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Mutant Scorpions From Space

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This is an Optional Defense-Optional Aggression Pact between The Sandstorm Confederacy (TSC) and North Star Federation (NSF)

Article I: Sovereignty

Both signatory alliances and their respective members agree to recognize and respect each other's sovereignty.

Article II: Peace

Both signatory alliances and their respective members agree to settle all differences peacefully.

Article III: Intelligence

If either of the signatory alliances comes into possession of information involving or relating to the safety and well being of the other signatory, said information will be turned over.

Article IV: Defense

Both signatories may be asked, but is not required, to come to the defense of the other if attacked.

Article V: Aggression

Both signatories can be asked, but it is not required, that they particpate in the others plan for world domination.

Article VI: Cancellation

This treaty may be cancelled with a 72 hour notice from the cancelling signatory in appropriate private channels.



Signed for the North Star Federation:
Crv24, Emperor
Saxplayer, Regent
Empirical, Commander of Foreign Affairs
Calleopos, Commander of Domestic Affairs
IBswagner, Commander of Defense
Itsame, Commander of Finance

Ratified by the 1st Lords of Parliament
Grealind, Poppa Clam, LordJamesMCA

Signed for The Sandstorm Confederacy:
Alex0827a, Elder of Travel
Satan1612, Elder of Organization
Shavar, Elder of the Treasury
Rattlehead, Elder of War
ConRed, Tribal Elder of Idk, ask Shavar.

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Congrats guys




o/ WP & PAX. <3 You (guys)


Sandstorm making some moves.


Gotta keep them on their toes ;)


NSF does its best to get around ;)


We will be moderating that in the future, see, there is a secret clause making us your official pimp.

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