means it, and it is usually best to not question it."


"Of course. Proceed though those doors, we will go back to the lobby and await you there once you finish whatever it is you plan to do. Promise me you wont hurt her. No matter what she may look like now she is actually innocent in all this."


"I won't. I promise." Jesse the walked towards the glass doors while the others took the elevator back down to the lobby. Once he went through the doors the dragon on the table looked at him with a hostile glance. "Who are you?!"


"My name is Jesse. I help people in situations like this and right now I want to help you."


"Unlikely. There are many people that "want to help me" and just about all of them probably work for some secret government agency that wants to do experiments on me."


"Well than lucky for you I am not one of them. Hoe the heck did this happen to you anyways?"


"I was curious about the medallion that is on that other table next to me. It seemed to somehow be glowing and when I put it on it started to change me into a dragon. But even after I took it off I still managed to change all the way into a dragon like this. Then out of fear one of the scientists knocked me out and they strapped me to the table before I woke up."


"Well I want to know the truth just as much as you do. I won't hurt you but I will try to find out how to turn you back."


"Liar!" She screamed as she finally broke free of her bindings. "I don't care who you work for but just leave me alone!" She then knocked him back against a wall which knocked him out for a minute. She jumped out the window and by the time he woke up she was long gone.


Jesse took the elevator back down to the lobby. The others noticed his minor injuries when he found them. "What the heck happened up there?!"


"What do you think happened. She got out of her bindings and knocked me against a wall so she could escape." He looked at Dr Archer. "Do you know where she would go when she wants to be alone away from the world?"



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The Seattle Space Needle was still probably the city's most famous landmark and it was on the top of it that the scientist turned dragon felt she was alone enough to think about certain things without anyone else interrupting her. She was sitting on the edge of it looking out over the city when she saw another dragon approaching. She was curious more than anything now and almost immediately recognized him by his voice as the one who was in the room talking to her when she escaped. "So I guess you were not lying when you said you dealt with these sort of things before?"


"I was never lying to you about anything I said. However you were never even able to tell me your name after I told you mine."


"My name is Alexis Archer. The leader of our group Dr Calvin Archer is my father. Although you might have been truthful with me so far I have not been truthful with you. The reason I was strapped to that table was not because they were afraid of me hurting them but because I actually didn't really want to change back but my father of course refused to listen. I have been fascinated by dragon pictures and legends since I was a little girl and when I actually turned into one I was not afraid but was actually almost joyful. I had always wondered what it would be like to become a dragon and when it actually happened it almost felt like a dream come true but then the harsh lessons of reality came in. To the others I seemed to turn into some sort of monster and even after I tried to convince them I wasn't one the still refused to believe me, including my father."


"And that is exactly how the world has viewed them for the past thousand years. They only saw our race as monsters and tried to exterminate us when in reality it was them who were the real monsters. I probably know more about dragons than any of those other scientists ever will but even I do not hold all of the answers to the questions you might ask. When I first saw you I was shocked as well but I also knew that you looked scared and that just made me want to help you even more. I know you don't want anyone to do experiments on you or stuff like that but in order to eventually change you back something like that might have to happen. I want to help you but in order to do so you need to let me help you."


"I know, but I also wish there was some way for me to keep this and be able to change at will like you can."


"And there might be. But in order to find out we have to go back to the lab and run some tests using the medallion."


"You promise me you will try to find a way to make that possible?"


"I promise."


"Fine I will go back with you but I want to give you a good piece of advise. Don't make a girl a promise if you know you might not be able to keep it."

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The medallion given to Mad Dog Denard (ooc: maelstrom gave me one), is presently sitting in a box locked in a vault. The Mad Dog Wing of the Legionnaire's Historical Preservation Society in Mogadishu, the location of the vault, does not currently have it on display. However, a quick search of Bobgle, would reveal to anyone that the medallion and the story of  Denard thinking the medallion spoke to him is public record. The search would also reveal the location of the medallion and that the Denard Collection is on loan from the Denard Family, which is now represented by Major General Jebbidah Denard (retired). 


The surviving Denard's details are listed as head of the African History Department at the King's University of Mogadishu. Contact information is provided. 



ooc- call and ask, I'll probably say no the first time, but given enough persuasion I'm not opposed to handing it over just to see what you do next. I highly advise not trying to steal it. 

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For days Jesse and Alexis looked for ways to find out how the medallion could change her back to normal and for a while they couldn't figure it out. Finally thanks to some info given to him by his mother Empress Mei he figured out that if he was to inject some of his own dragon blood into her it could give her the ability to change back at will. "You sure this is going to work Jesse?" asked Alexis as she sat down on the table.


"We are out of options. Besides we already confirmed we have the same blood type so it should work."


"And if it doesn't work?"


"Then you will probably be stuck as a dragon for the rest of your life. Lets try not to think about that right now though."


Once the injection was complete Jesse asked if she felt any different and she said she did feel a little bit different. He told her to try to think about turning back into a human and sure enough she started changing back into the normal blond haired women from the picture her father gave Jesse. "Ok looks like it worked."


"But will I be able to change back into a dragon?"


"Why don't you find out yourself?"


Sure enough she thought about being a dragon and soon was the same pink dragon she was before. "This is so great! Now I can become a dragon whenever I want."


"Be sure to take care of yourself. My journey is not yet finished and I still need to find the rest of the medallions that were scattered all over the world."


"Let me come with you to find the rest of them. I have heard many rumors of other dragon medallions as well and could help you track them down."


"You sure? This wont be easy for you and I am sure that a few people will probably try to kill us along the way."


"The other scientists strapped me to the table because they thought I was going to kill them even after I told them multiple times I wouldn't. The only reason I was here was so I could examine the medallion and by going with you I will be able to help you find and analyze the other medallions as well."


"What about your father? What would he think of it."


"I would say to let her come with you." they heard Calvin Archer say as he came through the door into the room. "She has always been the adventurous type and its been getting increasingly harder to keep her here with me. After seeing how far you were willing to go to help her there is almost no one I would trust more to keep her safe."


So Jesse and his team along with their new member Dr Alexis Archer went to the airport where their plane was waiting to take them to wherever the next medallion was.

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As the squad got on their plane and took off Christine gave them their next bit of intel on where to find the next medallion. "About a day ago I recieved this info from one of your friends in Africa.


The medallion given to Mad Dog Denard (ooc: maelstrom gave me one), is presently sitting in a box locked in a vault. The Mad Dog Wing of the Legionnaire's Historical Preservation Society in Mogadishu, the location of the vault, does not currently have it on display. However, a quick search of Bobgle, would reveal to anyone that the medallion and the story of  Denard thinking the medallion spoke to him is public record. The search would also reveal the location of the medallion and that the Denard Collection is on loan from the Denard Family, which is now represented by Major General Jebbidah Denard (retired). 


The surviving Denard's details are listed as head of the African History Department at the King's University of Mogadishu. Contact information is provided.


Apparently these medallions were given to many national leaders of the world at the time when Mei's ancestors ruled China. Supposedly not onle are the medallions able to turn the person who wears them into dragons but also give you visions from the one who created the medallions in the first place."


"The one who is probably the Great Evil my mother spoke about. If anything this proves more than ever that we need to keep the medallions out of enemy hands or who knows what could happen if they were under the influence of this Demon."


"Luckily for you I already have everything set up for you to retrieve the medallion. You will be going to Africa to meet with Retired Major General Jebbidah Denard who is the Head of the African History Department at the King's University of Mogadishu. It seems that he and his family know about the dangers of the medallions and might be willing to let you bring it back to Shanghai to keep it safe with the other ones as well. Oh and be sure that Jordan has a lot of bug repellant on him this time. Last time you guys were in Africa Jordan came back with a lot of big bug bites on him."


Jesse chuckled. "Will do Chrissy. Jesse out."


"So who is this Chrissy?" Alexis asked curiously.


"Nathan's sister and she serves as our intel officer. Don't worry I think she is more in love with Jordan than me. In fact I am surprised he hasn't proposed to her yet."


"I'm just waiting for the right time." Jordan said in defense.


"Yea keep telling yourself that. Hopefully though we can get some more information about these medallions from the guy we are going to meet in Africa. There is still a lot of stuff about them that my mother refuses to tell me."




"I don't know. But I intend to find out either way."

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In Shanghai The Empress was keeping tabs on the events going on in the Pacific with many nations now on the brink of war over a few small islands. "I do not know why humans from other nations are so interested in seizing small islands instead of large swaths of land. Even if we had all the troops and resources to take the islands I wouldn't waste our time even considering it when we have so much more land to our west just ripe for the taking. As long as the fighting stays away from us we will continue our operations in China as planned once our forces are back up to full strength. Even now our factories in the outlying areas of the city that were not destroyed continue to produce building materials and everyone is working to rebuild our great civilization back to it's former glory and perhaps even surpass it. Everything will proceed as planned."


Meanwhile Jesse and his squad arrived at the King's University of Mogadishu ready to meet with the Africa Historian Jebbidah Denard. "OK team apparently Mr. Denard is ready to meet with us so all we need to do is convince him to hand over the medallion so no one else there turn into dragons like what happened to Alexis in Seattle."


"Of course if that did not happen I would never have met any of you and wouldn't be able to help you out now. I am an Archeologist but also a Historian as well and have analyzed many ancient Chinese artifacts all over the world. I would wish to meet with him alone with Jesse while the rest of you wait by the transport vehicles outside of the University."


Jordan just wanted to make sure this was the best plan. "Jesse are you sure that you will only need her with you while you are in there?"


"Yea. If anything goes wrong feel free to come in and help but as long as things go smoothly we should be in and out in less than an hour."


Jesse and Alexis then walked into the building to meet with him. "You sure you know what you are doing Alexis."


"I have dealt with people like him before so I have experience with what we are up against. We will simply talk with him and convince him to hand over the medallion. He may be able to give us some more info about them and hopefully this wont need to turn into anything physical."


Meanwhile the ones who have been following them from Seattle who were really Jake and his squad also arrived in Africa on their own plane and were ready to go after them. Jake wanted everything to go as planned and would no take failure as an option. "They are here to meet with an African Historian who currently has possession of the medallion. Your orders are to follow them and let me know what they do. Report back to me once they are in possession of the medallion and we will take them together. Remember that my father wants them alive and anyone who even tries to kill them without my order will be dealt with personally. Is that understood?"


"Yes sir."


OOC: Yes I am pretty much doing the same bad guys from the Delta squad thread for normal CNRP but this time Henry stays a total bad guy with his own agenda so dont expect him or Jake to turn good at all. And TBM it is now your turn to have your character greet Jesse and Alexis, maybe he can eventally give them more info about how his family got the medallion and what they were really used for.

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Denard's Office


"They want what?" Denard asked his secretary. 


"Sir, they claim they are from China, they say they need to speak with you about a matter of importance. If you ask me they look a little fishy, can I call security and have them escorted off Campus?" the secretary asked back. 


"No, no... have them walk up through the security checkpoint, they'll have to be checked for weapons and the like. Once they've cleared security, have a grad student escort them up to my office, no need to worry, given the nuclear attacks in China I'm sure they aren't here to cause trouble," Denard replied. 


"Ok sir, I'll send them up," she replied as she motioned the Delta members to go through the security checkpoint where they'd be scanned for weapons using a sophisticated scanning technology. Once they've gone through security, they are met by a graduate student who guides them up to Denard's office. He opens the door for them and ushers them into the confines of the room. Once inside they are greeted by a tired and annoyed looking Denard whose lower body is hidden from sight by a massive oak desk that sits between them. 


"Thank you Nathan, you can return to your Seminar," Denard ordered the student as he motioned the Delta members to sit down. Once they are seated, he pressed a button on the intercom in front of him and said, "Send up some drinks, the usual." With quick efficiency the usual, a bottle of scotch, is delivered,  it is poured and distributed. "Why don't you fellows tell me what is on your mind?" Denard asked them after he took a sip of his 18 year old single malt. 

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