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The Actual Sixth Dume Elections in the Russian Empire

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Sixth Legislative Election Set to Begin




Moscow, Russia -- The Sixth Duma elections are set to take place in only a few weeks, but tensions are already growing. With Russians gripped by fear and uncertainty caused by the Persian invasion of southern Russia government officials declared that elections would proceed as scheduled. What appears to be an attempt to maintain some semblance of normalcy is, in reality, anything but. Moscow insiders have identified several shifts toward radicalism as the Communist Party of Russia and Russian Fatherland Party have become increasingly marginalized.

Both parties have been increasingly critical of United Russia’s agenda. Pavel Khlebnikov, General Secretary of the CPR demanded that Prime Minister resign amid cries that the war has been mishandled. He cited that the culprits behind the nuclear disaster in the far east are still at large. and called for the government to “immediately cease hostilities and conclude a peace treaty with Persia.”

Criticism from the far right has also increased in recent. Leaders of the Russian Fatherland Front, like newly elected leader, Felix Matviyenko have allegedly demanded “immediate regime change” and violent revolt against the government if it does not step down. Other far right politicians have become increasingly critical of Russian allies, specifically the Athenian Federation and it’s intervention in Eastern Europe.

Perhaps the biggest shake up so far came from United Russia’s own political camp when it was revealed that Deputy Prime Minister Kropotkin will not run for reelection. The Deputy Minister turned 70 this year and announced his wish to retire from the spotlight. Additionally term restrictions prevent current Prime Minister Anton Boskovic from seeking another consecutive term.

The two top contenders for leadership of United Russia are Yekaterina Nikolaevna Zhirova and Viktor Kravets. Zhirova, a prominent businesswoman and former Vostokslavian Minister of Economic Affairs says she supports the party’s current agenda, but recognized that changes need to be made in respect to Russia’s geopolitical goals, and she is considered by many to be the best candidate to win the election and become the next leader of United Russia and possibly next Prime Minister of Russia.

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Russian Fatherland Party Accused of Fraud


Kiev, Ukrainian Semi-Autonomous Republic, Russia -- Several watchdog groups are already reporting instances of electoral fraud in western Ukraine and parts of Belarus where the Russian Fatherland Party has taken a huge lead. While it is too early to be sure, as many as half of the votes received for the RFP are invalid. Observers on the scene claim that hundreds of people who have cast ballots in favor of the RFP don't even exist. Russian officials are baffled by how many false registered voters there are, as many as 20,000 in western Ukraine alone.


"When instances of electoral fraud are found isn't uncommon for us to see people vote multiple times by using the names of their children or dead relatives in order to cast votes," said Oleg Dniperovsky, the chairman of the Ukrainian Electoral Committee, "but for so many people to use completely made up names is entirely uncommon."


Electoral corruption is not uncommon in many parts of Russia, especially in rural areas where monitoring can be difficult. During the 4th Duma elections as many there was reported to be 130% voter turn out in some areas. Officials fully expect carousel voting to take place and have cracked down on it in recent years, but failed to guard against other methods of fraud.


A spokesperson for the Russian Fatherland Party refused to comment on the allegations.

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Duma Debacle


Helsinki, Finnish Republic, Russia -- Reports of Electoral fraud have spread to nearly every province in the country with nearly over 100% turnout in many districts. In Finland alone, which has a population of 5.5 million, 6.1 million people have voted. Despite these revelations the Russian Fatherland Party has claimed victory in the election, a claim which has been hotly contested by the Communist Party who has also been accused and found guilty of stuffing ballot boxes across the country.


It will take time to determine the extent of the damage done, but many political commentators believe this election has been the most corrupt in all Russian history. As many as 60% of the votes cast for the Communist Party are fraudulent and roughly 33% of the votes cast for the RFP are being questioned.

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Election Results Are In But No Clear Winner


St. Petersburg, Russia -- Polling data is in and many people are not happy. United Russia, the Communist Party and the Russian Fatherland Party all have declared victory in an election in which there were tens of thousands of documented cases of fraud and attempted fraud. Voter turnout was at 97.6% in a country where only 50-60% of voters regularly vote, which made many question the validity of the election. In some places, like Finland there were more votes cast than there were residents.

"It's a historic low for the Russian Empire," said Pyotr Chernenko, the leader of the Social Democratic Party. "We have fundamentally failed to institute a system that facilitates the democratic process and keep it honest." Chernenko, whose party has vowed to boycott if a new election is not held.

At the moment it is unclear which party will be invited to the Winter Palace to form a government, but the constitution is clear; If no party enjoys the confidence of the people, then the Monarch has legal presidence to appoint a government or call for new elections.

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Extraordinary All Russian Electoral Commission Decides Outcome of Election


Moscow, Russia -- Thousands of people are protesting in Moscow after the National Electoral Commission passed its judgement in the legislative election. The commission ruled that allegations of electoral fraud were overstated by international observers. The ruling also declared that the Russian Fatherland Party did in fact win a majority of seats in the Duma and that Felix Matviyenko will become the the next Prime Minister of the Russian Empire.


This is a developing story, more details to come.

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Tianxia expresses concerns of reports that a good deal of the votes for the Fatherland Party came from our neighboring province of Mascurian Siberia.  Does the electoral commission have any comment on the nascent neo-fascist movement in Mascuria.

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