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Over 50k poll for cnrp2

Captain Enema

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This is a vote for nations on the map in cnrp2.


Because we haven't really come up with a sure fire way to bring the over 50k nations into cnrp2 that everyone can agree upon, we are going to try something else.


If the community approves, we will allow over 50k nations on the map with optional recognition for a period of 45 days. During that time we have thoughtful, rational, calm discussions about finding fair ways to bring everyone into the community.



A concern from Eva was not having a spot on the map. If the vote passes, any over 50k nation that comes in under optional recognition, will have space on the map. It might not be a massive space, but it will be yours.



So here are your choices.


1) No over 50k nations in cnrp2.


2) Allow over 50k nations in cnrp2 on an optional basis for 45 days. During that time we must calmly and carefully devise a fair manner of bringing them into the community that is agreeable to a reasonable percentage of us. 


If we don't come up with an answer, Mogar and I have agreed to extend it 15 more days, making it officially not our problem.






Now look, I know some of you want this done and done with. I agree but.. bear with the process and keep your wits about you. If you have a good idea, bump it my way. I'd love to hear it. 


So go vote, you have exactly one vote. Anyone who votes twice, their vote doesn't count. 

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