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Any attempt by the “Will of the Bear” to annex Kodiak Island will be met by the righteous holy fury of almighty God and his mortal servants.

- His Majesty, Judas I Horn, King of Alaska, Ecumenical Patriarch of New Archangel, Defender of the Faith.

It would never be stated but certain elements of the Bear had designs against crown of Alaska.

Conspiracy on far more territory over merely just Kodiak Island.

Plans the could encompass every Island currently had by Alaska.

Ecumenical Patriarch of New Archangel maybe has underestimated the potential threat?



Procinctia Liberation Committe - Procinctia today, Procinctia tomorrow, Procinctia forever.


Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear somehow managed to survive completely intact when all of the other world's assorted governments fell completely. Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear's government was officially a triumvirate of Canadian refugees who lost everything in Mara's war,Procinctia's long standing self proclaimed government-in-exile, and the Inuktitut tribe. Of these factions the Procinctians had greatest share of power, armament, organization, wealth, and influence. It could be reasonably be argued that Bear Islands' Nation of the Bear was nearly a puppet of Procinctia's remnant.


Officially a continuation of Procinctia's government legitimacy the long standing self proclaimed government-in-exile's primary objective (however) was continuing their ongoing revengeance on the Lithaens. Mara had miscalculated their goals for something greater instead of petty eternal vengeance against her. 


Politically, no matter how much off the record, the idea of eventually liberating Procinctia was popular among their supporters. With an untested Alaskan regime potentially usurping them was a real possibility. Procinctia still had many supporters internationally while Alaska still hadn't finished establishing itself abroad. With a little prodding the Alaskans could be toppled before they finished positioning themselves. Of course would they be much better compared to the villainous Mara?


It was on this issue of liberation Procinctia's government-in-exile would be discussing in shadowy backrooms.

Thus unofficially the Procinctia Liberation Committee was formed.

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Procinctia Liberation Committee had carefully analyzed the current on-the-ground circumstances in the Aleutians to carefully assemble their strategy. It was even considered the Alaskans were already prepared for Procinctia's inevitable meddling and planning accordingly.


Mara’s clumsy totalitarianism had leftover an undercurrent of unease towards Alyeska throughout Aleutians’ populace. “North to the future” was an oppressive mantra of terror. EXTERMINATUS – outright attempted genocide of the Aleutians remained on the minds of everyone. Under the Lithaen’s jackboot children learned to fear Alaskans; on multiple islands only children were barely spared. Nobody was particularly enthusiastic about potentially being under Alyeska’s heel yet again. Worse still the newcomers being another crown of Alaska had everyone fearing shadows of the Lithaen family.


Subsequent regime of Tianxia were received much overall but following that global conflict Aleutians relatively were neglected. So neglect becomes our ally. Was just a matter of moving before Crown and Ecclesiarchy of Alaska. . . 

When back in the kings residence, Judas turned to Michael. ‘I trust we are making headway in organising a tax collection? The state needs money. Also, I want the Aleutians occupied, sooner rather than later.’ With that, the king retired. Michael left him in peace and went to check on Mark at the Royal Taxation Office.

With a variety of contacts and friends globally outright seizing a free Aleutians had been seriously considered. Instead the Procinctia Liberation Committee decided on a soft power campaign based on endearment and outright nostalgia. Whatever the Crown and Ecclesiarchy had in mind establishing their position here it ultimately would become a battle of hearts and minds. Procinctia Liberation Committee was betting the Alaskans were unprepared to engage in this battlefield. Alyeska had traditionally miserably failed in anything resembling soft power. . . 


Procinctia Liberation Committee had several dominating preconceptions.

They believed a new king couldn't endear himself to a population so maltreated by Alaskan monarchy.

They believed a new Alaska couldn't endear themselves in those so completely trodden by the mainland.

In a battle of charisma, legitimacy, culture, kindness, and friendship Alaska was dangerously underestimated.

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Unalaska, Aleutian Islands

The first troops of the new army had been hurriedly re-equipped and immediately sent to the Aleutians. There were only a few hundred of them looking splendid in their new uniforms and shiny new rifles. The troops would sail out to the island in a container ship and land using life boats shortly before dawn, setting up roadblocks and observation posts. When day broke, the soldiers would largely leave the townspeople to go about their day to day business. The local authorities would be informed of their new situation, although they were no doubt aware of the situation on the mainland. Unalaska would be the first step in the sweep across the Aleutians, one by one the islands would be invaded by a small force, an observation post established, and the Alaskan flag planted.

Unalaska was "occupied" by a token force yet fearful residents barricaded themselves in their homes from terror.

Only single child with enough bravery for attempting to retrieve a doll was literally sole person out in the streets.


Alaska was on the move but countered with a nostalgic wave of nostalgia.

Procinctia's government-in-exile mobilized business-in-exile to fund cottage industry throughout Aleutians.

In their homes the needles of seamstresses crafted their old nation's flag.

Soon (almost) everyone living on (almost) every island bought a flag.

Flag planted at posts remained completely different from the flag the Aleuts had in their windows.

In the Aleutians the Procinctia flag reined supreme.


Worse still in the backrooms of pubs across the island a far more dangerous cauldron boiled.

Bobbleheads of Procinctia's generalissimo the legendary Generalissimo propagated as wildfire. 

Generalissimo bobbleheads in a variety of heroic poses of Procinctia.

Generalissimo bobbleheads punching Kaiser Martens bobbleheads.

Generalissimo bobbleheads  romancing Sarah Tintagyl bobbleheads.

Generalissimo bobbleheads hanging out with various foreign statesmen bobbleheads like total bros.

Soon (almost) everyone living on (almost) every island was collecting Generalissimo bobbleheads.

Vendors roaming the streets with carts wandered selling yet more bobbleheads.  

Castro hats and beards all bobbing up and down endlessly. . .

Generalissimo was clearly the generalissimo of bobbleheads.


The only possible flaw in such a strategy. . .

. . . would be somehow if Alaskan soldiers enthusiastically purchased all of the bobbleheads for themselves.

What are odds the newcomers would consume so much Generalissimo merchandise?

How much space on their mantles could these soldiers possibly have for novelty baubles? 

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Japanese stores took an interest in the Generalissimo Merchandise, having already made an Original Video Animation based upon Generalissimo, the bobble heads were purchased by the thousands by the Japanese, to resell in Boutique stores all over Japan..

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With the appearance of vast quantities of Generalissimo bobble heads, Alaskan businessman would see a remarkable opportunity. Rushing to the patent office, a young man by the name of Samuel Kingsford secured the legal rights to the production of Generalissimo merchandise. After going from bank to bank, hedge fund to hedge fund to hedge fund, searching for a backer for his bobblehead business. Ultimately the investment came from the Alaskan state’s Aleutian Development Fund. With a large wad of cash and a patent certificate, Samuel took the next flight to Unalaska and brought up a plot of land. There he built a factory and registered the Procinctia Bobblehead Company. With the help of the Alaskan army, the illegal underground bobblehead trade was duly stamped out. However, the bobblehead makers were given jobs in the new PBCo factory. Within a month, ships were leaving port bound for Japan with hundreds of containers full of mass produced, low quality Generalissimo merchandise.

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