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3rd Annual Sierra Leonean Elections

Markus Wilding


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After a mostly uneventful year in Sierra Leone, the term of current president Alyssa Longboard has come to an end.


Popular Afro-Russo Party candidate Maximilian Ionaster has been declared ineligible for non-House positions due to serving three terms as President and Vice President.


The Afro-Russo Party, as usual, is running on the platform of increased relations with Russia, although given the presence of Russian trainers in Sierra Leone and an increase in Russian influence in Sierra Leonean markets, some are unsure what exactly this means or where relations will go next.


The Communist Party is now running on a campaign to massively fund both the Army and education, while also proposing bold legislature for universal socialized healthcare. Other campaign notes include reduction in college tuition fees and a proposal to nationalize all colleges and universities in Sierra Leone.


The Silver Legion and Afro-Military Front have returned to their "Africa-First" policy and both have stated their willingness to remove non-African influence from Sierra Leone and Africa at large. Other policy statements include reinstatement of the National Board of Review and a proposal for increased security measures.


The Educated People's Union, following an unexpected but overwhelming victory in the last electoral cycle, have stuck to their promises of increased educational funding, but have found opposition in the healthcare department from Afro-Russo politicians that blocked every proposal for a comprehensive healthcare plan. The EPU has also stated its intent to downsize the armed forces, drawing protests from all other parties and many citizens of Sierra Leone.


EDIT: OOC: You do not need a nation in CNRP to vote, it is open to anyone who is RPing in either CNRP or CNRP2.

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