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Operation Triangle


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(OOC: cnrp2)
Wilmington AFB, North Carolina
Nightfall had descended over the Atlantic, but Wilmington AFB, located near its namesake city in North Carolina, was teeming with activity as several A400M Atlas military transport aircrafts were allayed across the runway, being loaded with military troops, personnel, equipment, and supplies. Wilmington AFB had received classified orders through secure channels from High Military Command (HMC) to undertake an overseas operation. Save for few top-ranking officials at the base, and the pilots, nobody knew the purpose of this operation. Once everything were ready, the A400Ms would line up at the runway and take off, one at a time, and head in a easterly direction toward the Atlantic Ocean. At around the same time, a squadron (six) of F-22 Raptors armed with AIM-120 AMRAAMs would take to the air, to defend the transports from potential threats. It was during the flight that the rest of the crew abroad the aircrafts would be informed of the true purpose of the operation codenamed Triangle.
They were to arrive at Bermuda, located off the Qamadani coast, and secure it for the Nation of Qamadan, at the Supreme Leader's personal orders. Several hours later, Bermuda could be seen in the distance, and after circling around the island, the aircrafts descended at Kindley AFB, where the troops and personnel proceeded to gradually move out through the island, starting with St. George's Island and proceeding to St. David's Island and the Main Island and so on. Hamilton, historically the island's capital, would be secured and a military command headquarters established there. To help reinforce the island, two squadrons of F-22s, along with E-3 Sentry AWACs, would be dispatched to Bermuda. In the meanwhile, the troops and logistics personnel would proceed to establish order, distribute food and supplies to the inhabitants, and begin the process of reopening the other remaining military bases and evaluating the island's infrastructure.
A cargo ship filled with food, supplies, and equipment in great quantities would be dispatched from Wilmington days later, where they would be distributed once again to the rest of the population. Several fast attack crafts would be dispatched to Bermuda to augment its defense as well. Deputy Foreign Secretary Steve Alistair would issue a statement to the international community to the effect that Bermuda has been claimed by the Nation of Qamadan. As if to accentuate the Deputy Secretary's point, the Qamadani flag was unveiled over Hamilton.
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While flying toward Qamadan from Bermuda, the A400Ms suddenly ran short of gas, having forgotten to refuel before taking off AND left their mid-refueler aircrafts behind on Bermuda. While literally !@#$ting their pants out of sheer panic, the pilots frantically radioed military air traffic control.

"Our fuel ran out! We're gonna drop out of the air at any moment!" Bob the pilot screamed as he struggled to maintain his consciousness midst the toxic fumes of his excrement.

"You...actually forgot to refuel?" The AT controller's deadpan voice wafted through the communicator
"Yeah, yeah, we're all idiots who forgot to refuel," Bob said impatently. "But the point is....OHMYGOD WE'RE GONNA PLUMMET TO DEATH IF YOU DON'T HELP US OUT!"

"Maybe that would be for the best..." The AT controller muttered.

"I heard that!"

"Okay, try to remain calm. You're too far away from Qamadan proper, but your coordinates indicate that you're near the Bahamas. Perhaps you can stop by there so you can, y'know, do your stuff?"

"Thanks, you're the best!" Bob cried in relief, barely conscious. He and the other A400Ms made their way to the Bahamas. Just as the aircrafts managed to land on airbases all over the Bahamas at the very moment their fuel ran out, and as his aircraft slowly came to a stop, Bob the pilot passed out.

As a military orderly tended to Bob, Qamadani troops filed out of the A400Ms, looked around, shrugged their shoulders, said "eh", and moved out to do their usual stuff. Shortly after, the Qamadani flag waved proudly all over the Bahamas.

Foreign Secretary Simon McBride sounded surprised, if not slightly amazed, as he made an announcement to the rest of the world. Somewhere in Georgia, Billy the Goat bleated and took a !@#$.

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