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Cascadian Factbook


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Official Name: The Royal Kingdom of Cascadia
Unofficial Name: Cascadia
Demonym: Cascadian
Capital: Springfield, Oregon
Largest City: Seattle, Washington
Official Languages: English and German
Major Ethnic Groups: English German
Government Type: Monarchy
----King of Cascadia: Alan Wymore
---- ----Heir to the Throne: Mark Wymore
Hand of the King: Cesar Villa
Minister of War: John Linnaeus
Minister of Finance: Eric Orton
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kim Winkelman
Minister of the Interior: Susan Snow
Minister of Health: Ann Perkins
Minister of Transportation: Adam Slate
Currency: Cascadian Mark (CMr)
Population: 12,466,487
Total area: 253,313 miles
GDP: 748.324 Billion
Religions: Athiest 67% Christian 22% Muslim 10%

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Royal Cascadian Army




The primary goal of the Royal Cascadian Army is to serve and protect the citizens from any threats, foreign, or domestic. As the technical oldest and largest branch of the Royal Cascadian Armed Forces they were normally the first ones into any fight. Employing a wide array of land and air vehicles to serve their purpose. The recruitment age has never been changed from 17 but any time the King has the authority to change that at a moments notice.

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